Cat Training Reaches New Highs With Niunia’s Amazing Tricks


We’d like to introduce you to Niunia, who is one amazing cat. She can perform a series of pretty complicated tricks on command. That’s not an easy thing to do!

Among Niunia’s tricks are walking between her human’s legs, giving high fives, spinning in circles, raising her paw, and jumping up into a waiting embrace. Her greatest feat is being trained how to do any tricks at all. We know how stubbornly independent cats are.

But just how hard is it to train cats? We decided to go digging to see what we could find … and what we found is that people are training their cats to do all sorts of things!

This cat, for example, knows how to sit and stay — just like a dog.

And lest you think dogs are smarter than cats for being able to learn commands more easily, we think this video of Nana the Border Collie and Kaiser the Bengal cat in a trick-off settles the question once and for all.

They’re both smart — after all, they’re the ones who have trained us to feed them, pick up after them, and spend money on them. And they’ve enslaved us to the Internet with thousands of videos of them!

Via Tastefully Offensive

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