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Sparkle and Shine with Catty Jewelry Creations by Locketship

Space kittens, smoosh-faced cats, and glitter are all part of Maria Ewing's unique vision for her line of handmade resin jewelry.

Stephanie Harwin  |  May 4th 2012

If you enjoy kittens, sparkles, and unique, larger-than-life jewelry, than look no further than Locketship! The brand is the brainchild of Maria Ewing, a creative lady who turned her passion for all things cute into a coveted collection of popular handmade creations.

The quirky Los Angeles-based designer finds inspiration for her signature resin jewelry from her original artwork and adorable photography, often featuring unicorns, pugs, mermaids, and (my favorite) Persian cats and kittens!

Upgrade any outfit with one of her attention-grabbing adjustable glittery cat rings, earrings, or even an intergalactic kitten necklace! Ewing sells her animal-inspired creations through her own website, but you can also find them for sale at retailers like JapanLA and ModCloth.