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Karl Lagerfeld's Precious Kitty, Choupette, Is Everywhere!

Karl Lagerfeld speaks with Harper's Bazaar about the luxurious life of Choupette.

 |  Aug 21st 2012  |   2 Contributions

We can't seem to get enough of Karl Lagerfeld's precious princess kitty, Choupette -- and neither can the fashion icon! Ever since adopting sweet Choupette, the cat is all Karl can talk about. He gushes about the kitten at every opportunity, and who could blame him? Choupette is simply a doll to behold.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Karl revealed more about the life of the "famous beauty." In addition to owning her very own iPad, Choupette receives the very best medical attention. When she fell ill one night, the vet was immediately notified and rushed out to Karl's home to attend to the kitten (don't worry, Choupette is on the mend). But even a vet who makes house calls was apparently shocked by the amount of caretakers Choupette has (Choupette has two maids of her own, and even the driver helps look after her). What's shocking to Karl, however, is Choupette's quickly rising fame, though he claims she isn't aware of it.

Karl is obviously inspired by Choupette!

Choupette peeks out of a classic Chanel chain bag.

When asked whether Choupette has developed an attitude, Karl replied that she has "an attitude like a princess" -- naturally. And just like a princess, Choupette eats out of dishes by Goyard (yeah, we don't know what that means either), and is served croquette and pâté. She is brushed twice a day (a coat as luxurious as Choupette's needs lots of attention), but she does not like perfume! No, not even Chanel No. 5!

Via Harper's Bazaar, photos by Karl Lagerfeld


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