How Do I Stop Feral Cats from Pooping in My Garden?


Having a feral colony in a residential area can cause strained relations with your neighbors, so I’m happy to hear that Steve is seeking to resolve the issue peacefully. There are so many solutions to try, and I highly recommend using Gardens Alive to get further details on specific products that can help you. The most notable solution I found was a motion detection sprinkler system. A squirt of water to the face will surely chase the poopers away. Bonus: It keeps out annoying neighbors, too!

Cheaper options include putting chicken wire or fencing around your plants. Rough stones and pinecones are uncomfortable for cats to walk on, so try spreading those around the base of your garden.

Depending on the size of your plot, sprinkle orange or lemon rinds on the dirt. You could also try planting the heavily scented coleus canina plant, which is specifically marketed as a “piss-off plant.” Finally, you might provide a covered litter box in the vicinity, which will be a much more sexy place for them to drop their deuces.

Do not use chemicals or mothballs. They are detrimental to the welfare of all animals who come into contact with your garden. I suspect they aren’t going to do your plants any good, either!

If you want to go the extra mile and do the kitties a favor, be sure they are neutered and up-to-date on shots. Feral cats don’t have owners looking out for their welfare, and you would be a good dooby to do so!

“Stop Pooping in the Garden” by Sarah Donner


If you have a garden inside your backyard then
You might find a kitty being somewhat naughty
Digging up the daisies, getting kind of crazy
You know they were here today — they left you the scent of spray

Peeing on peonies, pooping on the roses
Destroying all that’s good like gangstas in the hood

Spread pinecones on the ground, lay some rough rock all around
The peel of any citrus fruit might deter the urge to poop
If you like technology, try ultrasonic frequencies
Sprinklers that spray anyone activated by motion

If you’re on the verge of giving up
Just get them their own litter box

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