Is Your Cat Meowing Too Much? Here’s What You Can Do


Did you know that cats don’t meow to one another past kittenhood? Once they are fully grown, cats will only meow to us, which is very special indeed.

One of my cats, Miss Pinky, and I have long conversations, and she even answers my questions. “Do you love me Pinky? Are you hungry? Are you a good girl?”

“Meow,” she replies, with an occasional trill or a head shake “no.” Amazingly she says “no” at appropriate times, too. Sometimes we go back and forth discussing things for quite a while. Miss Pinky is quite the conversationalist.

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When it’s too much

But what if your kitty just meows way too much? Is that even possible? If your cat is non-stop meowing to you, it’s not only annoying (especially at 2 a.m.!), but it may also be indicative of a problem. Or, it could be that you just have an extraordinarily chatty cat.

Here are 7 reasons behind kitty’s meow, meow, meow:

He’s a vocal breed: Some cat breeds are naturally more vocal than others. For example, Siamese and Persian cats tend to talk quite a bit, whereas breeds like Maine Coons and Ragdolls are quieter.

He’s hungry: Dinnertime is approaching, and you’re still at the computer, and your cat is panicking. “Will my hooman ever feed me?!” Of course he will meow as you fix his plate, but dinner will indeed stop the meowing.

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too much meow
Photo: GlobalP | Getty Image

There are outside distractions: Your cat may see other cats and animals lurking around outside, and he wants to investigate. If there are birds, your cat may be feeling the urge to hunt and meowing out of excitement and frustration. You can either close the blinds or let him enjoy the activities through the window.

Your cat isn’t fixed: If your cat is not spayed or neutered, you may well hear a lot of caterwauling at night. Unaltered male cats will do anything they can to get outside to mate. Female cats will be noisy when in heat to attract a male’s attention. Spaying and neutering puts an end to your cat’s midnight booty calls.

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Another cat is trapped: Sometimes I shut a door to a room, not knowing a cat has followed me inside. My other kitties are quick to tell me, with much meowing, that the other cat is trapped. Trust your cat if he is lurking outside of a door and crying; chances are there is someone on the other side.

He’s about to throw up: Many cats begin to wail when they don’t feel well and are about to throw up. If you’re lucky, you can move your cat to a more cleanable surface before he does his thing. (Because as you know, cats really prefer to throw up on the white carpeting!)

He’s bored or full of energy: If your cat does not get enough exercise during the day or has few toys to keep him occupied while he is home alone, he’s going to look to you for some playtime action. Meowing is his way of letting you know that it’s time for play! It also could be that he just wants some loving attention. In that case, cuddle up with a soft blanket and binge watch some Netflix together.

If meowing a lot is a new behavior, have your cat looked at by your veterinarian, who can tell you if he has health issues that might be causing his excessive vocalization. Also, as our cats age, they tend to meow to us more. Especially if they start losing their hearing or become senile, your cat may meow a lot, and loudly, to self-soothe.

Whatever the reason for your cat’s constant meowing, pay attention to what’s going on in his world. This is the key to understanding his meow motivations. As long as he is happy and healthy, just enjoy the chats with your cat. You two may just find a way to solve the world’s problems. I know

Pinky and I have!

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8 thoughts on “Is Your Cat Meowing Too Much? Here’s What You Can Do”

  1. YES! It is ALWAYS the right thing to spay/neuter your cat because it’s completely irresponsible NOT to! It’s the ONLY way to curb the cat overpopulation crisis. ANY “vet” whose says otherwise should go into another line of work because they have NO BUSINESS calling themselves a vet!

  2. One of my cats went deaf about 6 years ago and out of the blue meows at a screams volume when walking around the neighborhood. I think they are meows of sadness for being deaf and to check if anyone can hear his screams. I usually pick him up and rub & console him. He does it less nowadays. I think its due to sadness.

  3. One of our cats Lila,who is now at Rainbow Bridge alerted us to a water leak that was pouring into the living room. She saved a lot of damage.

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