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18 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Written by: Melissa Gunter

Last Updated on February 24, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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18 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Certain debates in this world will never end. One of the most famous of these debates is which is better, cats or dogs? No matter which side of this fence you fall on, animal lovers around the world can agree that each animal has their own appeal. However, it looks like cats have finally taken the lead and claimed the top spot. Read on below to find our 18 reasons why cats are better than dogs.

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The 18 Reasons Why We Love Cats

1. Cats Don’t Require Much Room

Dogs are not spatially aware. If you’ve ever had a dog in the home, you know this to be true. Dogs will sprawl out wherever they want, whenever they want. This can be a real issue if your home or apartment is on the smaller size. Luckily, with a cat, you don’t have this issue. Cats are smaller and can curl up into a small ball instead of taking up your entire couch. You also don’t have as much stuff lying around the house from a cat. Cats are completely happy with their litter box, a few toys, and bowls for food and water.

2. Cats Are Quieter

Cats make a lot of different sounds, but they are quieter than your average dog. Most dogs have a booming bark and a loud growl. Cats, even the most vocal ones, may meow a lot but they aren’t near as loud as a canine. This can be beneficial if you live in a neighborhood with lots of neighbors or an apartment building.

close up male cat
Image By: Francois Ringuette, Unsplash

3. Cat People Are Smarter

While we aren’t trying to say certain people are smarter than others, scientists have done just that. Yes, according to studies, people who own cats have been known to test higher on intelligence tests than those that own dogs 1. Studies also show that cat people are more open-minded and introverted non-conformists. Of course, this is up to you, the cat people of the world, to decide and of course, brag about.

4. Cats Have a Smaller Carbon Footprint

If you’re trying to do your part to save the planet, then having a cat is the way to go. Yes, cats and dogs make an impact on the environment. Your pets eat meat. The production of this meat takes resources. The footprint of dogs is compared to that of an SUV. Cats are more along the lines of a small car. That is if your cat lives inside. Cats that survive outdoors can make a bigger impact considering their methods of survival.

5. Cats Rule and Dogs Drool…Literally

Yes, the phrase from the movie Cats and Dogs is true. Cats rule and dogs drool. If you aren’t a fan of doggy slobber, you need a cat in your life. Dogs run around leaving trails of drool on your clothes, furniture, and bed. Kitties don’t do this. Why? That’s simple. Cats don’t slobber unless they have certain illnesses. This means you can love on your cat all you want without having to deal with drool on your clothes afterward.

a cat with collar on sitting on the floor
Image Credit: stockelements, Shutterstock

6. Cats Can Stay Indoors

Dogs need to go outside from time to time, even indoor dogs. Yes, dogs need to potty. Your dog needs to go outside for a bit of exercise. Cats, not so much. Your cat can easily use their litter box and exercise in the house. This eliminates the need for long walks in bad weather and waiting around for your pet to do their business.

7. Cats Are Cheaper

Overall, cats are cheaper to care for than dogs. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t go overboard on spoiling your kitty and spend tons of extra money. This can definitely happen. But, in normal circumstances, you’ll find that cats cost less to care for. Dog toys are more expensive. Dog food is more expensive. You’ll even find that veterinarian visits for dogs are higher than they are for cats.

8. Kittens Are Easier Than Puppies

Yep, we said it. Kittens are easier to care for than puppies. When you bring a kitten home, often they’ve already been litter trained by their mother. If not, litter box training is easier than potty training a puppy. You’ll also find that kittens don’t get into as much as puppies. Chewed-up furniture, slippers, and accidents all over the house are dog issues, not so much cat issues.

tabby cat lying on the lap of a woman reading a book
Image Credit: Debra Anderson, Shutterstock

9. Cats Are Cleaner

Dogs are known for getting into situations where they can get dirty or smelly. If you have mud in your yard, you know a dog is going to find it. Cats, however, are on the opposite side of the spectrum. Cats will groom themselves for hours a day. Cleanliness is big for these creatures. Now, this doesn’t mean your cat doesn’t need your assistance and an occasional bath, but you won’t be bathing, brushing, and trying to deodorize your cat as much as you would a dog.

10. Cats Are Less Likely to Suffer from Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety isn’t something to joke about in pets. Fortunately, thanks to how independent cats are, most of them don’t suffer from this issue. Of course, there are a few breeds out there that may, but honestly, dogs deal with this issue more often.

11. Cats Believe in Personal Space

Dogs are all about being with their people at all times, every day, as much as possible. Cats, not so much. Sure, there are times when your cat comes around and demands your attention, but they also allow you to enjoy personal space. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want that personal space, there are cat breeds out there that can be as affectionate as dogs.

a cat lying on a blanket
Image Credit: Nadezhda Zaitceva, Shutterstock

12. Cats Aren’t Messy Drinkers

If you’ve been around dogs at all, you know the mess that can take place when they drink water. A dog flops their tongue like a ball into the bowl of water. Cats drink using their tongue like a funnel. This allows them to drink without all the splashing.

13. Cats Like Us Best

According to dog people, cats don’t really love us. They only want us to feed them. Well, that’s not the case. A study conducted in 2017 shows that cats prefer people over all else. That includes food and catnip. Now, the talk of cats planning to kill us in our sleep can stop!

14. Cats Live Longer

Saying goodbye to any pet is hard and nothing any pet owner wants to face. If you want to put this hard situation off as long as possible, perhaps cats are better for you. On average, without serious illnesses, cats can live up to 15 years, sometimes longer.

Cat streching while scratching the floor
Image Credit: mik ulyannikov, Shutterstock

15. Cats Choose to Love You

Dogs naturally love people and being part of a family. Cats have a more standoffish, predatory nature. If by chance, your cat shows you lots of love, this means they want to. Cats don’t love or bond easily to humans so when it happens, it’s special.

16. Cats Aren’t Smelly

Dogs can have a strong scent after being outside and especially after getting wet. That wet dog smell is something that once you smell it, you never forget it. Thankfully, cats don’t have that issue. Unless your cat has found its way into something unsavory, you’ll never have a cat smell that bad.

17. Cats Keep Pests Away

Often, one of the main reasons people bring cats into the home is to deal with rodents and other pests. Sure, a dog may try to capture these annoying critters, but cats are better at getting the job done.

himalayan cat sitting beside stones
Image Credit: Piqsels

18. They Were Worshipped as Gods

Yes, cats were once worshipped as deities. Stories even claim that a cat goddess blew Egypt into existence. This worship goes beyond the Egyptians, however. There are lots of cultures out there that have worshipped cats, and honestly, who can blame them?


There you have it, folks. Cats are better than dogs and we’ve given you 18 reasons why. Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, or a lover of both, it’s hard to deny that cats are amazing animals that make great companions. For all you cat lovers out there, like we are, hold your head high knowing you fancy a superior creature.

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