The Felt Kitty Necklace by Five o’ Clock’s is to Purr For

Stephanie Harwin  |  Jun 29th 2012

I’m on a felt kick after discovering TratGirl’s custom kitty notebooks earlier this week, and I was drawn to this bold Felt Kitty Necklace by Five o’ Clock’s. The daring neckwear is more of a conversation starter than simply a piece of jewelry, and is sure to attract approving nods from fellow cat enthusiasts.

A black cat can always be counted on to bring good luck, while the red pom-pom brings contrast, and the ribbon adds a touch of girlish whimsy. Pair it with a simple top to really make a statement, and don’t be surprised if people approach you and ask how many cats you have — a popular inquiry I receive when wearing even the most demure piece of cat-inspired clothing.

The Felt Kitty Necklace is available for $39 from the Five o’ Clock’s Etsy shop.