Avanti Press Wants ME on Their Greeting Cards! But the Catch Is: I Have to Be Naked


Happy Furrday, EveryPAWdy!

Are you guys ready fur Easter? I’m SUPER READY! I got my PEi pod bed that BradFURd from FAB set me and VIOLA! It was just what I needed fur complete my Easter setting. Next Furrday is Easter and I want to invite you all to sent me cute pictures of you with an Easter theme of course, fur make a special video.

If you want to be in it send me your picture, with your name and location to the.fashion.kitty@gmail.com beFUR next Tuesday, April 3 okay?, Many sent me the stuffs late last time and I feel bad that is too late fur include them.

Also, guess what guys?!? I got an email from Avanti Press!! I’m sure you have seen their postcards because they are the funnies and cutest in the market FUR REALS! My furriend Savanah have sent me a couple of their cards; anyway, the point is … THEY WANT ME!

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!! I mean is not a surprise that THIS FACE would be on cards in stores, was just matter of time if you ask me LOL.

Now here is the trick, they are asking me fur some NAKED pictures! I don’t know guys, I don’t know … This type of thing worked fur Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian but is not my thing! I will keep you posted!

This week I have been opening Love box mail, and did I mention that I live fur purrsents? Thanks a lot to my fanfurriend PJ that made this beautiful crocheted outfit fur me, I MEGALOVE the color and the lavender bows and thanks to her husband Bill fur get her the yarn!! Tinkerbelle & Callie you guys have a megaPAWsome purrents!!! Thanks a lot, Parket-Mitchell Family!

On Caturday morning, I went with my momma to get breakfast and HOLY KITTENS the menu was crazy! They had cow brains, cow eyes and tongue! All the purrsons there looked like they were enjoying the food very much and I have to admit that the smell was intoxicating but really, WTDP (What The Dog Poop!) FUR REALS! Also this woman is supposed to be on a diet … I bet cow brains are not part of the Weight Watchers menu!

Then we went to Starbucks and the Starbucks we have here is not furchild furriendly at all, they have a sticker that says “no dogs.” But since I’m a kitty and I don’t really care fur the rules, I went anyways! I wish Starbucks sell my CatSip milk on the rocks or CatSip frappe or something like that! That would be so PAWSOME but fur now (or till i get kicked out) I will carry my own stuffs.

I also saw some “fariseos” that day! They go around fur 40 days, they can’t talk, they made their own masks, they carry a rosary in their mouth and many other stuffs because they are trying to pay fur their sins! OMG can’t you imagine?! I guess they didn’t get the memo that God already pay fur their sins.

I almost got a heart attack FUR REALS when I saw their fashion choices, I mean if you are making your OWN mask why does it need to be this scary? What about some glitter on it? Some feathers? Some cute colors?… I don’t get it! If you have to wear the same thing fur 40 days BETTER BE PAWSOME. Here is a little video I took that day:

Easter in Mexico from Luna the Fashion Kitty on Vimeo.

Fur sure i prefer the cute bunnies! This Fariseos’ fashion choices are TOO SCARY fur words!

On another paw, my dress was super cute. It was a purrsent from my furriend Lynn and Tigger.

On Tuesday I wore a very sexy tutu. FIERCE!

I also opened more Love box mail! Yeiii!! I’m just so lucky to have such a MEGAULTRAPAWSOME fanfurriends! My furriend Sharon and furchilds Beau, Tyson, Chloe and Angel sent me all this outfits and a purrfect card!! Love Build-a-Bear clothes, thanks sooo much guys!

Is sooo funny that I just heard that Gund, that company that make super huggeble stuff animals; made a Boo the dog doll. Call me crazy but I think I’m WAY cuter, Come ON, these eyes, this tongue, this butt are PRICELESS. Can you imagine a “build a Luna” doll? TOO FAB FUR WORDS!.

Talking about FAB and purrfection, how purrfect and cute is the PEi-pod fur my Easter photos? I look like a hot furry chicken LOL!

Last but not least: I made you a Lunatoon!

Fur join me on Catster, check my purrfile. Fur daily updates and fashion, join me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter! If you want to rescue a Purrsian please check my Purrsian Rescue page, you will see there the Purrsians in need that are near to you!

Now rest and enjoy your weekend my LunAddicts!



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