Happy PAWsome Mother’s Day to All the Furchild Mommas!


Happy Mothers Day, everypawdy! Fur the ones that have furchilds or child purrsons or both, I dedicate this column to you. You girls are MEGAULTRAPAWSOME.

You know, many purrsons make fun of mommas that have furchilds, they say they are not real mommas and stuffs like that and my response is WHAT THE DOOG POOP, oh yeah I say it!

Let’s do an objective analysis, guys. The dictionary say a momma is “a person who provides the care and affection normally associated with a female parent.” Doesn’t say provides care to a child purrson; just says PROVIDES CARE. Furchild mommas provide care FUR SURE!

Here is the evidence to prove that fur-mommas are REAL mommas.

Exhibits A and B

A real momma makes sure you are well fed and that you drink tons of water.

Exhibit C

A momma makes sure that her child does all her physiological stuffs normally. This mother’s function is kinda nasty if you ask me, but they are troopers and the health of their child is a PRIORITY.

Exhibit D

When you are a momma, you sometimes have to be SUPER-ANNOYS and give your child medicine against their own will.

Exhibit E

Mommas tell you to go to sleep and recover your strength. (If you have a furchild you don’t have any purrblems on this matter.)

Exhibit F

A mother will take care of you when you are sick. I remember when I got the lily scare, my momma came at 2 a.m. to feed me and conFURt me, then she came back at 7 a.m. to pick me up.

Exhibit G

Mothers have the duty to teach you many stuffs about life or how to do things.

Uff, guys, I can give you more examples FUR REALS! Bottom line: I think furchild mommas are as much mommas as many I know. Not everyPAWdy can have child purrsons or want to have a child purrson. Whatever is the case, if a woman chooses to love and care deeply fur a furchild, I think it is MEGAPAWSOME.

In return, we promise to love you unconditionally and to never want to MOVE OUT! Since my momma is a Mexican momma, she is super happy about the last part LOL.

Anyways, let me tell you that I came into my momma’s life in a crucial time. She was super ready to be a mommy and let’s face it with little hope of having child purrsons any time soon! We found each other, and since then I have been her furst child and she started to introduce herself as a single mother. Now things are changing in this matter — my momma has a serious boyfurriend! OMG I was dying to tell you guys because I’m super FREAKING OUT! Let’s leave this topic fur my next column shall we?

Have a great Mother’s Day, my LunAddicts! And don’t FURget to

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