St Patrick’s Day Shopping Guide for Cats: Ten under $10


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Today we continue with our speshul St Patrick’s Day shopping guide. Evrything heer costs less than $10, so yoo can afford to git sumthing for yerself and sumthing for yer peeple! Just klik on the pikcher for info on how to purchase.

(More St Patrick’s cat gift ideas are heer.)

Ferst, we have sum vary kyoot and vary affordable ($2.50/$3.50) bandanas:

Check out this festive hoodie. It’s sooper-kozy, it’ll keep out the rane, and it’s only $10!

(Ignore the dawg in this photo. Just preetend it’s a vary old wrinkley Simeeze.) This lucky shamrock hat is blinged out with glitter and it’s a steel for only $8!

This “Kiss Me I’m Cute” tie can charm your way in to a free pint o’ Muther’s Milk!

This aluminimimimum tag feechers style and fun on one side, name and ID info on the other. You choose what you want printed on the back, up to 4 lines. Just $10.

This Pot o’ Gold Calvin Collar is not only fashunuble, but $1 frum the sale of evry Calvin Collar goes toward the sponsership of a Best Friends cat. And it’s only $7.50!

This Lucky Green Butterfly Calvin Collar will keep you frum gitting pinched on St Patrick’s Day AND you can wear it year-round. Ater all, who duzn’t LOVE butterflies???

St Patrick’s Cat Stuff for Cat People

This one is a marridge made in hevven: a Hello Kitty pin crafted frum a can of Muther’s Milk…. and it’s only $6.

This festive green cat pin is only $5.50 — you can buy one for yerself and evry crazy cat lady you know!

All of these are hand-crafted, not made-in-China krap. That meens it’s paytriotic to buy this stuff for yoo and yer cats!

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