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52–55 Weeks: What to Expect From Your Kitten

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What to Expect From the Next Few Years of Your Cat's Life

Like humans, cats continue growing and changing throughout their lives. Here are some things you can expect as your cat reaches her social maturity, which happens around 2 years of age:

  • As your cat goes through her adolescence and comes into her adult personality, you may notice some behavior changes. A kitten that was cuddly may become more aloof, or a kitten that formerly wanted to spend more time in her cat tree than on your lap may become your snuggle-buddy. This is perfectly normal and this behavior can continue to shift as your cat matures into her full adult personality.

  • Although your cat is largely finished growing by one year of age, she will gradually fill out as she creeps up on two or three years of age. At no point, however, should your cat become obese. If she begins to look as though she swallowed a football, talk to your vet about a diet and nutrition plan that more appropriately meets her caloric requirements.

  • If you have more than one cat, you may see changes in the social hierarchy. The balance of power can shift over time due to growth, illness in one cat, or even how each cat handles various stressors. Don't be surprised if you see occasional growling and hissing matches, swats, or even chase scenes and wrestling. Do be prepared to intervene if the fur starts to fly, though.

  • You may start seeing some changes in your cat's fur color. If you have a dark-furred cat, you may see a few white hairs here and there. The dark areas of a Siamese cat's fur can expand as she ages or gains weight.

These changes come on gradually as your cat matures. If your cat has any sudden behavior changes, though, consult your vet as these may be signs of illness or injury.

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