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Why Is My Cat So Affectionate in the Morning? Facts & FAQ

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Why Is My Cat So Affectionate in the Morning? Facts & FAQ

It isn’t odd to hear about cats trying to keep their owner in bed later for extra cuddles. Even cats that aren’t typically affectionate may want to cuddle in the morning. This often raises the question as to why cats are so affectionate at this time.

Cats may be extra affectionate in the morning for a variety of reasons. Often, they may simply be conditioned to expect affection at this time. Some cats may feel a bit deprived after you’ve been asleep all night, so they may be trying to get 8 hours’ worth of affection during the early morning hours.

Your cat may also just like the conditions in the bed. They may want to cuddle in these early-morning hours because the bed is warm and comfortable with you in it! Many cats may want to cuddle simply because they are cold, not necessarily because they are affectionate.

If you choose to give your cat affection in the morning, they will likely continue to ask for affection at this time. They are habit-forming creatures.

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Why Does My Cat Wake Me Up Purring?

cat sleeping III_ocot2103_Pixabay
Image Credit: ocot2103, Pixabay

Purring is a way that cats show their contentment. Cats can use purring to communicate, though it is also a bit of an automatic response when they are happy. Often, cats may purr in anticipation of the affection that you’re going to show them, especially if you frequently pay attention to your feline in the morning.

Your cat may also find the area warm and comfortable, especially after you’ve been in bed for so many hours. They may begin purring simply because they enjoy the warm surface. Either way, the cat is typically content when they’re purring, particularly if they aren’t exhibiting any weird behaviors.

Purring can be an indication of pain and illness, though. Most cats will purr when they are injured as a form of pain relief. Therefore, if your cat is showing any weird symptoms, they may also be injured or sick.

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Why Do Cats Walk on You While You Sleep?

Pixie-Bob cat_Dave Francis, Pixabay
Image Credit: Dave Francis, Pixabay

Cats may walk on you while you’re sleeping for several reasons. Some cats may be trying to wake you up, especially if it is around the normal time that you get up. They may simply expect you to get up at that time, especially if you usually pay attention to them in the morning.

If you try to sleep in, the cat may be a bit confused and will attempt to wake you up. Or, they may assume that you are already awake and not feel bad about walking on you.

Some cats may enjoy sleeping on a warm bed, especially after you’ve been heating it up all night. They may walk over you in an attempt to find a comfortable place to sleep. Many cats won’t exactly understand that walking on you will wake you up, so they may not intend to disturb your sleep. They don’t have any personal experience about someone smaller than themselves walking on them, after all!

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How Do I Stop My Cat Waking Me Up at 5 A.M.?

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Image Credit: gofra, Shutterstock

To prevent your cat from waking you up, it is best to figure out why they’re doing so. Many cats will wake you up out of habit if you tend to pay attention to them after you wake up. The best way to prevent this is to stop paying attention to them, and they will no longer have any reason to wake you up.

They may wake you up for other reasons, though. For instance, if your cat is used to being fed around this time, they may wake you up for food. Changing their feeding schedule or getting an automatic feeder is a good option. The automatic feeder option is often easier, as switching their food schedule may take time for them to get used to, leading to more wake-ups.

Some medical problems may also cause early-morning wake-ups. If your cat typically doesn’t wake you up at this time, you may need to visit a vet to ensure that they aren’t suffering from a medical issue.

Kittens and energetic cats may simply not be sleepy in the morning. They may not quite understand that they aren’t supposed to wake you up (or that you don’t have the exact same sleeping schedule as them). You can try to play with them before bed, as this may wear them out. They may sleep longer and therefore not wake you up early anymore.

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Final Thoughts

Cats are often affectionate in the morning because that’s exactly when you’re paying attention to them. They know this, which is exactly why they try to wake you up. Cats may also use affection to wake you up for food or playtime. If you usually feed your cat early in the morning, they may be confused on the days that you decide to sleep in.

Typically, the only way to prevent your cat from waking you up is to change their routine. This often means ignoring them when they try to wake you up. Eventually, they may give up and change their habits.

Playing with your cat right before bed can wear them out and make them sleep later as well. This is a great option to use with younger cats that may be too energized in the morning to leave you alone.

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