A Cat’s Guide to Eating Right


Wondering exactly how to feed your cat? We asked a feline. 

  1. Is Enough Really Enough?

Humans say, “the amount of food you feed your cat should be based on the cat’s size and energy output,” but listen, we like a full food bowl. We’re not sure humans are completely familiar with cat math, so I’ll let you in on a little something: The food must fully cover the bottom of the bowl. If the food moves around, revealing even a peek of the bottom of the dish, it’s automatically empty.

  1. Meat Me in St. Louis

We evolved as mighty hunters, always on the prowl for meat that would feed our bellies and give us feline power and prowess. Even though many of us are now fed by our human servants, we’re still obligate carnivores. That means animal protein most meets our nutritional needs. Plus, we require more than a dozen other nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids. And on top of all that, just because we liked a particular food yesterday doesn’t mean we’re going to enjoy it today. Are you getting all of this?

orange tabby with green bowl with food. get tips on how to feed your cat.
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  1. Make it a Double!

We like to belly up to a refreshing drink just as much as you people do. No matter how fancy the water bowl or techie the expensive fountain you buy us, we’re still gonna sometimes kick it old school and grab a few drops from the bathroom faucet — or even your glass of water.

We’re getting enough water when our skin shows elasticity (gently pull on our scruff — it should easily spring back when released). Our coats stay shiny when we’re well-hydrated, and we urinate two to three times a day. But please don’t stare at us when we’re using the litter box — we don’t stare at you while you’re sitting on the toilet. Oh, wait.

  1. Treats (Well, Of Course)

Give us multiple treats throughout the day. In fact, we recommend placing an open treat bag on a low shelf so we can help ourselves. What? You don’t like that idea? OK, OK — cat treats should only be about 10% of our daily caloric intake. And by the way, we see you eating those cheese puffs, so don’t act like you don’t like your treats, too. Hey — is that 10% negotiable? Asking for a friend.

treats floating towards a hungry black cat. get tips on how to feed your cat.
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  1. A Little Privacy, Please!

Humans say cats are sometimes picky when it comes to some things, but we prefer to call it discerning. We don’t like our food bowls placed in high-traffic areas, and please arrange our feeding station away from the litter box. Like you, we don’t want to eat where we do our “business.” Also, we’re not social diners. You may like to grab dinner with a group of buddies, but we prefer focusing on the chow without wondering if the tabby beside us will try and hijack our meal. We’ve heard you complaining about friends helping themselves to your french fries without asking, so we’re pretty sure you kinda, sorta get it. All this food talk is making me hungry. Is it dinnertime yet?

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  1. Michael Mccarthy

    You described perfectly our 3 cats and their eating habits and attitudes. Thanks for an entertaining read

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