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What Kind of Cat Breed Is Thomas O’Malley? Movie Cats Explained

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on April 14, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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What Kind of Cat Breed Is Thomas O’Malley? Movie Cats Explained

If you’ve seen Disney’s 1970s film, The Aristocats, you are probably aware that Duchess is a Turkish Angora. But have you ever wondered what kind of cat breed Thomas O’Malley is? While Duchess has an easily definable look, Thomas O’Malley does not; plus, he’s referred to as a “street” or “alley” cat, so really, he could be anything.

While we found no definitive answer to this from Disney, we did find an excellent theory. So, what kind of cat breed is Thomas O’Malley? Most likely, he’s simply a Domestic Shorthair.

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The Domestic Shorthair

What exactly is a Domestic Shorthair? Besides being the most popular breed around, the Domestic Shorthair is just a feline that has a coat with short hair and is a mixed breed. Unfortunately, these kitties are also the cat breed most often found on the streets and in shelters. Their tendency to end up on the street isn’t due to anything negative about them or their personality, though. Indeed, the Domestic Shorthair is one of the friendliest cats you’ll ever meet.

However, what one of these felines will look like or how they’ll act can be a grab bag. Since these are mixed-breed cats, you never know what their parental heritage is, so you never know what you’re getting. As a result, these kitties come in pretty much every pattern and color under the sun and can have a wide range of personality traits.

Some Domestic Shorthairs will be fond of curling up with you in bed while you read, but others may be wildly energetic and playful. This wide variety of colors and traits is part of what makes getting one of these cats so fun!

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Things to Know if You Want to Adopt a Domestic Shorthair

If you think you’d like a Domestic Shorthair in your life, you’ll certainly be able to find one without any trouble. Stop by your local shelter, and you should find several there waiting to be adopted! Before you do that, though, you should know a few things so you’re prepared for what you’re getting into.

Do Domestic Shorthairs Get Along with Kids and Pets?

When it comes to kids, the Domestic Shorthair absolutely gets along well with them. Even if you have younger children in your home, as long as they know to respect your cat’s boundaries, then this cat will become fast friends with them. This is one kitty that makes for an amazing family pet!

As for other animals, it depends on what sorts of pets you have in your home. These cats can get along with other cats and dogs, but socialization is key to making those relationships work. If you have smaller animals in your house, such as hamsters or mice, though, it’s not a good combination, as cats have high prey drives when it comes to things smaller than them. You’d need to be careful to keep the two separated.

What Are a Domestic Shorthair’s Grooming Needs?

Because they have short hair, you won’t need to brush these kitties that much. However, all cats shed, even the shorthaired ones, so you may want to brush them at least once a week to help reduce shedding.

Other than the occasional brushing, these cats don’t have many needs when it comes to grooming, as they handle most of it themselves. You’ll just need to brush your pet’s teeth regularly and keep the kitty’s nails trimmed to avoid damage to carpets and furniture.

Are Domestic Shorthairs Prone to Health Issues?

Generally speaking, this is one of the hardiest felines around. But that doesn’t make them totally impervious to illness and disease. There are really only a few things you should keep an eye out for, though.

These include:

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Final Thoughts

Though there’s no definitive answer on what kind of cat breed Thomas O’Malley from The Aristocats is, he’s most likely a Domestic Shorthair since he’s described as a street cat. These felines are some of the most popular in the world but are, unfortunately, often found on the streets (probably because there are so many of them).

This popularity, though, means you should have a simple time finding one if you’re looking to add a new cat to your home!

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