Why Is My Cat Such a Drooler?


It sounds like Falcor here is just having a really good time and letting his salivary glands get the better of him. While it is not scientific fact, I like the theory I found on it being a vestige of Pavlovian response. Kittens salivate when kneading their mother’s teats, and it’s possible that slobbery Falcor is reminiscing about his days of nipple delights when it’s cuddle time.

Now if a cat is drooling excessively or suddenly, this could signal heaps of problems. Pseudoptyalism is when a cat drools due to normal saliva production, and oral or dental issues like oral tumors or tooth disease prevent him from keeping it in his mouth. Ptyalism, however, is excessive saliva production, which is a symptom of more serious problems.

You can help prevent drooling problems later in life with regular vet check-ups and tooth brushing. Special diets and dental chews can stave off periodontal disease, too!

As for the cuddle puddles, you should invest in a vinyl skirt and raincoat. Maybe your boyfriend would really enjoy the new fashion statement!

“Cats Drool!” by Sarah Donner


Drooling is an involuntary response, as Pavlov proved with his dogs
And little kittens, they might knead
On a nipple when it is time to feed
I suspect they would salivate when the time comes to masticate

Occasional drooling signals contentment
Especially if it starts when you pet them
Consider it a display of affection
When it starts to pool on you, the drool

If it is sudden or excessive, it might be pseudoptyalism
Due to a dental malocclusion (real ptyalism is a disorder of the central nervous system)
Nausea, seizures, liver disease, renal failure or rabies
Drugs in their blood cause toxicity
From chemicals or some treatments for fleas!

Sources: Manhattan Cats, Cat Health, Catster

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