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10 Cats With Folded or Curled Ears (With Pictures)

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on June 21, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Scottish fold kitten on wooden table

10 Cats With Folded or Curled Ears (With Pictures)

You might not have ever thought about a cat’s ears before, but take a close look, and you’ll see that the majority of felines have straight, pointy ears. However, not all kitties have these; some have folded or curled ears! Probably the most well-known cat breed with non-straight ears is the Scottish Fold, but there are a handful of others.

You’re likely at least passingly familiar with a few of these cats, but a couple on this list may be new to you! Keep reading to learn more about these felines with folded ears and cats with curled ears!

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The 5 Cats with Folded Ears

First up are our cats with folded ears. We have four breeds for you to check out below, so take a look!

1.  Scottish Fold

grey scottish fold sleeping
Image Credit: xiruwin, Pixabay
Height 7–10 inches
Weight 6–13 pounds
Lifespan 11–15 years

The Scottish Fold is probably the most well-known feline with folded ears, though they’re a rarer breed. The reason this breed’s ears are folded over is due to a genetic mutation, but there’s no doubt their ears give them an utterly adorable look!

The Scottish Fold also has a wonderful temperament that makes it an excellent pet. These kitties are friendly, cuddly, and playful—pretty much everything you’d want from a cat! They’re also quite smart, so they need plenty of mental stimulation to ensure they’re entertained. They don’t enjoy being left on their own for long periods, either, so having a person or other animal to stay with them while you’re away is a must.

2. Foldex Cat

young foldex cat in white background
Image Credit: Eric Isselee, Shutterstock
Height 8–12 inches
Weight 6–14 pounds
Lifespan 12–15 years

Now, here’s a cat you might not have heard of—the Foldex Cat! Also known as the Exotic Fold, this breed has only been around since the mid-1990s and was created by combining the Exotic Shorthair and the Scottish Fold. The result is an incredibly cute teddy bear-looking feline with folded ears. The Foldex Cat is much more active than their Scottish Fold parent and loves to play.

They also love receiving attention from their favorite people, so be prepared to dote on this feline. Super friendly and inquisitive, these kitties can have a stubborn streak, so they can get a bit mischievous at times!

3. Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat

Adorable chubby white and silver scottish fold munchkin
Image Credit: Kellee Kovalsky, Shutterstock
Height 7–10 inches
Weight 4–9 pounds
Lifespan 11–15 years

You’ve probably seen photos of the Munchkin Cat before; these felines have a genetic mutation that gives them short, stubby legs similar to a Dachshund’s. While the regular Munchkin Cat has straight ears, the Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat breed has the folded ears of their Scottish Fold parent. The result is a tiny, sweet-looking kitty that’s cute as can be.

This designer breed first showed up in the early 1990s and quickly became a hit, which isn’t a surprise; between their adorable looks and sweet, sociable natures, these cats are an excellent addition to the home. The breed inherits personality traits from both parent breeds, making it athletic, intelligent, a little stubborn, and prone to separation anxiety.

4. Ukrainian Levkoy

ukrainian levkoy cat
Image Credit: Nickolas Titkov, Flickr
Height 9–11 inches
Weight 8–12 pounds
Lifespan 15–20 years

Many hairless cat breeds have large, bat-wing-like ears, but not the Ukrainian Levkoy! This breed has folded ears that make them look entirely unique. This rare breed is a cross between the Scottish Fold and the Donskoy and, as the name suggests, hails from Ukraine. If you can manage to get your hands on one of these kitties, though, you’ll have a smart, endlessly curious feline on your hands (so expect some mischief here and there as they explore their surroundings!).

Like most hairless cats, the Ukrainian Levkoy is also highly affectionate, so you can expect plenty of snuggles.

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The 5 Cats with Curled Ears

Then, we have our feline friends with curled ears. These cats are all cute as can be, and while you may be familiar with a few, you might not know all the kitties on this list!

5. American Curl

American Curl cat on lilac background
Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock
Height 18–20 inches
Weight 5–12 pounds
Lifespan 12–16 years

The American Curl has curly ears that curl towards the back of the head due to a genetic mutation. Interestingly, these cats are born with regular ears, but when they’re roughly 10 days old, the ears start to curl back. The breed came about in the 1980s and has, since then, become wildly popular. Between their devilishly adorable looks and wonderful personalities, it’s easy to see why!

The American Curl is an active, playful breed that loves children and affection, making them a perfect family cat. These kitties will shadow you as you move around your home, so be prepared!

6. Dwelf

Dwelf Cat
Image Credit: Jenni Ferreira Shutterstock
Height 6–7 inches
Weight 4–9 pounds
Lifespan 12–15 years

This is a newer designer cat breed you may not be familiar with. The Dwelf is an itty-bitty breed that’s a cross between the Sphynx, American Curl, and Munchkin breeds. Even as adults, they stay small, so if you’re looking for a cat that remains more kitten-sized, this could be the breed for you. This breed is also one of the friendliest around; they adore being close to people and are friendly and intelligent, so they’re a great match for most homes.

However, the Dwelf isn’t fond of change, so keep that in mind before adopting one!

7. Elf Cat

elf cat
Image: Dan Kosmayer, Shutterstock
Height 9–12 inches
Weight 10–15 pounds
Lifespan 8–14 years

The Elf Cat isn’t named for their size but rather how they resemble an elf in looks; in fact, they look a lot like Dobby from Harry Potter! As a mix between the Sphynx and the American Curl, these unique-looking kitties are either semi-hairless or hairless. That hairless status means these felines need special care, though, as they can’t handle extreme temperatures and are more likely to get cuts than other breeds because of the delicacy of their skin.

Temperament-wise, the Elf Cat is incredibly friendly and loves nothing more than being surrounded by their families. They’re also relatively active and smart, so they can get into things they shouldn’t quite easily. They don’t enjoy being left on their own, though, so they’ll do better in homes with multiple pets or people who are home more often than not.

8. Highlander Cat

Highlander Cat
Highlander Cat (Image Credit: DigitalDirt. Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0)
Height 14–16 inches
Weight 15–20 pounds
Lifespan 7–15 years

The Highlander breed is a large one, so they can seem a bit intimidating, but these kitties are all positivity and good vibes all the time. A cross between the Jungle Curl and the Desert Lynx, these curly-eared cats are really nothing more than big babies. They love the attention of their families and are incredibly affectionate, so expect plenty of cuddles!

The breed is also active and has a fascination with water, so don’t be surprised if you find yours in the sink trying to turn the faucets on. Bonus? This feline breed makes for exceptionally good mousers, so if you have a mice problem in your home, it should be taken care of in no time.

9. Jungle Curl

African Jungle Cat
Image Credit: thsulemani, Shutterstock
Height 14–25 inches
Weight 8–25 pounds
Lifespan 12–15 years

We mentioned that the Highlander has the Jungle Curl as a parent breed, so here’s more about these felines. The Jungle Curl is also a hybrid breed made up of the American Curl and the African Jungle Cat. That jungle cat parent gives this feline a wild look that’s tempered by the cute curly ears. This breed is definitely a rare one, as they’re a challenge to breed, so chances are you might not be able to get your hands on one.

If you do find one, you’ll enjoy this kitty’s affectionate, friendly nature. However, you’ll also find that this is one cat that’s kept many of their wilder instincts, so they can be a handful at times. You’ll find these curious felines in absolutely everything!

10. Kinkalow

Kinkalow cat sitting on a pillow
Image Credit: Kinkalow2.jpgKirimiti, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Height 7–8 inches
Weight 3–7 pounds
Lifespan 12–15 years

Finally, we have the Kinkalow, another tiny feline with curly ears. These cats are a dwarf breed, so they have short legs; combined with the curly ears, it’s an adorable look. The Kinkalow breed is extremely rare, so you might not have heard of them before (and you likely won’t be able to locate one). They make wonderful pets, though.

These kitties are intelligent enough to be trained to do tricks. They’re also playful, curious, and want to be involved in everything. That doesn’t mean they’re Velcro kitties, though. The Kinkalow is fairly independent despite their tendency to want to be involved.

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While most felines look similar when it comes to things like ears, there are some cat breeds that stand out for their unique looks. These ten cats with folded or curled ears are all extremely adorable and make excellent pets. Some are rarer than others, so they may be difficult to find, but other breeds with folded or curled ears are quite popular and simpler to locate.

Any of them would make a fabulous addition to your life, though!

Featured Image Credit: dien, Shutterstock

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