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Scottish Fold Russian Blue Cat Mix: Pictures, Info, Temperament & Traits

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Scottish Fold Russian Blue Mix

Scottish Fold Russian Blue Cat Mix: Pictures, Info, Temperament & Traits

The Scottish Fold Russian Blue is a mixed breed and so their traits can vary quite a bit depending on which genes they inherit. They can end up similar to a Scottish Fold or more like a Russian Blue. However, most cats fall somewhere in the middle.

Breed Overview


8–10 inches


6–13 pounds


12–20 years


Blue, white, red, black, cream

Suitable for

Families, apartment living, those not looking for a purebred cat


Affectionate, even-tempered, energetic

Because this isn’t a pure breed, it can be challenging to figure out how an adult cat may turn out in terms of personality. Therefore, you never know exactly what you’re going to get. Socialization plays a big role in shaping a cat’s temperament, especially when so many different traits are involved.

Scottish Fold Russian Blue Characteristics

A high-energy cat needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation to keep healthy and happy, while a low-energy cat needs minimal physical activity, but still needs mental stimulation. When choosing a cat, It’s important to ensure their energy levels match your lifestyle.
Cats that are easy-to-train are more willing and skilled at quickly learning prompts and actions with minimal training. Harder-to-train cats are usually more stubborn or aloof and require a bit more patience and practice.
Certain cat breeds are more prone to various genetic health problems, and some more than others. This doesn’t mean that every cat in those breeds will have these issues, but they do have an increased risk, so it’s important to understand and prepare for any additional needs they may require.
Due to their size or potential genetic health issues of a specific breed, some cats have shorter lifespans than others. Proper nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation, and hygiene also play an important role in your cat’s lifespan and quality of life.
Some cat breeds are more social than others, both towards humans and other cats and animals. Cats that are more social have a tendency to rub up on strangers for scratches or jump on laps for cuddles, while cats that are less social shy away, hide, are more cautious, and even potentially aggressive. No matter the breed or gender, it’s important to socialize your cat and expose them to many different situations.

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Scottish Fold Russian Blue Kittens

young grey scottish fold cat
Image Credit: Natakay, Pixabay

Both Scottish Folds and Russian Blues are rarer in the cat world, but particularly Scottish Folds. That being said, it may be difficult to find a kitten of this mix. You can certainly try to seek out a breeder that specializes in this mix, but expect to travel in the event that you do find one.

It’s important to note that Scottish Folds can’t be bred with other Scottish Folds, due to the mutation that causes folded ears also resulting in health problems when two Scottish Folds are bred together. That being said, a Scottish Fold must be bred with a cat of another breed to produce healthy kittens. So we’re not saying it’s impossible to find this mix, but you may have to wait awhile.

Another option that you have is to seek out a breeder that specializes in either Scottish Folds or Russian Blues, and see if they can create a litter just for you. However, not all breeders will be on board with this. In either case, it is important to find a knowledgeable and reputable breeder that knows both breeds well and can provide health information instead of just looking to make a quick buck.


Temperament & Intelligence of the Scottish Fold Russian Blue Mix

The temperament of this breed varies a lot. These two parent breeds have different temperaments and so when you mix them, it can be hard to know what you will get. Luckily, you can affect a cat’s personality greatly by socializing them at an early age. This introduction to the world will help prevent the cats from becoming scared later, which can help them remain friendly and outgoing.

With that said, these cats are likely to have a few specific traits. Both of these breeds tend to be a bit more on the energetic/playful side, so their kittens probably will be too. While they may cuddle and can be affectionate, they’ll likely want to play more than lay around. Therefore, they’re great fun for families with children, as they are very interactive.

They are usually even-tempered—they aren’t prone to laying around all day, but they aren’t going to run around all night, either. They are usually calmer than most cats, which also helps them in homes with families.

Are These Cats Good for Families? 👪

These cats can make great choices for families. They are affectionate and like people, but they aren’t so people-oriented that they need a lot of attention. They won’t mind staying home alone for most of the day. Sometimes, they can be one-person cats but this doesn’t mean that they won’t respond affectionately to other people, too.

Often, these cats are more playful than others. They’ll spend much time roaming around and playing, so they work best in families with children. Often, they love to play with children, so be sure to prepare plenty of cat toys.

Does This Cat Get Along with Other Pets?

This mixed breed is pretty neutral when it comes to other pets. In some cases, these felines may like other pets. However, they’re just as likely not to like them. Again, we recommend that you socialize them well as kittens. Getting them around other cats and dogs means a lot.

Of course, some cats are more likely to get along with animals than others and genetics do play a role. However, after socialization, practically every feline in this breed should get along fine with other cats and dogs.

That said, due to their hunting instincts, small pets may be a different story completely. While some cats may seem to ignore smaller pets, their hunting instincts can kick in relatively quickly. Therefore, we do not recommend leaving these small pets alone with cats under any circumstances.

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Things to Know When Owning a Scottish Fold Russian Blue Mix

Food and Diet Requirements 🐡

These cats don’t require any special dietary considerations. Often, these cats do well on any quality cat food. However, we recommend choosing quality food, as cats are what they eat. In this regard, there are several things to consider.

Firstly, cats are obligate carnivores and they need to eat meat to thrive. They cannot synthesize the amino acids that humans can dogs can, so they must get them from meat. Choose food with named meat as the first ingredient. Both whole meat and meat meal are solid options. However, we don’t recommend by-products.

Secondly, be sure you feed your cat the appropriate amount. While these cats are pretty energetic, they can become overweight, just like any other cat. Keep an eye on their weight to prevent health issues from developing.

Thirdly, you should select the correct life-stage food for your cat. Each cat food is made to feed a cat during a certain portion of their lives, and it’s important that you stick to these guidelines. Feed your cat kitten food until they stop growing. Then, switch them to adult food.

Senior foods exist, but you don’t necessarily have to feed an older cat senior food.

Exercise 🐈

These cats have a lot of energy, so we recommend preparing for plenty of running, climbing, and playing. A climbing structure of some kind is highly recommended for these cats. Having two medium-sized options throughout the house is often better than one large option. You’ll find that cats have their preferred spot to hang out on each structure.

Toys are needed, too. These cats don’t need tons of help to get exercising, so you don’t necessarily need interactive toys for them. Instead, you can choose more basic toys like catnip-filled mice and balls with bells. However, if your cat isn’t exercising as much as they should, consider purchasing electronic, interactive toys to encourage more movement.

Training 🧶

These cats aren’t as trainable as others. It isn’t that they aren’t smart. Their brains just aren’t set up for training. Dogs have been bred for hundreds of years to follow a human’s commands, but cats have not.

Felines aren’t as obedient as dogs, and they have a much shorter attention span. You can certainly train them, but we recommend keeping training sessions extremely short.

You should train your cat in a few basic commands and situations, at least. For instance, training your cat to walk on a leash can be helpful anytime you need to travel. You should also crate-train them to make vet visits simpler. If cats don’t mind being in a crate, transporting them is much easier.

Grooming ✂️

These felines won’t require much grooming. They aren’t long-haired and not particularly prone to matting, so you often don’t have to do much grooming at all.  These cats can often perform all of their grooming needs themselves.

However, they do shed a bit, so you may want to consider brushing them once a week to limit the amount of fur around your house. If you want to go this route, we recommend starting when the cat is younger. The younger you start, the more time the cat will have to get used to the routine.

Of course, you’ll have to keep up with the cats’ claws, too. Some cats are energetic enough to wear their claws down by climbing and scratching. However, not all cats fall into this category. You may need to trim your cat’s nails occasionally.

If their ears are folded, you may need to clean the folds in their ears.

Health and Conditions 🏥

These cats tend to be extremely healthy. The Russian Blue is an extremely healthy cat and as a mixed breed, these felines are less likely to inherit genetic conditions from their parents as the gene pool is larger. Therefore, these cats are very healthy and live a fairly long time.

However, they can inherit some disorders, especially if they have folded ears. All Scottish Fold cats have a condition called osteochondrodysplasia. Simply put, this is a degenerative joint condition that can cause the tail, ankles, and knees to fuse together. Their kittens can inherit this condition, too, though not all will have it—only kittens with folds in their ears will have this condition.

Because this condition is present in every Scottish Fold, there is debate about whether it is ethical to breed them.

Minor Conditions
  • Ear infections
Serious Conditions
  • Osteochondrodysplasia

Male vs Females

Males may be a bit larger than females. However, beyond that, there is no sure difference between the sexes of this breed. As a mixed breed, the traits of each cat vary widely. Therefore, there isn’t enough standardization for differences in sex to appear.

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3 Little-Known Facts About Scottish Fold Russian Blue Kittens

1. Most Won’t Have Folded Ears

While Scottish Folds are known for their folded ears, these felines probably won’t have them. The fold gene is dominant so it only takes one gene to give a kitten folded ears, however, Russian Blues don’t have this trait at all. Therefore, about half of a mixed-breed litter won’t have folded ears.

Furthermore, not all Scottish Folds have two copies of this gene and so only about 25% of mixed-breed kittens may inherit the folded ears.

2. They May Inherit Health Issues

The same gene that causes these cats’ ears to fold can also lead to some health issues. For instance, many felines develop arthritis in their tail at a young age. However, as we’ve previously discussed, most of these mixed cats won’t have folded ears, which also lowers their chance of arthritis and similar health problems.

3. Socialization Is Vital

Socializing these cats at a young age is vital for them to remain friendly and social. Otherwise, they may become scared of new people and situations. While cats do have genes that affect their temperament, their environment growing up matters a lot, too.

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Final Thoughts

This mixed breed is an interesting feline that can look like either parent. A small percentage are likely to have folded ears, which means they’ll inherit the health issues that come with them. However, those without folded ears will likely be healthy and have a long lifespan. These cats are generally energetic and playful, except those with folded ears, who usually have joint discomfort.

These felines don’t require much maintenance and don’t require significant amounts of grooming. However, those with folded ears usually need some long-term medication to combat their joint issues.

Featured Image Credit: (L) Alexander Seluyanov, Shutterstock | (R) Review News, Shutterstock

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