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What Is the Difference Between Cat & Human CBD Oil? Facts & Safety Guide

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on February 22, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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What Is the Difference Between Cat & Human CBD Oil? Facts & Safety Guide

With reports and testimonies soaring in, CBD is being heralded as a remedy for anxiety, nausea, depression, pain, and so much more.

With significantly more research available on human CBD, you may be wondering what the differences between CBD for humans and CBD for pets are, especially if you’ve tried CBD or you have heard of the wonders of CBD for pets. The main difference between human CBD and CBD for pets is the quantity and concentration of CBD in each product.

If CBD can benefit pets, why can’t you use the same CBD that humans consume? We discuss the differences in the CBD formulas and how the cannabidiol can help your feline here.

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What Is CBD?

CBD is an extract from the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol, the chemical compound in CBD, is different from THC—the culprit behind that infamous marijuana “high.” The cannabis plant has long been used as a holistic form of medicine, and the recent shifts in societal pressure and attention on holistic medicine have given CBD a new identity.

There is so much confusion surrounding CBD, which is understandable considering the misinformation about the cannabis plant. CBD is different from THC, but that does not mean THC won’t be included in some CBD supplements.

Not all CBD is made equal; some are made from hemp, and others from cannabis. Some are pure CBD, and others contain THC. Certain cannabis plants naturally have a higher concentration of THC, so it is essential to check the labels of the CBD products before taking them yourself or sharing them with your cat.

No matter what, you can breathe easy; CBD alone will not get you or your feline high.

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What Is the Difference Between Cat and Human CBD Oil?

CBD for humans and CBD for cats do not have any noticeable differences. However, this does not mean you should instantly turn around and share your CBD with your cat as soon as you finish reading. Sharing your CBD with your four-legged friend is not recommended. It can even be dangerous and cause unnecessary harm.

Many CBD brands will add extras to make their CBD oil easier to consume. For example, human CBD supplements may have added flavors like fruits or chocolate to make them more enticing. However, certain flavorings or ingredients might be toxic for your cat.

The most significant difference is the concentration level within the specific product. The quantity and concentration of CBD products vary between human CBD and CBD for pets. Therefore, you could put your cat at risk with a dosage meant for you. For example, you may need to take one full dropper of CBD oil as a serving for your dose, but the calculated one serving for a human will not be the same for your pet.

When CBD is designed for pets, it comes in a different concentration intended just for them and might even come in a specific flavor designed for dogs or cats (flavors like bacon, peanut butter, and chicken). CBD for pets is also made with different carrier oils, usually olive oil or fish oils, which are safe for pets and might even provide extra benefits.

So, while there’s a chance that you could safely give your cat your CBD, it is better for them if you give them CBD specifically made for cats.

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Benefits of CBD for Cats

While there are no national studies on CBD and its effects, smaller studies and word-of-mouth show it as a possible solution to pain and anxiety for us and our pets. While humans have been using CBD to treat health issues for years, veterinarians didn’t begin exploring it for pets until fairly recently. Not only can CBD be used by our cats, but it also has similar benefits for cats as it does for us:

    • Reduces anxiety: If you notice your cat suffers from separation anxiety or other general anxiety, CBD can help. Using CBD helps your cat feel calmer overall. It interacts with the body’s receptors in the nervous system. While not fully understood yet, a study on CBD and anxiety shows CBD lowers both behavioral and physiological signs of stress.
    • Reduces pain: CBD is proven to help reduce inflammation in the body. It can help reduce your cat’s overall pain levels, and it can help reduce the signs of nerve pain and even arthritis.
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Giving CBD Oil to Your Cat

Before giving CBD oil to your cat, you should always consult your veterinarian and then check that you have the recommended concentration of CBD oil as stated on the packaging. As with adding anything to your pet’s diet, it is essential to do proper research first.

Here are the top factors to consider when choosing CBD oil for your cat:
  • Buy organically: CBD oils can have pesticides or other additives that can harm your pets with prolonged use. You should always look for organic oils that list all ingredients.
  • Read reviews and certifications: It is critical that the CBD you give your cat contains no THC and has a lab-certified label and certificate. Make sure you also look at reviews made by other cat owners.
  • Buy oil instead of treats: While you may think it is easier to give your cat a quick treat to add CBD to their diet, the best form for our pets is oil. Giving them oil can help you regulate your cat’s overall dosage rather than relying on a treat they may not eat.

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Final Thoughts

If you are choosing to give your cat CBD, it is better for you to give them CBD that was specifically designed for them. Pet-targeted CBD is designed to fit their specific needs and recommended dosage, all while catering to their finicky taste buds.

CBD is not a miracle cure for all things, but it has been scientifically proven to help reduce symptoms like anxiety, depression, and pain in humans. If your cat often experiences stress, inflammation, and joint pain, adding CBD to their diet may be the extra help they need. Always talk with your veterinarian about any medical treatments and supplements you plan to introduce into your cat’s diet.

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