Dig Into Albert Dubout’s Pretty Kitty Tablewares

Stephanie Harwin  |  May 30th 2012

Catster Managing Editor Vicky Walker recently introduced me to the feline-themed creations of famed French artist Albert Dubout.

Dubout was known for his illustrations and paintings, but at heart he was a cartoonist who enjoyed having fun with his work. While I couldn’t find any specific information speaking to his interest in cats, in 1962 he illustrated a book called Entre Chats by Docteur F. Mery. Fifty years later, many of the drawings that appeared in the book still inspire a wide range of collectible items for cat lovers, including plates, mugs, figurines, and more.

Some of Dubout’s illustrations are sweet, such as “Big Sleep” (top row, right) which shows a kitty napping on a comfy cushion. However, he is perhaps best known for his satirical work, which might explain images like “the Cat-Eyed Mouse” (top row, left), featuring a kitty with pupils shaped like mice, and the indelicate “the Third Eye” (bottom row, left), which, well … I’m sure you can figure that one out for yourself!

Source: Albert Dubout