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Dream of a Catnap on this Recyclable Couchette

Karen Nichols  |  Apr 9th 2011

Imagine catnapping atop a double-sided chaise longue that purrvides a comfy sleeping environment as well as a hidey hole underneath. Pretend it’s furniture and sharpen your claws on your choice of sides and angles. A signature wave-edge texture gives added pleasure bumps for kitties and better handling for her owner.

If you’re looking for earth-friendly cat furniture, the Kittypod is made of superior grade recycled cardboard and is itself 100% recyclable. And, it’s made in the USA, not halfway around the world.

This couchette is fitted with an optional pair of white acrylic faceplates that transform it into a sculptural work of art that will fit purrfectly into any modern decor. Maple faceplates are also available.

KittyPod is an independent design studio, based in California. It’s devoted to contemporary product design for cats and their beloved owners. All KittyPod products are thoughtfully and responsibly designed by ELIZABETHPAIGESMITH since 1998.

Click here for the KittyPod site.