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5 Creative Solutions to Your Litter Box Problem

Sometimes you have to reinvent the wheel -- if the wheel is a plastic tub filled with poop. Here are five nice attempts.

 |  Aug 3rd 2012  |   10 Contributions

Unless you've taken the time to toilet-train your cat, the litter box is a necessary evil when sharing your home with a cat. It's both one of the coolest and one of the crummiest aspects of kitty companionship. On the one paw, there are are no midnight walks in the rain so your feline friend can relieve herself. And if the ick factor of picking up poop with your hand (through a plastic bag, of course) is too much, you've got the foot or so of pooper scooper handle to separate you from the dirty deeds. But yeah, then you've got a box of poop in your house. So what are you going to do?

Here are five creative solutions to the litter box problem that make your kitty's toilet less of a household eyesore. They include decorative, sleek and modern, totally disposable, and humorous. (It's a box of poop, why not have a laugh at it?) And some of them look like spaceships! (We certainly wish the poop would somehow magically disappear into a parallel universe.)

All right, now this litter box/planter from Good Pet Stuff is a good idea.

The Booda Clean Step Litter Box makes sense, looks good, and allows your kitty a fabulous stairway entrance and and exit (which also helps trap litter on the way out!).

Modern Cat Designs swears this is a litter box. We are not sure how, but we are definitely intrigued.

Not exactly sustainable, but ideal for special circumstances, the KatPak litter box is disposable and biodegradable.

The Litter House wins for best sense of humor!

Do you use any of these? We know cats can be notoriously finicky about their quarters, so they might find some of these boxes downright intimidating! How many of you opt for the traditional litter pan?

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