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Catster Obsessions: MIYA Cat Eye Plates and Mugs

The prettiest mugs don't need to get left on the shelf!

Holly Tse  |  Dec 12th 2012

If you’ve ever had the feline that your cat is watching your every move, then you’ll feel pawsitively at home with MIYA’s adorable cat-eye plates and mugs. They feature cute little kitties peeking out at you.

Made in Japan, these collectible plates are the purrfect indulgence for yourself or the cat lover in your life. It’s fun to guess what each cat might be thinking.

"Wake up. It’s time to feed me breakfast."

"Who me? I’m so cute and innocent."

"I’m ready to play now!"

And if you can’t decide which kitty is your favorite, you can also get your paws on MIYA’s cat mugs.

Available in black or white, the mugs showcase even more cat expressions, including the most common cat visage, the napping cat.