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Raindrops on Roses and Nach Jewellery's Kittens on Fingers

These porcelain cat rings from Nach Jewellery aren't just finger bling -- they're miniature works of art.

 |  Jan 28th 2013  |   1 Contribution

Did you see the adorable dog rings from Mödernaked? They're totally cute! But it got me thinking -- why should dog lovers get all the fun? Just as the thought crossed my mind, I was cruising our Catster Pinterest boards when I saw it: darling little porcelain kitty cat rings! They seemed like the perfect kitty compliment to the Mödernaked dog rings, in the same hand painted style of daintiness and everything. So I did some investigating and found their source.

So cute! You can keep your cat friend with you always!

The cat rings come from Nach Jewellery, the entrepreneurial endeavor of sisters Nancy and Nadia Koch. Their father, Christian Koch, is a world leader in the creation of porcelain miniature animals, so it only seems right that the medium serves as the foundation for Nach Jewellery.

The cat rings are available in different fur patterns.

Even a tabby!

The company is based in France, so all the prices are in Euros, which means that yeah, when you convert the prices to U.S. dollars, each ring comes out to about $107. However, since each piece is painted by hand and carefully crafted (And available in different sizes -- not just one size fits all), the price seems worth it. It's not just jewelry, it's a work of art.

Or a calico.

Or a Siamese.

Or a fluffy Persian!

Either way, it's always fun to Internet browser window shop. Check out the store here -- they have other adorable animal rings that will make your hands into a veritable menagerie!  


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