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What We’re Obsessed With: ASOS Collection Cat-Print Laptop Case

Cats are all over the Internet, and now they're all over the outside of your computer, too, thanks to this cute laptop case.

Vicky Walker  |  Jul 16th 2012

We suspect the folks at ASOS have a soft spot for all things cat, judging by the feline-themed clothing and accessories the London-based online retailer regularly features in its catalog. (We especially dig the Cat Ear Headband.) This week we’ve enjoyed the all-over cat-patternedness of the company’s Cat Print Laptop Case.

Made from wipe-clean polyester covered with dancing, prancing cats, the sturdily padded case closes with a gold stud and features an interior zipped pocket.

Even better, it’s on sale right now at 50 percent off — and shipping is always free.