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How Big Will My Egyptian Mau Get? Average Size & Growth Chart

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on May 30, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

egyptian mau

How Big Will My Egyptian Mau Get? Average Size & Growth Chart

Egyptian Maus make their superior athleticism and energy apparent at a young age, and many owners wonder how much of a handful they’ll become as adults. How big will your Egyptian Mau get, and how can you ensure they stay healthy as they grow?

In this article, we’ll help you properly plan and prepare by explaining what to expect from your Egyptian Mau’s growth.

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Egyptian Mau Breed Overview

The Egyptian Mau, a Mediterranean breed with an ancient lineage, is unique in several ways. As one of the few naturally spotted domestic cats, the Mau’s coat will doubtlessly grab your attention if their incredible athleticism doesn’t.

Despite the Egyptian Mau’s unassuming mid-sized stature, it sports uniquely long and flexible hind legs, supplying extra power unseen in any other breed. The world’s fastest domestic cat can accelerate to 30 miles per hour and jump up to 6 feet from a standing position!

Egyptian Maus
Image Credit: Sarah Fields Photography, Shutterstock

While the athleticism will impress you, the Egyptian Mau’s intelligence and temperament make the breed an instant hit around the home. They’re intensely loyal to their family, picking one person as their closest companion. Though aloof with strange people and pets, they aren’t aggressive, and over time, they’ll become good friends with anyone who earns their trust.

Expect tons of shoulder-riding, playtime, and cuddles from this loving cat. With the Mau’s receptivity to training, owners have more opportunities to bond with and enjoy their pets through leash training, teaching commands and tricks, and playing with puzzle toys.

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Egyptian Mau Size and Growth Chart

Egyptian Maus are a mid-sized breed that typically reaches 8–12 pounds, 8–12 inches in height, and 16–20 inches long in adulthood. The short coat can be deceptive, making the muscular cats seem smaller than they are.

Males Egyptian Maus are taller and heavier than females, usually weighing 1–2 pounds more and standing 1–2 inches higher when fully grown.

Age Weight Range Length Range
Birth 3–3.5 ounces 3–4 inches
2 months 1–2 pounds 5–6 inches
4 months 4–6 pounds 7–8 inches
6 months 6–8 pounds 10–12 inches
12 months 7–10 pounds 14–16 inches
18 months 8–12 pounds 14–16 inches

When Does an Egyptian Mau Stop Growing?

Egyptian Maus take up to 18 months to reach their full physical maturity. Depending on the size, they may mature faster or slower, with larger cats typically needing a bit longer to achieve their maximum adult height and weight.

Egyptian Maus follow a relatively standard growth pattern, growing about a quarter of a pound per week for the first several months of life. Though they typically weigh about 3–3.5 ounces when born, they have a uniquely high variance in birth weights 1. Kitten weight can vary according to factors like the mother’s age during pregnancy and the kitten’s sex.

Cute and rare Egyptian Mau kitten
Image Credit: Anastasiia Chystokoliana, Shutterstock

Factors Affecting the Size of Egyptian Mau

Genetics, sex, and health are the primary determinants of an Egyptian Mau’s size. All things being equal, males are usually taller and heavier than females. Early spaying and neutering can produce larger adult cats. As early desexing delays the closing of growth plates, these cats tend to grow taller than those neutered later.

As with any cat, an Egyptian Mau’s growth is only as healthy as its diet and activity level. A proper diet is critical during the first few months of accelerated growth. Low-quality food or underlying illnesses affecting metabolism and appetite can cause a lack of vital nutrients and energy, resulting in stunted height and weight.

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Ideal Diet for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Egyptian Maus will need more energy and nutrition during their primary growth period lasting about 10–12 months. Kitten food is higher in calories, protein, and fat to fuel bone and muscle growth and essential nutrients like DHA to facilitate cognitive and sensory development.

At around 10 months old, an Egyptian Mau is close to their mature body weight and ready to switch to adult food. Feeding high-quality wet and dry food with meat as the primary ingredient is vital in managing your cat’s weight and ensuring a healthy, active life. Your vet will be your best resource for selecting your cat’s food during the critical first year.

silver egyptian mau cat relaxing on the couch
Image Credit: Sarah Fields Photography, Shutterstock

In adulthood, an Egyptian Mau will eat tiny meals numerous times throughout the day, so you can typically free-feed them. Cats should always have fresh water available. Maintaining adequate activity is critical to burn calories and stave off boredom that might cause your cat to overeat.

Egyptian Maus thrive with plenty of enrichment activities, including challenging cat trees to test their leaping and puzzle toys to keep their minds sharp.

How to Measure Your Egyptian Mau

Measuring your cat’s weight and height can be beneficial during vet visits and at home to ensure your cat is growing at an appropriate rate. Accurate reporting will allow your vet to gain more insight into potential health or behavioral problems. If you notice excessive or inadequate weight gain, you can immediately adjust your cat’s diet.

The essential measurements for your cat are height, length, and weight. A cat’s height measures from the floor to the bottom of the neck, while the length extends from the nose to the base of the tail. You can use a fabric tape measure to get the measurements.

The best way to get a cat’s weight is to measure them in a carrier. Set a cat carrier, cardboard box, or paper bag on the scale and zero it out. Then, put your cat in the holder for easy weighing. Weighing your cat once every 1–2 weeks will help you better understand your cat’s standard size and identify early health problems, formulate weight-loss plans, and monitor the effect of new diets.

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Healthy Egyptian Maus will reach their full size in about a year and fill their weight out shortly after. When your Egyptian Mau is grown, expect them to weigh at least 8 pounds and measure roughly 10 inches to the shoulder. But every cat is unique, and you may find your cat is perfectly healthy at an unexpectedly large size.

By monitoring your cat’s growth and working with your vet, you’ll ensure your Egyptian Mau reaches their fullest potential.

Featured Image Credit: MDavidova, Shutterstock

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