5 Back-to-School Hello Kitty Fashions


It’s been quite awhile since I’ve gone back to school, and I can’t say I really miss it, but one thing I do long for is the days of buying school supplies. As someone with lifelong obsessions with Lisa Frank and those “Cuddly Cuties” folders with the kittens on them, I still have no shortage of adorable notebooks to take me into the next century.

Still riding high on the nostalgia of last week’s Garfield tribute post, I rounded up five of my favorite Hello Kitty-themed items that are perfect for hauling back to school or the office. Some people say that I’m too old for Hello Kitty, but I will never get over my love affair with the original queen of cute!

1. Hello Kitty Backpack

As I learned while agonizing over my picks for this post, the market is currently flooded with adorable Hello Kitty knapsacks. But, there was something about the classic lines of this simple yet wildly adorable bag by Loungefly that ultimately won me over.

While I was initially drawn to the funkier, neon Hello Kitty designs, it was impossible to resist a backpack with ears and a puffy red bow. I must admit that the white color make me a little nervous though, because I am SO that person who would accidentally put it down in a pile of ketchup on the first day back.

2. Hello Kitty City Lunch Box

All you brown baggers out there, it’s time to kick it old school with a metal lunch box with a feline twist.

Admittedly, the lunch boxes I was toting around were plastic and covered with plastic bands like “Barbie and the Rockers” and “Jem,” but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to relive my time spent in the cafeteria with this real life kitty city. I can already feel myself salivating for a peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as we speak.

3. Hello Kitty Pencil Case

As someone who frequently misplaces pens, perhaps a blindingly cute pencil case is just what I need to keep my writing implements in check.

Back in the day (oh, there she goes again) a rad pencil case was a badge of honor, especially if it contained multiple compartments and was packed with colored pens, scented markers, and quirky erasers. Sure, I might look more 30-going-on-10 with a pastel pink pencil case, but my Hello Kitty freak flag flies high enough to go above all the haters.

4. Hello Kitty x Mimobot Nerd Flash Drive

Looking for a way to move and store your data in style? Hello Kitty has the nerd look down cold with coordinating plaid pants and a bow, pocket protector, and luxe cat-eye frames, carefully bound together with tape for the ultimate geek chic look.

Most of my USB drives are cat related, having been obtained from various pet blogging conferences, and as much as I love cat food and kitty litter, I might have to upgrade my Tidy Cats model for a Hello Kitty x Mimobot creation of my very own.

5. Hello Kitty Laptop Sleeve

If someone asked me to pick a gratuitous picture of myself as Hello Kitty, I’m quite certain that the image on the front of this hot pink laptop case would be it. Facebook won’t load the right thumbnail? Twitter is acting up, and I accidentally hit “publish” before I finished my last post? Scrunch my eyes up, and hurl insults at the sky? Yep, that would be me.

I’m not quite so sure what Hello Kitty has to be so mad about, but this lightweight laptop sleeve by Sanrio is the perfect way to put a smile on your face even when you’re feeling grumpy. Technical difficulties and passive aggressive emails will roll right off your back as you leave it to Hello Kitty to handle your electronic woes, or at least keep your Macbook scratch-free.

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