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Sugar and Spike.

New Care & Control Program From Merck Animal Health Helps Diabetic Pets

Merck Animal Health has a new educational initiative called Care & Control with an animated cat and dog, Sugar and Spike, to address pet diabetes.

Jackie Brown  |  Mar 22nd 2018

Getting a diagnosis of diabetes in your cat can be scary and confusing. The good news is, the disease is highly manageable with help from your vet.

Merck Animal Health recently launched a global educational initiative called Care & Control, designed to help pet owners recognize the signs of diabetes, which include increased drinking and eating, frequent urination or urinating outside the litter box and weight loss.

Visit to test your diabetes knowledge with a quiz featuring an adorable animated cat and dog duo, Sugar and Spike, and download a printable diabetes symptoms checklist you can bring to your next vet appointment.

Thumbnail: Photography courtesy Merck Animal Health.

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