Do Cats Fart? What to Know About Cat Farts

Ever wondered: “Do cats fart?” Let’s look at if cats fart, and, if they do, whether those cat farts are just a stinky nuisance or a serious medical issue.

Cats sniffing each other.
Proper introductions will prevent fights that lead to injury and possible transmission of FIV. Cats sniffing one another Photography by Shutterstock.

Do cats fart? You’re not the first cat parent who has wondered. And if cats do fart, are cat farts normal and why do cats fart? You’re in luck — today we’ll be clearing the air on the subject of feline flatulence.

A tabby cat wanting to be a lone or looking embarrassed.
Do cats fart? And if they do, are cat farts something to worry about? Photography by ivanolianto/Thinkstock.

Do cats fart? If so, why do cats fart?

Before you become worried, know this: most cat farts are normal, and almost all cat farts are odorless. Some common causes of kitty toots are:

  • Diets that are high in fiber
  • Dairy ingestion
  • Eating too fast and swallowing excessive amounts of air
  • Consuming spoiled food or garbage
  • Hairballs
  • Dietary changes, especially ones that aren’t gradual

When should you worry about cat farts?

Although most cat farts are benign, some red flags should alert you to consult with your cat’s veterinarian. When cat farts are accompanied by these symptoms, they could indicate more serious health issues:

What health problems are associated with cat farts?

During a veterinary consultation, the health professionals will ask you about your cat’s diet and eating habits, conduct a thorough physical examination and possibly order blood work or abdominal x-rays. Although these exams and tests may sound scary, they’re critical in diagnosing these health problems that go beyond the simple “cutting the cheese:”

Here’s how to prevent cat farts:

You can definitely take steps to avoid excessive feline flatulence and serious health concerns. You know the old saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of vet visits to correct smelly cat farts” — or something like that.

  • If your cat eats a high-fiber diet, gradually make the change to a low-fiber, more easily digestible food. It may be a good idea to talk with your vet so the transition is a smooth one.
  • Although we’re accustomed to seeing images of cute kittens lapping up bowls of milk, don’t offer your kitty dairy products. A feline digestive tract isn’t designed to process it properly. Water, water, water — did I mention water? Fresh water is the best form of hydration for cats.
  • Feed your cat smaller, more frequent meals. This could keep kitty from voraciously wolfing down his food (and your other cats’ meals, too).
  • Speaking of eating other cats’ food — if one chowhound of a cat circles the other kitties’ dishes like a shark, feed each cat in a separate area so the temptation is out of sight.
  • Make sure your kitchen trash bins have tight-fitting lids to restrict your cat’s access to garbage or old food that could be spoiled.
  • Give your cat plenty of opportunities for exercise to keep “things moving.” Having multiple cats increases the likelihood of active play, but it’s also important to engage your cat with fun toys like feathered wands.

So, although it’s perfectly healthy for cats to pass gas, it’s essential to pay attention to cat farts that are excessive or happen with accompanying symptoms. Now you can go back to blaming the dog for those stinky toots!

Tell us: Does your cat fart?

Thumbnail: Photography by Nailia Schwarz / Shutterstock.

This piece was originally published in 2017.

About the author

Angie Bailey, an award-winning writer, podcaster, and humorist, is the author of Texts from Mittens and Whiskerslist: The Kitty Classifieds. She’s written cat humor for over a decade, and lives in Minneapolis with her fiancé and two cats — Phoebe, a sassy senior and Janet, a teenage kitty with tons of tortitude.

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38 thoughts on “Do Cats Fart? What to Know About Cat Farts”

  1. Our kitten was farting until our vet suggested it might be the carbohydrates in the dry food we were giving her. Once we stopped giving it to her, she stopped.

  2. In my experience animals that have gas often have food sensitivities which can impair digestion. Long term this can lead to bowel issues like IBD, leaky gut syndrome, diarrhea, and other diseases. By muscle testing it’s easy to determine if it’s food and if so, which foods are the causing the issue. As a result of changing the diet often times the issue goes away.

  3. We had a cat that farted every time you picked her up. They smelled too. It was a long time ago but all I remember about her gas habits ????

  4. We had a cat that farted every time you picked her up. They smelled too. It was a long time ago but all I remember about her gas habits ????

  5. i’ve got 2 cats, and they always blame the farts on the dog.but whoever does it, my hats off to them. they’re so potent it would make a train take the dirt road…

  6. Been living with cats for 60 years and never knew cats fart. But my cats always got appropriate food – always wet food and once daily ration of raw meat/liver.

  7. Some 40+ years ago, I adopted a cat who had had hepatitis. He completed his recovery with me by sleeping beneath the covers for a month, then spent the rest of his life randomly clearing rooms with silent but deadly flatulence. Among his other quirks was a penchant for staring at corners of the ceiling or putting his nose within a half inch of the tv screen and gazing… while the tv was off! We never did figure out what he seemed to see.

  8. Domino started farting when he was 5 weeks old. He kept up the stinky bombs until he was 10 years old. At 12, he still farts but not as noticeable. He also snores. I tell everyone he’s a typical old man: he snores and he farts. LOL

  9. Have never known my cats to fart….must do it while I am not around. They are smart though – when I call their names they turn their heads and look at me like – “what do you want”???!!!

  10. We’ve had seven cats over 40 years. Only Foster would fart from time to time. It sounded like a gunshot. He had no digestive issues, rude with good health really. You didn’t want to be in the same room when he took a dump–veritable WMD.

  11. fortunately for me, I have no sense of smell due to years of rhinitis but my daughter has the most acute sense of smell imaginable, so… I would know if either of our two cats farted. They don’t. One does the most incredibly stinky poos at times, but mostly they’re dry and there is no smell to mention. They are on a wet food regime, with a few biscuits sprinkled on top as variation, always the same make of food (they back away from other brands) only offered (but rarely drink) cat milk. There is always water available but only one cat drinks. So, we put water on the food of the other cat. There’s ways round everything.

    We consider ourselves cat parents but the cats don’t have ‘human’ names. They do however have human level intelligence and use it to get what they want – supreme cossetting and comfort at all times!!

  12. I have 3 cats (kittens). I normally by food at my vets, but I was low and right next to a pet store, and my normal brand of cat food is sold there. I went into the pet store and was accosted by a representative of another pet food ‘brand’ and convinced me to buy ‘their’ brand. All 3 of them farted like no other… they put my Husband to shame with the odor, and that isn’t easy. The odor would wake you out of a sound sleep, it was horrible. I immediately went to my vet and purchased my normal brand and told her the story. My vet and her entire staff were laughing so hard they were crying..I was then told by my vet that the brand I experimented with is hard on their urinary system, and warned me to never buy that food again. (like I would!!!!)… I gave the rest of my purchase to my boss who has over 60 farm cats… He don’t care if they fart, he only cares that they keep his stables free of mice.

  13. I knew the answer to this question because I have a small coffee table book called, “Does It Fart?” I believe it was written by a zoologist whose brother asked her about animal farts.

  14. I have 5 cats of different breeds and since my Siamese kitten had antibiotics through catching my cold (yes people they can and he was very poorly) he farted so bad it made your eyes hurt and you forget what you were saying. Thankfully though I was so pleased that it was just the tablets and not a lifetime thing. I have 4 orientals who seem to have a tendency for farting yet my British shorthair doesnt seem to have the same problem …his problem is at four months he can’t seem to control his claws!

  15. Never had a cat in my 56 yrs till now. Rescued her last week. Friend found her in country after blizzard. She was thin and freezing. I’ve never known such a sweet cat. It’s like she is so thankful to us…..I’ve had her for a week now and have taken her to vet. She has a uri (received shot) she had diarrhea a day before that appointment so she needs a fecal test done. But now she doesn’t have diarrhea and her food was changed to science diet…sensitive stomachs…she eats constantly….tonight she has terrible gas! I thought she had a accident I literally was looking for poop! Lol I can hear her tummy making noises….so…you think it’s the food??? Idk! LOL

    1. Most of the cats that we have invited into our house have been strays. And it takes time for their tummies to get used to real food. I think once she adjusts to the food, she’ll have less gas. We had one cat that would far and immediately run from the room. If we were smart enough, we’d follow close behind.

    2. Hi Mary, thank you for rescuing the cat! I rescued mine from the snowy forest a year ago and we are doing well together. My cat had worms after his time in the wild, along with smelly gas and a cough (also likely the worms)so I would query that cause of gas in your situation. I think it could be the food, but just that there is food in her gut after being without, not the composition of the food unless she gets diarrhea. I’m not a vet though. Best to you both!

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  17. The cat I own is about 12 weeks old and she’s adorable. She farts, but it’s silent and deadly. She usually does it just prior to pooping in her litter box. I’m like, “Dang, cat! PU!” I’ve owned a lot of cats in my life but this is the first one that has this amount of flatulence. She is otherwise in perfect health. I just think some cats are more prone to farting than others.

    Also, sidenote: People are not and do not become the “parents” of their pets. Pets are lovable livestock. One owns them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, either.

    There is, however, something deeply wrong with anthropomorphizing animals, and with some people this practice becomes so advanced that it moves pretty close to a mental illness. Animals are not people in little fur suits.

    Think of it this way: The cat I had before the one I have now lived to be 20 years old and she was a wonderful pet and companion. When she became so decrepit and sick that it was obvious that it was the end of her life, I had her euthanized humanely. She was an animal and she was in pain and there was no reason to take extraordinary measures to extend her life any further. By comparison I would never attempt to euthanize a human-being. Whether people like it or not or want to believe it or not there is a universe a difference between a human being and an animal. For one thing, human-beings can choose how they behave. No matter how smart and animal is it can only be when it’s genetics allow it to be. It cannot imagine being anything else than what it is. It cannot do wrong and it cannot do right. It just is what it is regardless of the fact that human beings can modify the behavior patterns of any particular animal.

    1. Too bad you couldn’t have asked Koko the gorilla her opinion about your beliefs, Clara! I am a cat parent and appreciate them as they are, as cats. Terminally ill people opt to die humanely via pill. Various animals have a conscience, but we are naive to their feelings and thoughts, as far as having empathy, etc.

    2. Eeeeew, try treating your ‘loveable livestock’ as ‘one of the family’,you might find them MORE affectionate, and you yourself might tender-up (kinda sounds like ya could use it~) just sayin????

    3. I don’t believe that pet owners are pet parents either. But, livestock? No. Pets, yes. I’ve loved all my pets and I love my current kitty. I give him the best of everything that I can. But I am not his mother, nor is he livestock.

    4. really Clara? So are you the mum if you adopt someone? Why? If so, I love my cats more than I love most humans and yes, so I am their dad. Thanks for your opinion that no one asked for.

    5. What was the point of this comment, Clara? You just wanted to share people?

      1. I am my cat’s mom. I am very aware he is a cat, not a human in a fur suit. I wouldn’t be a parent to a human.

      2. They have choice of how to behave and act. You’re basically saying every animal you’ve ever met is the exact same. It’s more that your small brain can’t understand them, which is probably good for you since I can guarantee they don’t think fondly of you.

      3. At the end of life, a human can also choose to go on their own. It’s actually disgusting that many humans don’t get to leave this earth in a more peaceful way.

      I know this comment was so long ago, you probably won’t see this, but I am just disgusted by you.

  18. I have a kitten and he’s 7 weeks old and he farts a lot. I have him on a grain free wet food diet. Thoughts? Cuz it stinks

    1. Hi Michael,

      We might suggest bringing this up to your vet and seeing what type of food he recommends. Best of luck!
      You can read more about cat food here:

  19. Yes cats do fart, my tom farted quite loud when I picked him up from his basket and when he followed behind me he let rip another two times, luckily he used his litter tray moments after.
    As for the smell, they do stink, he jumped on my lap and let rip and can only say it smelt like a sulphur stink bomb. But he’s a great little guy. ;-)

  20. I love cats i have a cat name bella she is a year 1/2 long gray and white hair she gets sick alot not everyday but i was wondering if it could just be hair balls because she meows alot at that time when she is sick i also feed her herbs everyday is that ok?

    1. Hi Saundra,
      Please check out more information on hairballs and vomiting here:
      Please check in with your vet about this issue and also regarding what herbs you are feeding your cat.
      Hope your kitty feels better!

    2. I’ve been adopted by a lil kitty, n she started to vomit foam and didn’t eat or drink! It was worms!!! Huge ones, longer than her…shes purrfect now, but she almost died due to the worms! Also have her checked for feline leukemia

  21. We had a cat who was a special needs cat, he had Spina bifida, asthma and allergies…he never farted when he was younger but as he aged (14 ish) he would fart so loud at night while we were sleeping, it would scare the hell out of you and wake you up, you would thing..was that what I think I herd…dirty Dave farting??? It was the funniest thing to hear a cat fart like that but unfortunately our baby had bowel cancer, he had a tumor on his bowels and this was causing all the gas, hes no longer with us.
    Just keep a eye on your cat if they do start this when they never did it before…could be something bigger maybe a vet visit to check to see no bad stuff going on. We are now fostering a tiny cat with belly issues and hes on Gastric food and WOW…he can clear a room, I had no idea a little cat could smell that bad..ugh! I think its the change of food for him thats doing it….hoping it stops soon…lol.
    Gotta love cats…

  22. I have fostered many kittens and for some of them the cheaper Friskies canned food can give them frequent and nasty smelling gas. NOT nice at all when you are trying to cuddle with them and socialize them. I found that going to the kitten Fancy Feast fixed the problem and the extra cost was definitely worth it!
    Btw we don’t hear cat fats because they don’t have butt checks the way humans do that cause the sound when the gas emerges — same with dogs.

  23. I’ve had many cats over my life but only a few ever farted and it was rare. My current cat has never farted (and she spends a lot of time on my lap for me to take note) and I’ve had her for 6 years now. Unusual for a cat, even her poop has very little odour! She doesn’t cough up hairballs either. She was feral before I rescued her which makes me wonder if her gut bacteria might just be the way a normal cat’s should be from catching small prey. I consider myself blessed to have her.

  24. Yes, all my cats fart. Maybe it’s just my sensitive nose, but cat farts are not “odorless”, as you say. While most cat farts are low-odor, they do smell. And the smell is not pleasant. One of my cats has a signature “burnt turd” smell to her farts. The other five fart differently every time. I once had a cat whose farts smelled like a dang poop farm, yet there was nothing (physically) wrong with her. (Mentally, that’s another story, one unrelated to farts.) I also had a cat that, overall, smelled like a dentist – even her farts smelled dentist-y. Although her pee and poop, for some reason, did not match that signature dentist smell. But that’s another story, isn’t it? Basically, I’ve had cats as pets since I was in 1st grade, and I can confirm that cats fart.

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