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5 Amazing DIY Cat Slings You Can Create at Home (With Pictures)

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Image Credit: Tanya Consaul Photography, Shutterstock
Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by Melissa Gunter

Whether you and your cat are planning on taking a day outside to enjoy nature or you need to get things done and your cat is needing your affection, cat slings can be a lifesaver. By tucking your cat close to you, life can carry on and the two of you can enjoy things to the fullest. Here’s a look at 5 DIY cat sling plans you can easily make at home. With one of these cute designs, you and your kitty can start an adventure or simply be together, whichever your heart desires.

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The 5 DIY Cat Sling Plans

1. Simple Kitten Sling by Instructables

How to Make a Kitten Sling
Image Credit: instructables
Materials:Fleece and safety pins
Tools:Tape measure, scissors, needle, and thread
Difficulty Level:Easy

This simple kitten sling doesn’t require a lot of material but shows a lot of love. Using fleece, or another type of comfortable material, you can easily cut and design this sling to hold kittens or adult cats close to your chest. This is especially great when you are trying to socialize kittens when they are young. To have a little fun with this sling, you can choose colors you enjoy or that remind you of your kitty’s attitude.

2. Jersey Knit Kitty Sling by Lelu & Bobo

Cat Sling Basics- How to Wear Your Kitten
Image Credit: leluandbobo
Materials:Jersey knit pillowcase (or one made from another type of stretchy fabric)
Difficulty Level:Easy

Using a Jersey Knit Kitty Sling is a great way of socializing your cat and spending time with them while you’re busy around the house. By using one of these stretchy pillowcases and snipping away the sewed end, you can wrap the case around your neck and snuggle your kitty comfortably inside. With minimal skill or materials, you’ll be pleased with the outcome of this project.

3. DIY Pet Sling by Crafty ECHO

Materials:2 large round rings and 2 yards of fabric
Tools:Scissors, ruler, and sewing machine
Difficulty Level:Moderate to hard

If you’re up for a bit of sewing this DIY Pet Sling is the project for you. With only a few materials, a bit of creativity, and some sewing prowess, you can have your kitty in this sling in no time flat. What’s even better is you can do this project using the fabric of your choice. If it’s cooler outside, go thicker. If it’s summer, you can stick with cool, breathable materials for your cat.

4. Asian Mai Tai Kitty Sling by Montessori by Hand

what hairy baby you have my dear
Image Credit: montessoribyhand.blogspot
Materials:Fleece lining and cotton fabric
Tools:Scissors and sewing machine
Difficulty Level:Moderate to Hard

This Asian Mai Tai Kitty Sling is inspired by traditional baby carriers. This design is more supportive and a bit more difficult than the other DIY cat slings we have on our list but the comfort for you and your cat cannot be beaten. If you have sewing skills, you should be able to pull off this stylish design so you and your kitty can be the talk of the town.

5. Cat Wrap by usefulHumanThings

Materials:A long scarf and 2 t-shirts
Difficulty Level:Easy

This clever cat wrap is another easy project for you and your cat. If you have a spare scarf around the house that is long enough to go around your waist and 2 t-shirts, you’re in business. With a few strategic cuts and wraps, you and your cat will be spending quality time together and feeling great about your latest project. What’s even better? This sling requires no sewing and can be ready to use in minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Using a Cat Sling?

Cat slings may not be a common thing to see throughout town, they are pretty common around the house. Often cats struggle with separation anxiety. If your kitty deals with these issues or simply wants a lot of your attention throughout the day, a cat sling is a great way of going on with your daily activities while giving your cat the cuddles and love they need.

Cat slings are also good for socializing cats, especially kittens. If you have kittens who aren’t used to people or an adult cat who is a bit shy, using a cat sling can help them learn how to interact and increase the bond the two of you share.

Do Cats Like Slings?

Not all cats are the same, so it’s difficult to determine whether your cat will like a cat sling. Luckily, like with many things in your cat’s life, you can try to coax them into using their sling. Catnip and treats often do the trick when trying to convince your cat they’ll enjoy time in a cat sling. If those options don’t work, try to reward your cat with something you know they will enjoy when they stay in the sling.

Is It Safe to Carry My Cat in a Sling?

Yes, it is safe to carry your cat in a sling if it is well-constructed and able to hold your cat’s weight. If your cat is a bit on the chunky side, make sure you choose a sling that is designed for bigger boys and girls. This will ensure they stay comfortable inside the sling and you don’t have to worry about what could happen if the sling gave way and your cat spilled out.

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Final Thoughts

These cute cat sling ideas are a great starting place if you want to create a closer bond with your kitty. If this is your first DIY project, simply follow the directions closely and use the best materials for the job. For those who are old pros when it comes to DIY projects, take the time to make the cat sling you choose a fun and exciting adventure for you and your feline friend. Both of you will be thankful that you did.

Featured Image Credit: Tanya Consaul Photography, Shutterstock

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