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Gatos come in all colors and shades, including black with chocolate brown, shades of orange, tortie, and black and white. They tend to be very small cats. Many have long legs and bodies. Siamese Mixes will have bright blue eyes, lilac markings, and unusual patches or stripes.


  • Gatos have short velvety fur, medium fur Gatos are more unusual
  • Gatos tend to be very exotic, showing breed traits of the Egyptian Mau, Siamese and Himalayan
  • Affectionate, but not overly
  • Needs attention – Most Gatos will find things to amuse themselves, but they enjoy the interactions of their owners.
  • Easy going – Gatos tend to avoid confrontation. They will go out of their way to avoid a grumpy sibling.
  • Playful – Gatos love to play, and even the simplest toys will fascinate them
  • Gatos are small – average weights between 6 and 9 pounds
  • Many Gatos are very vocal when they play – not surprising to have a toy mouse in their mouths, and thrill in happiness

Ideal Human Companion

  • First-time cat owners
  • Families with children
  • Multi-pet households – Gatos love other cats and dogs.

Things You Should Know

Gatos are very easy to groom. A brushing weekly or a furminator works great to remove any loose fur. They tend to shed less than other breeds. Medium hair Gatos need to be groomed more often to prevent hairballs and mats.

Gatos adjust their schedules to their owners. Interactive toys are enjoyed, as out tunnels, tents, and cat furniture. Watching birds and squirrels is a much enjoyed, and be prepared for some interesting chirping as they watch.

Top Photograph: xxXRauLXxx/Getty Images

2 thoughts on “Gato”

  1. I noticed that this article is dated January of 1970! Catster wasn't even around back then. Is this meant to be a spoof? Because the word gato means cat. Is it referring to all cats? I never heard of a breed called "gato."

  2. Is this an actual breed or a cross-breed? Please don't get into the bad habit of calling every new type of cat a breed, when it is bred from any combination of breeds. (There are only three or four real dog breeds, while the rest are cross-breeds, aka "mutts". That has generated a huge industry that has only generated big money for owners, and dogs with medical and skeletal problems.) I hope that never happens with cats.

    Adopt or rescue, don't shop!

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