What is Prednisone for Cats? And What About Prednisolone for Cats?

What is prednisone and why would someone use prednisone for cats? And what’s the difference between prednisone and prednisolone for cats?

An orange cat at the vet.
An orange cat at the vet.

Prednisone and prednisolone for cats are steroids typically used to reduce inflammation and swelling; they have potentially dangerous side effects. Let’s review some other important facts about prednisone and prednisolone for cats here:

A brown tabby cat itching.
Why is prednisone for cats used? Photography by Anna Dudko/Thinkstock.

What is prednisone? What is prednisolone?

Nestled closely by the kidneys, a cat’s adrenal glands produce a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol serves a number of functions, not only breaking down glucose for use as energy, but also aiding with the immune system’s response to swelling and inflammation. Prednisone for cats and its metabolized form, prednisolone, are steroids, powerful synthetic versions of cortisol. Because of their potentially dangerous side effects, neither prednisone nor prednisolone should be prescribed for use in kittens or pregnant cats.

Why are there two versions of this catabolic steroid? First of all, if the thought of steroids and cats causes you to picture your cat gaining muscle mass and getting ripped, those performance-enhancing drugs are anabolic steroids, which build up. Catabolic steroids do the opposite; they break down. A cat’s liver processes prednisone, turning it into prednisolone. Prednisolone for cats is prescribed to kitties with weak or compromised livers. Prednisolone is preferred for use in cats over prednisone because there is some question if cats are able to convert it to prednisolone.

Why would someone use prednisone or prednisolone for cats?

Prednisone and prednisolone for cats tend to be prescribed as short-term anti-inflammatory medications. Because it reduces inflammation, prednisone for cats can be usefully deployed in kitties who suffer from swelling caused by allergies. These include relieving skin irritation from flea bites as well as anaphylatic shock responses to bee stings. Prednisone for cats is also used to treat all kinds of internal swelling, whether the source of the problem is an upper respiratory infectionpancreatitis or irritable bowel syndrome.

Though the most common uses are to reduce or inhibit swelling in cats, prednisone and prednisolone for cats are also used occasionally as a long-term steroid therapy for cats who suffer from more extreme health conditions. As a long-term treatment option, prednisone for cats is prescribed as an immune system suppressant to felines being treated for cancers such as lymphoma, giving other treatment methods a chance to work. Prednisone for cats is also given with brain swelling brought on by head trauma, or long-term joint pain and mobility issues associated with osteoarthritis.

Is there a standard dosage when it comes to prednisone and prednisolone for cats?

Prednisone and prednisolone for cats are most frequently used to provide short-term relief. The standard dosages, at least for humans, are 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. Cats are different and much smaller creatures, though. With great medicinal power comes great risk of side effects and withdrawal, so veterinarians might begin a short-term course of prednisone for cats at a high dosage initially, which is then rapidly tapered off until treatment is complete and symptoms or swelling have subsided.

Is prednisone for cats safe? Not especially, which is why it should be administered only under veterinary supervision while following all dosage instructions. A veterinarian will take all of a cat’s health information into account to determine proper dosage. Aside from the state of a cat’s kidneys, which guides the choice of prednisolone over prednisone, these major factors for dosage include:

  • Weight
  • Age
  • Overall health and fitness

How is prednisone for cats administered?

Prednisone for cats can be administered in a variety of formats, including tablets, oral liquid, syrup, eye drops or by direct injection. The format and dosage of prednisone for cats all depend on context, and veterinarians determine treatment cat by cat. Because prednisone and prednisolone for cats can damage the digestive tract, as we’ll see below, your veterinarian might recommend that the medication be given along with the cat’s food at mealtime.

Side effects of prednisone and prednisolone for cats

Prednisone and prednisolone are extremely powerful steroids that are best and most effectively prescribed to cats as part of a short-term treatment plan. Unlike the commercials you see for any number of medications on television or while streaming online content, the side effects are generally not mild. Even a short-term treatment handled poorly can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms, and that’s just the start. The longer a cat takes prednisone or prednisolone, the more severe the side effects become.

In adult felines, side effects of prednisone for cats can be dangerous:

The side effects of prednisone on a cat’s digestive and filtration systems alone deserve their own list:

The point is that like other powerful synthetic steroids, a prescription of prednisone or prednisolone for cats should not be undertaken lightly or used on a whim.

Alternatives to prednisone and prednisolone for cats

That all sounds very dire, but it is meant to urge caution. Under veterinary supervision, short- and longer-term prednisone treatments can be managed effectively. Following the prescription and dosage recommendations will help mitigate any extreme side effects, be they internal, external, or behavioral. Are there generic versions of prednisone and prednisolone? Certainly, and each with a longer and less pronounceable name than the last. Your cat’s veterinarian will help you determine the most appropriate and hopefully cost-effective treatment option available.

Is there an over-the-counter version of prednisone? No; after all, prednisone and prednisolone are more powerful than the cortisol produced naturally in the adrenal cortex. These synthesized catabolic steroids have the potential, given a high enough concentration and sufficient time, to disrupt a range of crucial bodily functions. Those interested in homeopathic treatments might wonder: Is there a kind of natural prednisone?

There are thought to be some fruits, vegetables and oils that also mimic the recuperative functions of cortisol to a very limited degree; however, tampering with a cat’s normal diet carries risks all its own. Consult with your cat’s veterinarian before making any drastic changes to a cat’s diet. Cats, after all, are obligate carnivores, and they lack the digestive apparatus necessary for processing fruits and vegetables.

Has your cat ever undergone treatment involving prednisone or prednisolone? Share your experiences with prednisone for cats or prednisolone for cats in the comments below.

Thumbnail: Photography by Anna Dudko/Thinkstock.

This article was originally published in 2015.

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134 thoughts on “What is Prednisone for Cats? And What About Prednisolone for Cats?”

  1. My Jenny has been on prednisolone (not every day) for 13 years . I rescued her at 2 yrs and noticed a dry cough. The vet listened to her lungs and determined that she had asthma. Right now, (instructions from the newly hired vet) I am only giving her a pill when she has a coughing episode. Rare, she coughed 5 days last week but this week, only once.

  2. We have a ginger tabby male cat that is 8 years. For some time, he started overgrooming to the extent, he would rip his skin off his belly and hind quarters. Every time he sat or laid some where, he would leave bloody stains. Many of the lick sites became infected and trying to bathe an 8kg angry cat aint no fun….The vet suggested Prednisolone to stop the overgrooming.
    Basically 6mg a day, and then reduce to a level that works. The 6mg a day worked great, and he soon stopped overgrooming, with a very furry belly. Reducing the tablet strength to 3mg after three weeks caused him to start over grooming again. The vet said we had little choice really, but to continue on the 6mg dose for a month, then 3mg dose until he started overgrooming, and back to the 6mg etc.
    This has been going on for 24 months now, and the cat's belly now total fur covered. Eats very well, remains at 8 kg, not too aggressive (his natural tendency) While the Prednisolone will shorten his life, without it, he would have no longer been with us.

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  5. Prednosolone comes in a pill form as well as liquid. My cat hated the taste of the liquid so we switched her to pill.

  6. I was going to say the same thing. Sounds like wet FIP. Many vets don’t even recognize FIP symptoms and there are no tests so it’s difficult to diagnose.

  7. Hi Ania,
    My cat is also suffering from suspected FIP. She has been responding well to Pred and crashes when we take her off of it. I did some research on RetroMAD1 and it sounds promising. was it prescribed from your vet? I’m seeing that it’s not yet FDA approved. How is Maks doing now?

    1. Hi Ashley,

      I am currently treating my cat for FIP with good result, do a search on FIP WARRIORS 5.0 or sockfip.org

      I still have 30 days or so to go to stop treatment and go in observation time.

      Goodluck, there is a possible cure !

    2. I know THREE cats who have recovered from FIP with this treatment and I know there are many more. It is expensive and daunting to administer but it saves lives. Very best of love and luck to you and Maks!

  8. Our 13 yr old cat is currently on Prednisilone . He’s been gradually losing weight for the past year, even though his appetite was great and he seemed to eat a lot. Then he stopped eating. His bloods only show mild Anemia. Vet put him on 4mg of Pred for 3 weeks (to be followed by 3 weeks on 2mg). He started eating again almost immediately. But about 2 weeks after starting the Pred he got wobbly and has now lost the use of his back legs. Vet reckoned he must have a spinal lesion that caused the lameness. Although he is more tired than usual, and obviously can’t walk, he otherwise seems fine in himself. He’s eating fine, peeing and pooping fine (mostly in a shallow litter), and he’s grooming as normal. Although he can’t walk, he drags himself all over our living room. He can move his hind legs a tiny bit but not much.

    Is it possible that the Pred. has caused this lameness? Vet says not, but I’m not so sure.

  9. My 11 month old kitten has been plagued by a immunodeficiency per blood test and now skin biopsy. My Vet put him on prednisolone liquid but it’s horrible for him. Do they sell tablets
    pronosolone too? My Vet is out of town or I would ask her of course. He just started it today. And it smells like cough medicine and yes, I placed a tad on my finger and it is horrible tasting. Thank you for any information. Joyce.

  10. Our 18 yo male cat was eating less and less, in 6 months he dropped from his way-too-overweight 23lbs to 12lbs. He was dying.

    The vet thought it was inflammation of the stomach, likely cancer, but couldn’t be sure and knew there were other possibilities. She agreed though, he was sick, he wasn’t going to get better – and it was time to discuss palliative care and… well, you know. In an 18yo, weakened cat going and paying for cancer screenings and then treatment was literally impossible – and likely would stress him more and worsen whatever time he had left.

    I asked for a ‘hail mary’ – I wanted to know if there was any affordable medicine that would help if it were the stomache inflammation or cancer she thought it was. Something that wouldn’t cause him sudden pain and kill him faster if it wasn’t any of those conditions, but something which would help if it were.

    She agreed to do prednisolone. 5mg. Supposed to taper to 2.5 after a couple weeks.

    It worked. Our cat started eating. His arthritis seemed to improve, as a nice side-effect. He moved around a bit more, seemed more content, and was eating.

    That was just over a year ago.

    Now? We could never get him down to just 2.5mg, let alone off of it – he quickly loses ability to eat (not desire – he’ll cry over food, seeming to want it but unable to stomach it). So, we vary between 4 and 5mg as conditions warrant – on our own, in a new town. We don’t have any other options – he’s 19. Without it? He’ll die. No question. Yet – there are side effects. In the past few months he’s developed hiccup like full body spasms that occur every 30 to 45 seconds, particularly 3 – 10 hours after administration though never without going away. His legs weaken and buckle now as a result, whenever one happens. Almost like a mini-seizure (maybe a myclonic one?). He’s getting more senile; and the predinisolone doesn’t help — it clearly gets him ‘high’ as roughly 3 hours following administration he is wide-eyed, wide-pupiled, alert but also confused. That subsides.

    Is he happy? I hope. His symptoms are deteriorating and it isn’t clear the steroid is causing some of the other newer symptoms (the convulsions most concerningly).

    Until he shows signs of not eating, hiding, constant crying… he’s alive and with me.

    Prednisolone saved my cats live. If he stops taking it, he will die. It has bought me almost exactly a year with him now. I don’t think I have many more months. I tear up saying that; and I worry that some side-effects are increasingly uncomfortable for him.

    But he wouldn’t be here at all without it. So it is worth it – in his condition.

    I would be far more hesitant using for long-term care without careful oversight from a vet – as a palliative care that accidentally also helped lengthen his lifespan by quite a bit it was a wonder. For a younger cat, other options should be considered first due to side effects?

    1. I’m so pleased to hear how your cat has kept going. Mine’s just started taking these meds for similar reasons – he’s currently a bag of bones so your message has made me feel much more hopeful about his prognosis in the medium term.

    2. There is an alternative you can talk w/ur vet about that has literally brought 3 of my csts back from the brink of death from not being able to eat called “Mertaxapine” It is an appetite stimulant (weight gainer) anti-depressant medication for use in humans who suffer from depression & loss of extreme weight & helps them to regain weight while helping their depression that is also used in pets for the same reason (but just in a different dosage from humans) – This short-term use RX Med really increases a pets appetite, desire & interest in eating but it sometimes has other effects as well (depending on the pet) – It made one of my cat(s) very agressively clingy to the point of wanting constant cuddeling & affection from me until the pill started wearing off then my kitty was able to settle down to his normal self & normal behavior but I was willing to endure these side effects if it worked to get my cats appetite back, which it did w/o my kitty being on steriods which Mertaxapine is not????

    3. My Rocky is almost yrs 17yrs old and had poisoning from advantage plus 2, 4 weeks ago. Like to have killed him. Also my dog of 12yrs lost his life to k9 advantix plus, 2weeks ago. I've been having it rough. But as for my main coon cat, Rocky, he is on 5mg of steroids. And he will not eat or drink without it. He also has arthritis which steroids has helped him with this, bonus. I'm so glad to hear that it's helped and saved your baby. I am trying to decrease to 2.5 right now so he can eventually get off or just real low dose. My hope is off. I'm looking into a Natural thing for arthritis. I'm praying his stomach heals from all the turmoil he has went thru. I got some probiotic from the vet but he refuses to have it. It's horrible taste and smell. He is a huge cat and big claws so he wins. Lol but alas I want him to get good bacteria back in his gut. I need to find a way. Prayers for your beautiful cat that he will live as long as possible without pain til it's time to go rest and wait on u. But I know how ur feeling. I pray and ask God to keep Rocky here with me long as he is not in pain and suffering. If that's the case it will, melt my heart, but I will let him go. The Lord be with you and your family, that includes your fur baby. 🙏 take care

      1. Chris, how is your Rocky doing? I'm reading this in February 2023 so I hope he's still with you. If so, you could try turmeric golden paste for his arthritis. It's a sort of miracle cure, and it's 100% natural. If you Google it, it's all over the internet, just make sure you use Dr. Doug English's original recipe. https://www.more2u.co.nz/recipes/doug-english-turmeric-golden-paste

    4. My cat has been taking it for the exact same reason! She was skin and bones and it was a Hail Mary. She was on a super high dose and then we tapered and she would stop eating again. Now we are at .7 mg liquid and she is going strong! That was 4 years ago. She is still skinny but in our case it did work, but as I said before it was a hail Mary, the vet was surprised she lived through the weekend nevermind 4 years this July.

      We have tried appetite stimulatants as a alternative but frankly in her case we had no luck and due to her being underweight already a short time frame to give it a chance.

      She is 19.

  11. My baby Maks has been suffering from suspected FIP and almost died until he was given pred. He does so much better on it. He’s usually on a low dose, 5mg/day, and then 2.5mg/day and sometimes 2.5mg/every second day. Yes there are some side effects, in Maks it is mostly his coat, he’s a turkish van and his coat is a lot less full then before he started getting FIP symptoms, but that’s a small price to pay I think. He lost so much weight and on pred at least he eats a bit and maintains his weight, and his personality returns, instead of just sleeping all day. I hope he won’t have to be on it forever. We’re going to try RetroMAD1 soon.

  12. You guys should research B17 (apricot seeds), Artemisinin, fish oil, msm, resvantage feline and all that before think to damaged the cat natural immunity system. It’s all about help your babe to fight their own battles against the enemy helping what fight for them!

  13. My lovely kitty is going to be on these long term. He has lymphoma and it is used as a basic cancer drug. I hope he doesn’t get many side effects as the idea is to make his life more comfortable for longer.

    1. Hi my 1 year old has lymphoma still not sure if it’s small cell or large cell, the vet suggested Prednisolone. Can you please tell me how your cat has been doing so i get an idea of it.

  14. Putting your cat on Prednisone is a death sentence. My 7 year old female was put on this for intestinal inflammation twice a day at a high dosage. Vet said she would have to stay on it for the rest of her life and I trusted him. He never said that it would require regular check ups or what side effects to look out for. My cat began developing skin infections with uncontrollable scratching and chewing. Her belly became bloated she was very lethargic and refused to eat. She started laboring to breathe the other day and I had to rush her to the emergency vet. Her heart stopped as they were draining the infected fluids from her lungs. Emergency vet said that she died from the side effects of Prednisone and that it should never be given long term meaning no longer than 3-4 months because after that the immune system is destroyed and the terrible side effects happen quickly and it will be to late to correct,need I say more.

    1. im so sorry for your loss your vet was to blame sal not the drug as with all drugs there are side effects i travel 17 miles to see my vet because she is so good i have a cat on predisnalone hes had calici virus all his life now on half a 5mg every other day.been on this for more than a year my advice change your vet an d find one that actually discusses treatments with you. we have 14 rescues so we do understand. ron

  15. My little Cashew died on June 26 this year. She was 15 years old. I loved her so much. She was a brown tabby that I had had, since she was a three month old kitten. In 2016 she went from 12 pounds to 6 pounds and found out she had pancreatitis. We started using pancrea tabs crushed in food, and that gave her almost 3 more years of life.
    But in April of this year, she got irritable bowel disease. We started treating it with prednisone 5mg, 2x day for the first seven days. Then we backed it down to 1x per day for the next two weeks, and when I didn’t see any improvement, I suggested to the Dr. that we go back to 2x a day. He agreed. Not long after that her liver enzymes soared to over 700, when her normal was around 145, and she died two weeks later. It just absolutely broke my heart to see her go down so hard and so fast. I keep wondering if we killed her by giving her too much prednisone? But I can’t find anything on the Internet that suggest that. I’m probably just blaming, and second-guessing myself. But I would appreciate any professional feedback.

    1. My heart broke and ached reading your words “My little cashew died on June 26 this year. She was 15 years old. I loved her so much. She was a brown tabby that I had, since she was a three month old kitten.” This sounds like Lovie and I. He is 15 years old and I love him so much. He is an orange & white long hair that I’ve had since he was a 3 month old kitten. Soon, I too, will have a day that my baby dies. I can imagine the anguish I will feel. I’m terrified of the pain and loss after he is gone. I love having him in my life. I wonder how you dealt with it? I truly can’t fathom my life without him. I wonder if you’ve found answers? I too would blame and second guess myself. I am so so very sorry you lost your baby Cashew. My heart goes out to you. Hugs

      1. hi we have 14 cats all taken in because they have health or behavioural problems one has calici some ibs brain damage the list goes on billy the cat with calici has predisnalone in small doses half tab.we have one cat sam who is 23 and thinks hes 2 what you have to remember is that even after spending thousands on our cats and they mean as much to us as if they were small children.you have to put the wellbeing of you pet first you dont want them to suffer andif the time comes you will have to make a hard decision for them out of love and kindness which will in effect hurt you more than them.ive heard others say not having another pet it hurts too much. but taking another rescue gives longer life hope and care that will be needed we are extremley proud that we have 14 that would all be dead now even when we lose one we know we could not have done more. life is not without pain get a new rescue and treasure your past memories.

        1. Ron, you said this so well. The answer to the pain and anguish of losing our beloved cats is to get another. Ideally, get him or her before you lose your current pet, and get a rescue. I've also heard people say, "I'm never getting another pet because it hurts too much to lose them." But so, so, so many kitties need homes, and giving your leftover love to another cat will help ease the pain of losing your other one. Life is not without pain; the deeper we love, the deeper is the pain of loss. That's just a fact of living a loving, generous, big-hearted life. The antidote is to help another animal in need. You will never regret it.

    2. hi bill
      my names ron we have a cat that has the calici virus and has been on predisnalone for a long time. he now has a low dose he has had pnemonia skin cancer on his nose and survived(my credit card is very ill at the moment)but what im saying is im not a professional but we have 14 rescue cats all have major health problems and you can only be guided by your vet . you cannot buy the drugs so you are only able to agree with your vet or disagree but they are the expert you are the loving and caring owner that was willing to pay a lot of money(i have no doubt)to help your much loved pet .as i said we have 14 the oldest has now got to 23 but we know eventually we will lose them but be proud you got your cat to a good age with a good quality of life dont look back get another its not a replacement its giving a good life to another cat life doesnt come without pain but you can help a rescue avoid some. well done for helping the other and good luck with another? ron

  16. My cat has been on Temaril-p for about 2 years now for coughing. I have recently started reading about the possibilities that taking this medication long term can cause and I am very worried because of this new information. I know that when she takes it she has the side effects of becoming vicious and excessively hungry.

    I plan on talking to my vet about having her on this medication for so long at my cat’s next visit. I was wondering if there are other options that are available for an allergy-induced cough?

  17. My 9 yr old cat Cloe had been coughing since before Christmas so I took her to the vet & he thought she had an infection in her lungs but he did mention it could be asthma. Well 3 meds later after 7 months I took her back yesterday & he decided to treat for asthma. He gave her a shot of prednisone & this was around 5 pm by 11 pm she was awesome no more coughing WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO. The only thing he is worried about her being on it is it causes them to gain weight & she is already a little over weight at 11 lbs so I will just watch her closely.

    1. My Tonkinese of 8 yr just diagnosed with asthma and already has has been treated with Prednisone in the past 2 months. Has appointment this Friday as she is coughing again. Stopped meds on the 21st. All bedding, etc cleaned, washed hot water, vacuuming to eliminate allergies. I know long term use of medication(Prednisone) can cause liver damage. What can I do? I don’t want to lose my baby.

      1. You have to weigh the good against the bad as well as what you can afford as some other treatment for asthma can become extremely expensive. I have a 10 year old cat with extreme asthma. She was started on .5mL of liquid prednisone once a day. It was slowly increased every couple of months when she’d stop responding to the medication. She was taken up to .8mL and just today (a year later) she was upped to. 8 twice a day. This dosage is a final effort to help her. After she initially gained weight she has now lost 1.6 pounds in 3 months and her vet thinks she’s in renal failure (pending blood results) You need to keep in mind that asthma is a progressive disease in cats and no matter what you do it will increasingly get worse. The way I look at it is prednisone has given her another year of life and no matter what is done she will get worse as time goes by. Right now her prognosis is anywhere from a few days to 6 months of life.

    2. Multiple cat owner

      Please ask your vet for an inhaler for your asthmatic puss. Predict is a wonder drug but only after everything else has been tried first.

  18. My 10 year old Siamese cat has had bouts of bald spots,scratching,itchy ears,for years now,i have tried different foods and he refused to eat them,just took him to vet and she refused to give him steroid shot as he has heart murmur and she ran a test of his blood and it tested positive for a enzyme that if given the shot,would cause my cat to go into heart failure, i read many articles of this happening to cats,after receiving steroid shot, so please make sure your cat is safe to get shot,I will not give him the 5mg prednisone tablet she gave me to treat his skin issue,there has got to be something else that is effective without the severe side effects of steroids,so glad my vet did not give him injection or my cat would have died!

  19. My Cat is 1 year old female.

    We rescued her off the streets. We have had her for about 10 months now…she is very sweet and friendly. Last week she started to show signs of illness. She was extremely lethargic and not acting like herself.

    We brought her to the vet after a few days of no improvement in her moods. She also started to show signs of weakness when she walked, almost like she was losing her ability to walk and jump as she used to.

    Vet tested her blood and was able to tell right away that she has heart worm and FIV. This was terrible news to us as we never knew she had these diseases. Unfortunately heart worm is not curable and neither is FIV. The fact that the heart worm showed up in her blood was a sign that there already may be more than one and the adult worms are harming her organs. In addition, the vet explained that due to her FIV (Feline Immune deficiency Virus) our cat’s prognosis is “grounded” so she believes she may not make it since her immune system is not strong enough. We are giving her a chance to treat her. Vet prescribed Prednisone and we are starting with a larger dosage the first week and limiting the dosage every week there after. We were sent home with a 4 week supply of the medicine.

    So far the medicine has seemed to give her more energy, I have seen her move about our house as she normally would. The second night she was more reserved and showing us that she is not feeling her best still… it has only been 3 days. The vet did warn us that due to her FIV our cat may feel worse on this medicine. She can even die… We are so concerned and only hope we can beat this heart worm for her!

    Is there any other treatments out there besides surgery? Has anyone every had to treat heart worms in a cat before? Please share your experience.

    1. Yes, our cat has heat worms. Unlike with dogs, they affect the lungs rather than the heart. Our vet also prescribed prednisolone, with a tapered down dose. The worms can’t be killed, as treatment is toxic to cats. Vet will just try to keep any new from hatching. Our cat had a tough time, but after about a month, he was much improved. He stayed on steroids for months, and had other meds. That was over a year ago, and he has had a good life, very active and happy. He is currently showing some issues and will be returning to see vet this week. Good luck!!

      1. In Australia it’s standard to use preventative measures to avoid heartworm in cats and dogs. We use a monthly medication applied topically (to her skin) which protects her against heartworm, internal worms, fleas and ticks. Is that not common in the US?

        1. Yeah you’re right. I haven’t come across any cases of heartworm in australia so far. All my babies have been on monthly revolution and none of them have once had worms, fleas, any other parasites. My oldest is 16 and 3/4 of my cats are rescues.

  20. My Ragdoll female has high calcium levels. After many test she was put on predisolone which I have compounded and give her daily with a syringe. She was on 5 now on 7. I changed vets and they tested again and up to 7. Her test have been normal now and she gained 1/2 lb. I was very pleased. I know prednasolone is not really good in the long run but it has kept her alive and improved. It was my only drug to help her outside Fosamax which I didn’t try. Betty is 12 now and I can see signs of lameness along with lethargy. No other conditions at the present. She’s a fussy eater. Vet put her on CLEAN PROTEIN food by Elysie. Doesn’t care about it but it’s new to her. No fish(metals) or beef just chicken. I understand there are many cats with high calcium and they don’t have s reason except the food intake. Compounding her meds cost me 48.00 per month but it makes us love each other again unlike pills was a huge fight everyday. Hope this helps another kitty and perhaps gets me more info regarding high calcium levels in kitties.

  21. You are irresponsible to use the words “dangerous” and “severe” on your website to describe normal effects of prednilisone prescribed by vets. What if someone sees those words and stops giving it? How is someone whose cat has cancer supposed to feel?

    1. Jack, yes! And why in the world would they mention the “fruits, vegetables, and oils,” as helping to stimulate cortisol production, and then say, “Oh yeah, don’t do that.” No sources or anything. I found this page researching the effects of steroids for my cat that very well may have cancer, or systemic autoimmune disease. We find out next week. In the meantime, I’m not going to look for information on this page. Sheesh.

    2. Aside from the fact that there is blatant wrong info here…. Cats CANNOT metabolize presnisone into presnisolone… That’s why they are prescribed prednisolone instead. A doctor will NEVER prescribe presnisone to a cat. Get your facts straight catster!!!

      1. That is what my belief was, so in reading the article I was becoming confused. Prednisone is not prescribed to cats, Prednisolone is. Oh, and my cat has been taking Pednisolone long term now. I simply order it from 1800PetMeds ( very inexpensive). My cat will turn 20 this May 2019. I am grateful to the Vet who put him on it. He told me long ago, he would have to be put down, now he calls him the miracle cat. Prednisolone helped
        this cat.

        1. how long as your cat been on it, and at what dose please, one of my rescue kitties has been on it for a few months and we were starting to ween him and his ataxia hasn’t gotten worse and it’s breaking my heart seeing his back legs drag and knowing he does better on still even a small dose of prednisolone,

          1. hi elaine
            my names ron we have a rescue cat one of (14)who has the calici virus hes also had skin cancer on his nose.after that was removed he had predisnalone for a long time every day as his breathing was terrible he now has half a 5mg tablet every other day which has helped him for well over a year. hope this helps. ron

        2. my 16 to Siberian was operated on for tumor and was diagnosed with FGESF after biopsy, 3 years ago. she has been on prednisolone 5mg to keep the disease at bay! she is also considered a “miracle baby” and i am grateful. i always give it with food 2.5 twic daily in a chewy form. she has an ultrasound and complete blood work ev 6 mo. i am alert to any odd behaviors. so far, so good!

    3. I don’t think you read the whole article. It absolutely was discussed that there are very good reasons to use steroids. It explained very well that they should never be stopped without your veterinarians approval. I’m sorry if you have a kitty that had cancer and had to take steroids or do now. You really shouldn’t take it out on others though.

    4. You’re exactly right Jack. What does one do, just let the cat keep suffering.. No way..have to give it a try. My vet said a lot of fiv cats are on prednisolone, it keeps them going..

  22. I have a 3, almost 4 year old calico that we adopted from the humane society. It’s been a long road with her since the beginning as we had to foster her before adopting due to her being in such rough shape coming off the street. While at the humane society they treated her with pred until her symptoms were gone and we were then able to give her a forever home. Since then she has had two more flare ups which causes her to scratch and lick at her skin until it bleeds, the worst part is it doesn’t even seem to bother her. The second time the symptoms went away after we treated for a urinary tract infection. We’re now going through her third flare up and it’s the worst one yet, her entire personality has changed and at one point she didn’t have enough energy to even bring herself to the litter box. We started pred again 6 days ago; she was on 5mg twice a day for 4 days and then 5mg once a day for 4 days and so on. Unfortunately yesterday was the first day of her decrease and today she is experiencing symptoms again and has opened up all of her old scabs so we are taking to the vet about continuing a higher dose for a longer period of time. This time around her health got so bad we’ve been testing for everything to find out the cause of these continued skin flare ups. So far blood tests have confirmed that she is anemic however we are still trying to figure out the root cause of her anemia. Today we find out the results of her feline AIDS/leukaemia test, fingers crossed. Has anyone else’s fur baby struggled in the same way?

    1. My 12 1/2 year old car was just diagnosed with a tumor in her chest yesterday. She was put on prednisolone for the rest of her life. We have only given her 2 doses and she has not slept since she received it. Granted she underwent a ton of test and was knocked out, but recovered quickly. Her appetite is coming back a little and we have elevated her dish so the tumor does not hurt her to eat. I am just surprised by her not sleeping. My vet said to give her a couple of days. It’s only been a little more than 24 hours and the poor thing has been to the vet 5 times in the last 8 days.

    2. Hi.
      I rescued a calico…pregnant one too..
      Marnee gave birth to three beautiful kittens. One of which also a calico…Callie. since 9 weeks of age Callie has suffered initially with earmites then terrible dermatitis. It is a very long story…with a long time of administering twice a day ear drops/steroids/Abx. We started her on something called atopica (ciclosporin) 8 weeks ago…unfortunately we had to start the prednisolone up again to cover symptoms whilst the atopica kicked in. Callie is now 8 months old and whilst she still wears a cone she is progressing…she will still scratch if left alone. Tomorrow we go back for further consultation. Maybe you could ask your vet for Atopica instead. I wish you every success.

    3. My cat is diagnosed of Pemphigus foliaceous so he was on prednisone for 3 weeks but it doesn’t so he is now switching on prednisonol.

    4. What is your cats diet made up of and how long have you been feeding it?
      I have a 12 year old kittie rescued 1.5 years ago. Previous owners told me “meow mix is the one she throws up the least on” she came to me with no hair on her head due to severe skin allergy. A full raw novel protein like Venison or duck as done wonders.

    5. I know this is a long shot since you posted this a long time ago… but did you ever figure out what this was? This sounds EXACTLY like what my cat has been going through and its driving me crazy trying to figure out the root cause!

    6. Yes they ended up prescribing Atopica for our cat many years ago, he was actually a test kitty for the drug company. The drug is amazing for skin allergies. Our cat would chew his back paws until they were raw and bloody. We tried everything including Pred and nothing worked until the Atopica.

    7. Food allergies, Guarantee IT!!! Take her OFF of the steroids. My cat does the same…itch scratch, bleed..when New food is introduced..snatched from other cats plate..STEROIDS are ONLY a BAND Aide…and DAMAGES her liver for..what..feel good for the moment..Get to the ROOT..Try her on skin sensitive food. I found NUTRO chicken and rice INDOOR cat.. Works! NO scratch itch bleed.

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  24. Round two of Pred. First round was last year – beginning of this year.

    My cat has lost lots of weight and everything she eats seems to go right through her.

    She is always hungry. Wakes me up in the middle of the night begging for food.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Comments?

    Tests some last year were negative for thyroid, diabetes and kidney disease.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Tammy, We suggest asking your vet. These articles might provide some insight, but your vet is your best bet for solving this issue:

    2. Has she been tested for IBD? My cat had the same issue- but he was having diarrhea constantly for months. We had an ultrasound and found he had IBD. We tried tons of different foods to try and stop the diarrhea but nothing worked. Finally after 8 months of diarrhea we found a food that worked and he had normal poops. He also lost a lot of weight- from 11 pounds to 8 pounds. He is back up to 9 pounds. But then a couple years after the IBD diagnosis we found he had a thyroid condition which had just come on because all the tests before (and we had a lot) showed no thyroid problems. With the IBD we had him on the prednisolo for many months. Eventually my cat developed pancreatitis and we had to put him on prednisolone for that.

      1. I would really appreciate learning what food help your cat’s IBD. That could be valuable info that many folks would like to know.

      2. What was the food that worked for your cat? My cat has the same issues and is now on the most expensive food the vets can get…it is a hydrolized protein one, along with prednisone every other day. Now I fear she may have diabetes or hyperthyroidism. Her third and hunger is excessive.

    3. I would try a commercially prepared raw food diet. We had a large breed dog who was diagnosed with severe Colitis as a puppy. Never took a med in his life and died from a blood clot at age 16. Our 15 year old cat also had diarrhea as a kitten. Lots of it no matter what food we tried. Took him to a wholistic vet who suggested the raw food diet. He is now 15 years old and has known Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which was probably why the problems as a kitten too Don’t care what the vets say.Whether they like a raw food diet or not, it works for what your cat is doing. The raw food diets are not about what is in them but about what is not in them. Hope this helps

  25. My cat was recently diagnosed with an abdominal tumor. Although I know the Prednisone will not change the outcome, the vet put him on it to help his appetite in the few weeks he has left. He hadn’t eaten in 2 weeks. The Prednisone is helping tremendously. When he stops eating and drinking again, I will know it’s time….

  26. my nearly six year old cat Lucy was diagnosed with lymphoma a little over a month ago. She was so sick – throwing up her food in various stages of digestion. The radiograph of her compared to a normal cat was astounding. The vet prescribed 5mg of prednisolone to be given once a day. So far she has responded well. We know it’s not a cure, but at least just looking at her one can’t tell anything is wrong. It has increased her appetite but she is keeping her food down – Purina One for Sensitive Systems

    1. switching to a good brand of canned food is easier for your cat to digest – dry food is not as good unless it is grain free

  27. My cat has been on pred for 12 days for severe allergies and worked great, but a side effect has been him refusing to use his litter box. He has never had this issue before and started with taking the pred. Any mine else having this problem? Tests ruled out infection and now not sure what to do.

    1. My 11/12 year old did the same thing – avoiding the box and constipated and not peeing hardly at all. My vet gave me Vetasyl capsules -she doesn’t particularly like the texture or taste but it’s only 1ce a day so I coax her into eating it. I sprinkle 1/4 on her food in the am only & mix in along with a probiotic powder -for the urinary issue – from Nusentia. That has made a big difference. I also give a sprinkle of phytoplankton supplement 1 time per day. My cat has asthma so I’ve been looking at natural alternatives – I don’t really want to keep her on the prednisolone for long term.

  28. My Louie has been on prednisolone for about four months. At his well cat exam in March, the vet palpated his stomach and Louie cringed – in pain. So the upshot was get more tests (can’t afford them), or put him on prednisolone. At the exam he weighed 10# down from his normal 13. He’s not improved, can feel his back bone. Doesn’t interact with me like he used to. Should I keep him on the pred? I have an appt today to send him over the Rainbow Bridge, but I hesitate. I don’t want to loose him,but his quality of life isn’t like it used to be. I wonder if the pred dosage (now 1.5 ml 1x day) should be increased? I don’t think he’s going to get any better or revert to his old self. I am torn about what to do…

    1. He might have pancreatitis which is very treatable. The test only costs about $50– very affordable. My cat had the same thing. He was in pain too when they pushed him stomach. Don’t put him down if he had something treatable!

    2. Can you get more tests and pay it off on a plan. Not sure where you are but in Australia I use Vet Pay. Interest isn’t bad nothing like 21/23 on credit cards. Also if you can pay it off within 3 months, no interest charged.

  29. My cat is 19+ years, and after surgery for breast cancer we found out today the cancer has spread to her lungs. The vet has prescribed a course of Prednisolone syrup to help ease her breathing, make her more comfortable and hopefully get her appetite up. I hope she does well with this medicine, the possible side effects sound awful. I’m considering getting some hemp oil for her after this medication is finished. Has anyone had any luck giving hemp oil to their cats?

    1. Hey Janette,

      Sorry to hear your cat isn’t doing well. We don’t have a specific post on hemp oil but we do have this post on medical cannabis:
      These posts might provide some insight, too:
      Best of luck and hope your kitty feels better!

  30. My cat also has skin issues. He bites his fur, think it’s called barbering?; scratches his ears–no mites, vet ruled out; scratches a lot. Thought it might be seasonal allergies and vet put him on oral steroids to give 1.5 mg. every other day to manage them. I only gave to him occasionally, although at first when his symptoms were bad I followed instructions and gave him the oral dose every other day. As of late only rarely. However, about 11 mos. ago he suddenly attacked me. It was bad, he cut open my eyelid and my head and my arms were all sliced up. A few hours later he was his normal loving sweet self. Since then he’s done it 5 other times although I got smart and started protecting myself. He also has begun attacking his little sister for no reason. The vet thought it might be due to the steroids. Does anyone have experience with aggression or aggression as a side effect of steroids?

    Thanks in advance if you have any input.


  31. My cat had issues with chronic vomiting for years. She is 8.5 now. I tried different foods for sensitive stomachs and got better about portioning her food, but the vomiting persisted. Then I tried hairball gel recommended by my vet, and that didn’t solve it either. The vomiting lessened, but still continued.
    So putting my cat on a steroid has been the absolute last resort. She’s been on a low dose of prednilosone since January, and has had only 2 bouts of vomiting (I think one was hairball related, and the other she may have eaten something she shouldn’t have).
    Her quality of life has definitely improved since taking the steroid. I give her high quality dry food for sensitive stomachs twice daily (Halo Holistic Seafood Medley), and about a spoonful of high quality wet food (I and Love and You Chicky Da-Lish Stew Gravy) to take with her pill every other day. I smash her pill with a spoon and mix it in with the food. She doesn’t always eat all the food, but I think even the little bit of pill she is getting, must be doing the trick. I will have to look into other methods of administering.
    Hope this helps!

    1. You could try a small spoonful of meat baby food (we use Gerber chicken or ham) and mix in the pill. All kitties seem to love it, I hope it works for your baby. >^..^<

      1. In the UK, a product called Easypill is now available. It’s a kind of putty, you take a small amount and wrap the pill inside it. My cat thinks it’s the best treat ever, she comes running every day when I get out the pack to give her her pred!

    2. You can get the steroid in a syrup apparently which..my vet says… most cats love. Chicken flavoured
      I’m presently piling my cat twice a day with pred but will swap to the syrup

    3. Kate I push the food into my cats mouth a bit at a time if the meds are mixed with it. Best to keep cats claws wrapped up though or you may get scratched!

  32. Prednisone worked like magic and probably saved his life, but fist we had to find the right dosage . 5mg a day was too much and he was having bad side effects, extreme lethargy, he stopped eating,and drinking and his diarrhea actually got worse. Half a pill 2.5mg ever other day was not enough. His stool was normal the first day then back to diarrhea the second. Half a pill 2.5 mg a day seems to be the formula that works for him. He tolerates it well, and his stool remains normal. Mischief is much more active and healthy now,and is actually gaining weight. I am very pleased. Like I said I think it saved his life. Also the drug is very inexpensive. I’ve got it online to save $$. It was my friend, who suggested I try to find Prednisone online. She said just search in Google for this keyword “MYPRE4CAT” to find the reliable source.

  33. Took my 10 year old cat to vet for ear infection. Her ear was swollen with a blood clot. They gave her prednisone and ear drops. She has gotten worse. She is throwing up. Will not eat or drink. Can barely walk. Her blood work came back great. Going to call vet in the morning and take her back. Is this a normal side affect from meds ? Also is peeing evrywere she is not able to get to litter box she is so weak.

    1. I took my 7 year old cat to the vet. Same thing for ear problems. He had the same side effects and 8 days latter he was no longer with us. PLEASE be careful. Our vet was having us put it in his ear 2 times a day. It was 5mg

    2. I would worry more about the blood clot and not blame these debilitating symptoms on the steroid, but it could also be a bacterial or viral inner ear infection – which would explain a lot of the symptoms. I hope your kitty recovered.

  34. I rescued Midnight in 2010 and assumed he was about 3 yrs. old then. Now he is 10. About a month ago, he became lethargic, and would not lift his head up when he walked. He also was walking aimlessly around the house, by my legs a lot, and not really going to the bathroom much. His appetite was great. I had bloodwork done, and it showed nothing wrong with him. Also had some radiology done to rule out blood clots, but it showed an enlarged heart. We tested for diseases, we put him on antibiotics, “just in case”…he was becoming more lethargic, and just blah. On week 3, I brought him to a neurologist and he said he doesn’t seem to have neurological deficits and sent him home. One week later, he had a full blown seizure. And then another and another all in the same hour. I immediately brought him back to the neurologist. Now they were seeing deficits on his right side (a slower reaction on his right than his left side). He is suggesting an MRI to see is he has a brain tumor. In the meantime, we did an echocardiogram, and his heart is perfect. So we admitted him for the night where he was given IV fluids with electrolytes, and they started him on prednisolone. By the next day, the doctor called and said Midnight is like a new cat, and I can take him home if I feel comfortable with that. Upon seeing Midnight, he was perky, playful, and acting like a new cat! He has been running around the house, lifting his head up high, eating a lot, playing with the other cats, wanting to sleep with me and be with me, and snuggle with me constantly. I am taking it one day at a time right now on the prednisolone and some anti seizure meds. The MRI is very pricey – and the only reason I’m hesitating is because the vet has already had me do over half dozen different tests to rule things out and so far everything checks out perfect. So before spending $2000 on an MRI, I want to wait and see what happens. But so far, we’re having wonderful experience with the prednisolone. I hope and pray he continues to improve, and I hope and pray it’s not a brain tumor!

    1. Hi,

      My 11 year old cat might also have a brain tumor. He received two months of antibiotic along with a scheduled treatment of prednisone. (5 days) It seemed to be working so I thought it was the antibiotic after the first month but as it turns out, he regressed so it was the results of the prednisone which helped him but temporarily for 10 days or so. Now he is on prednisone every day, long term. How do I know if he should be on prednisolone instead? He’s eating and sometimes rubs and purrs and is a little playful. Sleeps close to us but is not 100% when coming down the stairs. I will speak to our vet about this medication.

      Thank you for your post! I know I’m not alone dealing with this. :)

  35. Last winter we took in a female stray cat. She embraced the comfort of our home. She was doing so well. Eating and playing with our other cats. All was normal until we noticed that she seemed constipated and he appetite was just not there and she was noticeably losing weight. After discussing the issues with the vet, she suggested that we try a laxative, as it could be a blockage by a fur ball…So we tried it and it seemed to work. Her appetite improved for a few days and then she became lethargic so we brought into the vet. It was suspected that may have a blockage however after closer examination the vet determined that she had liver issues as her skin was yellow (jaundice). The vet sent her home with 10 day supply of Prednisone. We are playing that this will work for her as the liver can regenerate itself. We are playing and hoping this works. So far so good, her appetite has increased..which is what she needs to build her up. Has anyone had any liver issues with your feline friends.

    1. Milly has liver and bile duct issues and has been on pred for about a year at a really low dose. She didn’t really improve much and experienced one or two nasty “flares” over the last few days.
      Her Vet thought that the inflammation needed a higher dose and raised the dosage significantly to 4mg each day.. given morning and night. I’ve seen an amazing change and so far so good. I know it’s not ideal , and I’d rather not have to medicate her but Milly is 16 and if I can make the last few years comfortable then that’s the way it is!

  36. I am so glad to hear of a cat that has been on steroids so long. My cat, George, has been on Prednisolone for 4 1/2 years. He is also on allergy shots, but I don’t feel they have made a lot of difference. The Prednisolone has given him a life he otherwise would not have had. His vets, including a vet dermatologist, believe he has a food allergy. We tried every grain-free and/or unique protein we could find. He couldn’t keep any of them down!

    All his scabs went away and he grew a healthy coat, on the Prednisolone.
    I have always wondered how long he could live on it. He’s having spinal issues now (unrelated to the steroids), so he was given a stronger steroid shot today. He’s an older fella with kind of a ragged body. We adopted him from a shelter as a stray, so we don’t know what he went through before we got him, but we suspect a lot. Just having him almost 5 years has been a big blessing!

    1. How are things going? What daily dosage of prednisone is your kitty taking? I have one with irritable bowl who could not live without it.., and we now realize that he will have to be on it a good while. Currently taking 5 mg a day.. he may need more as he still has Noel problems, but at least he is t going as often and can make it to the litter box. My concern was how long he can take it, but he has to have it …hope your kitty us doing good. stacy

    2. That’s great Paige re George..if prednisolone works good. My cats on it now too as his mouth was still inflamed from teeth removal..Also got an ulcer in his mouth. He seems much happier now although bit sleepy.. Don’t listen to all the gloom and doom on here. You do want you have to go give puss a comfortable life..

  37. My 14yo Lucille has been on prednisone for about a month now to help her appetite. She has pancreatitis and IBD and it was simply an effort to improve her quality of life in her last days to get her to eat and drink as we will not go the route of a feeding tube. It is working for now so we are taking one day at a time and when her time comes, we know we tried our best to make her last days comfortable.

  38. MOP – Mum of Phoenix

    My little 3yo Ragdoll has had ongoing skin conditions with no real answers from countless visits to the vet. At the moment he has developed a reaction to something and has scabs on his belly which he licks and bites red raw till there is no hair and he’s balding! the Vet gave him Antibiotic injection and a cortisone injection and it didn’t heal in time so now he is on prednisone (day 2). He is also wearing a cone which he loves to perform magic tricks and perform the impossible escape. Anyone else have these skin problems. nothing in his diet or environment has changed :.(

    1. Hi , I have a Devon Rex who had terrible allergies and would pull her fur out and lick herself raw. We tried changing her diet, washing her with medicated shampoo, applying creams – all to no avail. Eventually I was referred to a veterinarian dermatologist who did some tests, she turned out to have several allergies and they recommended that she get a course of vaccine shots to reduce her allergies (individually tailored for her to result in desensitisation over a period of time) rather than relying on prednisone which has long term consequences. As a result my kitty has grown back her fur, she no longer pulls fur out or licks her skin raw. She seems calmer and happier in herself.
      This treatment requires a shot every 2 weeks but is quick and easy without the side effects of prednisone- maybe this would be something to explore for your situation?
      It has made the world of difference for my kitty after 5 long years of suffering she is getting such relief.
      Good luck.

      1. Wow Im glad that worked for you. I heard the allergy test for cats is not accurate at all and costs around $600. Is this what you did? Can you please tell me what the test you did was called? Id love to explore this. Im feeding her raw rabbit meat at the moment, nothing else, and she is still itching :(

    2. My cat has had ongoing allergy problems for the past year. She gets scabs and chews her belly raw. After food trials, multiple emergency steroid treatments, and many visits to various vets offices we decided on Apoquel. I gave her half a 5.4 mg tab twice a day for two weeks and half thereafter and there was improvement for several months. She is currently having another outbreak which I think is from a flavor of her wellness food that doesn’t agree. I am hoping to get another round of steroids to offer relief and continue on the Apoquel. I can’t afford a pet dermatologist but if you are in a position to spend more than a few hundred dollars a visit I’ve been told they may offer a solution.

    3. Try a 100% Grain-Free diet. Also sometimes cats are allergic to poultry. My cat Sofie had similar skin issues in her youth. After a bad experience with a steroid shot, I changed her diet to grain-free and the skin itching and scratching disappeared and did not resurface. Hope this works for you too!

    4. My cat also has severe allergies and her belly is raw and scabs everywhere from scratching. Ive tried so many different kinds of proteins, even possum and kangaroo! I give her prednisolon a few times as a last resort when it gets bad but I would rather not due to the side effects. After all, healthy insides is more important than her skin. Right now I am feeding her exclusively raw rabbit meat/organs/bones to see if perhaps it is some chemical in processed cat foods that she’s allergic to.

    5. My cat started having skin issues nearly a year ago and we just cannot get rid of them. He is licking his fur off and biting himself to the point he is bleeding and developing scabs. I have already spent probably $600-700 on vet visits alone so far and I have tried every method I have researched and that the vet has tried/suggested. We are now on this medicine as an oral, longer-lasting steroid. The vet has warned me of the serious long-term effects of steroids but nothing else is working. Good luck with your kitty :(

  39. My cat has had blood In his urine on and off since April. More on than off in last two months.
    Ultrasound, x-rays , Urinalysis and urine culture and countless antibiotics have yield no answers. No relief. Now they my 3 yr old male cat on Prendisone. Yet in this article, urinary tract infections is listed as a side effect !

    He’s been on it for 5 days and still has blood in his urine. What do we do next?

    1. My kitty, a rescued stray, has had blood in her urine almost constantly since we first met (about one year ago). Exploratory surgery during her spay surgery showed a weird, deformed bladder (probably deformed by scar tissue), a bad kidney (scar tissue), and swollen lymph glands. Biopsies of her bladder and lymph nodes were not definitive. Before surgery she was on an antibiotic for several months. After surgery, she was on Prednisolone for 4 months. Then she was on Piroxicam. Nothing has been a magic cure as she still has blood in the urine, sometimes strains to pee, sometimes feels miserable, and sometimes seems like she’s just fine, happy and healthy. I am also just starting to try hemp oil on her. It seems to relax her a bit when feeling discomfort. Don’t give up on kitty. Life with a little suffering and some blood in the urine can still be good…

    2. P.S. We also tried laser treatment. This worked to relieve kitty’s bloody urine and discomfort, but only for about 24 hours. However, it may be more successful on your kitty.

    3. IDIOPATHIC Cystitis. Stress causes it. Take the stress out of his life..Try feliway plug ins and figure out what is causing his stress and rid it.

  40. I have prednisolone my cat has licked herself Raw I have 5 mg and half tablet form can I give it to my cat to help this on her body she has licked herself Raw

    1. I have had her to three different vets and everyone has a different reason for this and I don’t know how to help my cat

  41. My 6 year old cat has been on a long term prednisone direct injection treatment for the past 5 years due to her oral autoimmune disease. My veterinarian and I decided this was a better option, due to her young age at diagnosis, than the typical solution of removing all of her teeth. Her shots are infrequent (~every 8-12 weeks) to reduce the occurrence of side effects or long term damage from the steroids. The effect has been amazing! She went from constantly lethargic to playful in a matter of days and has remained that way. To date she has only lost 3 teeth which is impressive considering the other option of having them removed. It means frequent visits to the vet’s office and monitoring but it is well worth it for her improved quality of life.

    1. Hi Lindsey,
      My Baby 14 year old Birman has been on the prednisone pills for 13 years. Just recently he got really ill and hasn’t bounced back. He has IBD. I knew early on it came with consequences down the line… and recently he developed anaemia. He had every test imaginable and it all came back clear – thankgod!. No diabetes, liver function – all normal, even Vet amazed.
      He is impossible to give a pill too.. and Vet’s have acknowledged this too. We are considering giving him the shot as he is worse dealing with it now even more than the last decade. What did your vet say about pill vs injection ?. Would love to know your thoughts, Kind Regards Michelle “loving Mum of Naughty Niska who won’t take his pills”

      1. I take the 5mg Prednisone break it in half, add it to a syringe, add some water and let it dissolve. Then I take another syringe of water. I give my 11 year old the pill syringe and then some water to make sure she swallows all the pill. Hope this helps.

        1. I pick my cat up by the scruff with her back feet still on the ground. I hold the whole 5mg pill between my thumb and forefinger and easily pry open her mouth with the other fingers and put it at the back of her throat. I close her mouth and she swallows it whole. Takes all of 3 seconds. Sure she protests, but it’s quickly over and forgotten.

      2. How is your kitty doing? What is the daily dosage of prednisone? My cat has IBD and it is not fun, but he has been manageable on prednisone..concerned on long term effects, but so far he can’t function without it..we have tried a couple of different t treatments. Good luck with your kitty and let me know.

      3. That’s great Paige re George..if prednisolone works good. My cats on it now too as his mouth was still inflamed from teeth removal..Also got an ulcer in his mouth. He seems much happier now although bit sleepy.. Don’t listen to all the gloom and doom on here. You do want you have to go give puss a comfortable life..

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