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Do Bombay Cats Like Water? Feline Behaviour Explained

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on January 12, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

bombay cat in the grass

Do Bombay Cats Like Water? Feline Behaviour Explained

Bombay cats are social and curious. Their striking black coats and piercing green eyes make them distinguishable from other cat breeds, and their outgoing personalities make them easy for household members to bond with. These cats love to stay warm and can often be spotted snuggling in a blanket or lounging by the fireplace. So, if they prefer staying warm, do they like getting wet? Is water something that Bombay cats enjoy at all? For the most part, Bombay cats do not like water and do not appreciate getting wet. However, this is not always the case. Here is what you should know about Bombay cats and their exposure to water.

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Most Bombay Cats Don’t Like Water, But …

The typical Bombay cat will do whatever is possible to avoid bodies of water, whether in a bathtub or a backyard pond. They simply want to stay dry and warm. They are not even likely to run through water puddles to chase down prey. However, this rule is not hard and fast. While rare, a few Bombay cats can tolerate being exposed to water and might even like the occasional splash in the sink, especially if the water is warm. It comes down to exposing your Bombay cat to water, especially when they are young, and seeing if they have any interest in it.

black bombay cat outdoor licking mouth
Image by: Henrik Veres, Pixabay

Do Bombay Cats Swim?

Like most other cat breeds, Bombay cats can swim if they must. They are usually not afraid of water; they just don’t like it. So, instead of freaking out if they fall in a body of water, they simply start swimming toward land so they can get out.

It is never a good idea to make your cat swim if they do not want to. They will likely never get used to it, and the forced interaction with water can make them dislike water even more.

Can Bombay Cats Take Baths?

While Bombay cats can take baths, there is usually not a need for them. This cat breed is extremely good at grooming themselves and doesn’t require the help of a human to stay clean. If anything, you may only have to clean your kitty’s ears out with cotton balls occasionally and keep their nails trimmed. However, unless your cat rolls around in the mud or has something sticky spilled on them, a bath is something that your Bombay kitty probably will not enjoy much. If you make the water nice and warm, there is a small chance that your furry friend will tolerate a short bath. Just make sure there is a fluffy towel ready to dry and comfort them afterward.

bombay cat lounging outdoor
Image by: Lolame, Pixabay

Do Bombay Cats Like to Drink Water?

Just like any other cat breed, Bombay cats typically enjoy drinking water throughout the day to keep themselves hydrated. They do not require any special type of water in their bowls, but they do expect their water to be clean and fresh. Therefore, it’s a good idea to replace the water in your Bombay kitty’s dish at least once a day. Some cats do not have much interest in drinking water, no matter what breed they happen to be. If this is the case for your cat, you can add water to their dry food or give them wet food to ensure that they get the hydration that they need. If your cat will not drink water and shows little interest in food, there may be an underlying health problem that is bothering them, and a veterinarian should be called as soon as possible.

What Cat Breeds Do Like Water?

Some cat breeds seem to love water. They will happily take baths, they sometimes like to swim, and they have no problem splashing around in puddles. For example, the Sphynx requires regular bathing from the time they are kittens, so they usually grow to like the experience. Maine Coon cats are so attracted to water, they tend to make messes of their water bowls while playing. Other cat breeds that typically like water include:

If you’re looking for a pet cat that enjoys baths and water in general, any of these cat breeds would be a good option. They all have different personality types and temperaments, so it is worth researching each to determine which would fit in best with your household and family members.

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A Quick Recap

Bombay cats are not fond of water or taking baths. They prefer to stay dry and warm, so you won’t find them hanging out near the sink or bathtub often, if at all. Luckily, these cats rarely require baths, so you needn’t worry about having to force your kitty to get near a bathtub full of water. If bathing becomes necessary, it’s best to make the process short and sweet, for everyone’s sake.

Featured Image Credit: Viktor Sergeevich, Shutterstock

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