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I Went Fur SIX Pawsome Strolls, today!

October 22nd 2009 3:26 pm
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Yup... you heard correctly! I went fur 6 strolls today and it was so pawsome, not to mention the beautiful weather (not too hot nor too cold). Just purr-fect. Jaspurr decided that he wanted to be the first to go strolling so mom placed him in and then I wanted to go so she put me in there with him. Believe it or not, Jaspurr never had a cat-tiude during the entire stroll until it was time fur the next kitty to go. He made a snort noise along with a growl as mom took him out. As fur me, I was NOT budging. As soon as the stroller pulled up to the front door, I laid down and that was that! Mom laughed and then put Snowmitts in with me. This was so cool because I was getting more than one stroll. Then it came to be Aspen's turn and of course, I still wasn't moving from the AT3 so I gave mom a cute look with my big golden eyes and I knew right then that I melted her heart. Snowmitts was next, followed by Cannoli, Biscotti & Monte and yup, along with you know who in each stroll. isn't it cool that I got to stroll with each of my siblings *giggles* and plan on doing it again! Mom strolled only 2 of us at once as she wanted us to have room to move around if we chose to. We even got treaties during our outdoor adventure... Hummmm, I wonder if the others noticed that I got extra rides today? I bet Jaspurr was jealous but oh well, he'll get over it.

Thanks meowmy fur making our afternoon so much fun and fur being such a pawsome mom *blows kisses*



Kashmere Celebrates Her 6th Month Annifursary In Heaven!

October 21st 2009 10:10 pm
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I would like to take this special moment to let everyone know that today marks the 6th month Annifursary since our beloved sister, KASHMERE* made her journey into Heaven. I didn't know Kashmere but I have heard that she was such a wonderful sister & daughter. As most of you may know, meowmy and daddy adopted me In Loving Memory Of Kashmere so that makes me a really special kitty. We know that this is what Kashmere would have wanted especially being a shelter kitty herself. Mom has a candle lit to let her know that we're thinking of her and love & miss her purrry much *wipes eyes* It has been a purrry difficult 6 months fur all of us but we know that she's in a wonderful place with her beloved brother, Angel Picasso. Mom always says that time may help heal the heart but it will never take away the pain that we endure when losing a pet, as they are a member of the family...

This morning, meowmy had to be in work at 7:30 am - 12:30, which is purry early fur her. Dad had to leave fur his work at 4:15 am so it was a bit too early to feed us breakfast at that time. Mom fed us as soon as she got up at 5:45 am. We also get dinner at 5:00 pm along with an evening snackie between 10:00-10:30 pm. This isn't to mention that 3 bowls of dry is also out fur us to eat at all times.

Well, first of all, I would like to meow how beautiful the weather was today, especially fur being the month of October. Before mom left fur work, she opened the windows, knowing that it would be getting warmer. As soon as she came home, there we were, hogging the windows and enjoying the fresh springlike weather... We heard mom talking was she was coming into the home, but we had no idea to who she was conversing with??? OMC... you'll never believe who she was talking to *giggles* Are you ready fur this one? Mom was actually talking to the ladybugs that were sitting on the glass Storm Door. The sudden weather change brought out so many cute little ladybuggies and mom just loves those as well as purrty butterflies. I wonder if the ladybugs answered her back *shakes head* She hopes to see them again, tomorrow...

Tomorrow is mom's off day so she'll be spending the day doing laundry, cleaning the hardwood floors and of course, taking us out fur a stroll except fur Cocoa since he hates the stroller with a passion!

Have a wonderful week my dear furiends and be sure to enjoy this pawsome weather while it lasts. Not sure when it will be getting colder again but we do know that it's suppose to last all week long, Mom may even take her car to get a bubble bath at the car wash, tomorrow!

Sending a warm thank you to Catster fur the cool dancing Halloween Skull giftie!



Auntie Sam & Unkie Dan Came To Visit With Us Today!

October 17th 2009 8:09 pm
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This morning, meowmy got up early because Auntie Sam & Unkie Dan (*BOOGERS & CO'S* pawrents) would be arriving by 9:00 am. The weather was miserable with cold rain which it's been like this fur days now.

Well, at exactly 9:00 am, Auntie & Unkie arrived and mom was so excited to see them. Unfortunately, daddy was called into work last minute but was home by 3:00 pm. Meowmy made Melita Hazelnut Cream Coffee and then Auntie and mom exchanged pawkages. There was a blue bag which consisted of gifties fur us and fur meowmy so now let me tell you all about those. We received Temptation Treats, Cat Dancer toy, PetStages (feather buddy), WhiskersCity (blue kitty face feeding dish), Carpet Clawz hanging catnip scratcher, and 1 can of Proplan (salmon) and 1 can Of FF Medleys (shredded white meat). Mom received a beautiful keyring by Little Gifts which has 5 cute hanging charms on it starting with a cat (looks like Boogers), "I Love Cats", milk bottle, fish bones & paw print. Mom will be keeping it fur her special keepsake. We love all of our pawsome pressies and thank Auntie & Unkie from the bottom of our hearts.

Now back to our fun and exciting afternoon. Mom, Auntie & Unkie spent the day chatting and playing with all of us until daddy came home from work. I was hiding most of the day and a few times, Monte became purrry jealous with Cocoa because he wanted her all to himself so he became possessive and swatted at Cocoa with a nasty hiss. Of course, mom had a little talk with him but that didn't help because he did it again not long after that. I will be more sociable the next time I see my Auntie & Unkie...

Daddy came home by 3:00 pm, took a shower and treated everyone to a late lunch at Tony Lukes. Even Unkie Dennis stopped by to join us. Mom, daddy & Auntie had Roast beef sandwiches, Unkie Dan had Chicken Parmesan and Unkie Dennis had Roast Pork and everything was delicious as always. After eating, everyone came back to the home except fur Dennis since he had already made plans. Auntie spent about another half hour playing with my siblings and then they had to head back home to Virginia *wipes eyes*

Auntie still has her eye on catnapping our Snowmitts but now I think Biscotti's on the list, too. She was impressed with how large Cannoli is and of course, how friendly Monte is. I also enjoyed her company just as we all did... Mom is planning on making a yummmy Turkey dinner in December and hopes to have Auntie, Unkie and Tiskers over fur the evening. Snowmitts would LOVE to see Tiskers again, especially since they look so much alike! As we all know, Auntie couldn't get enough of Snowmitts but are we surprised?!?! Unkie Dan was tired from the drive so he took little naps throughout the day while settled on our comfy chair, waiting fur daddy *giggles*

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend... As fur here in New Jersey, the weather isn't too enjoyable. Thanks again Auntie & Unkie fur everything but especially fur spending the day with us. Oh, I furgot to mention that mom showed Auntie The Urns of Picasso & Kashmere and Auntie thought they were so beautiful, especially with the keepsake mousies and locks of fur inside next to their cloth wrapped ashes.

By the way, this is the purrry first time that my Auntie & Unkie got to meet me and wow, I'm so honored to be such an important part of their life *blows kisses*



Meowmy & Daddy Are Back From Las Vegas!

September 28th 2009 7:31 am
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First of all, we would like to send a BIG catgrats to our wonderful brother, Cocoa who is today's Daily Diary pick! My siblings and I didn't get a chance to update our Diaries after meowmy and daddy arrived back home from their Las Vegas vacation this past Saturday morning. She slept most of the day after unpacking and putting things back in their place. Mom had to work on Sunday which she didn't want to but it was only fur 4 hours (4 hours too long fur her) *giggles* I do know that they had a wonderful time but certainly missed us. As fur winning... no such luck but who knows... maybe next time??? Our Auntie Patti (mom's dear furiend) and Auntie Lill (mom's sister) took pawsome care of us and made sure that we were all doing just fine.

Actually, mom is up earlier than she really wanted to be as dad decided to get an early start as he has some errands to run (off today) so he decided to get the Halloween decorations from the attic fur meowmy so that she could Halloween decorate later this morning. She will also be making a yummmy Spiral Ham fur dinner this evening which we love fur a treat!



Auntie Lill Stopped By While Auntie Patti Was At The- Doctors!

September 22nd 2009 7:56 pm
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As most of you may know, our pawrents are vacationing in Las Vegas this week and our Auntie Patti has been watching us and always does a great job. Well, today she had to receive a meanie needle in her back (preventing her from doing anything afterward) she was unable to stop by. She will be back again tomorrow and fur the remainder during mom & dad's trip. Well, since Auntie Patti couldn't stop, our Auntie Lillian (mom's sister) came over to take care of us. She spent some time with us, did our boxes, fed us, changed our water dispenser because there were toys floating and even took pictures to send to mom. Some of us were a little shy at first since this is Auntie Lill's first time stopping by to care fur us but we did just fine after a little while and enjoyed her visit. By the way, Jaspurr gave Auntie a Jasper-tude while he was laying on the counter and even let out a few hisses. Hummm... he must be upset that meowmy and daddy are away. Auntie Lill and meowmy just laughed about it, knowing how Jaspurr thinks he's the king anyway *giggles* By the way, this is the first time that Auntie Lill has met me and she thought that I was super cute but then again, I am!

Thanks again Auntie Patti and Auntie Lill fur taking care of us.. Tomorrow, Auntie Patti and her mom will be stopping by after her mom's doctor appointment in the morning...

Love and miss you meowmy and daddy *blows kisses*



Meowmy And Daddy Are Vacationing In Fabulous Las Vegas!

September 21st 2009 2:05 pm
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Meowmy and daddy are presently in Las Vegas having a great time. of course we miss them but at the same time, we want fur them to have a pawsome time on their vacation. The weather has been really nice here as well as in Vegas and we have my pawsome auntie Patti watching us while our pawrents are away and this is my first time that Auntie Patti is watching me. She has to get a needle in her back tomorrow so instead of her sopping by to care fur us, our auntie Lillian (mom's sister) will be stopping over. Auntie Lillian use to watch Picasso when mom & dad went away and he always had one of his siblings with him (Snowmitts, Aspen or Biscotti). Auntie Lill had a kitty who passed away from Cardiomyopathy so she knew what to look fur, not to mention that Picasso needed to be watched closely. Auntie always did a wonderful job with him. Mom chose to have one of his siblings go with him to aunt Lill's so that he wouldn't feel alone. although auntie does have 4 kitty cats of her own. It was easier to have him stay with her since she could watch him more closely since he'd be staying there.

Our pawrents haven't been too lucky yet, but hey, it's vacation and they're still having a great time. They won't allow losing ruin their trip. Never have and never will.

We miss you meowmy and daddy but know that we're in good hands with our aunties and we'll see you soon. Have a fun time and know how much we LOVE you *blows kisses*



I Am Now Offically 6 Months Of Age!

September 14th 2009 10:31 am
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Holy kittens and caboodles.... can you believe that I'm already 6 months of age as of yesterday, September 13th? It feels like only yesterday when meowmy and daddy adopted me home from the Shelter at the purrry young age of only 8 weeks and now I'm growing into such a handsom and fluffy big boy *giggles* I have met so many new and special furiends here on Catsterland and each of you means the world to me. I do know that I'm blessed to have such a beautiful family who loves and spoils me as well as having all of you fur my furiends.

Happy Fall to all and thanks again fur being the bestest furiends ever *blows kisses*



I'm A Catster Daily Diary Pick Today!

September 11th 2009 9:04 pm
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This morning it was raining like cats and dogs, although I have never seen any fall from the sky *scratches head* Mom had to work this morning not to mention that she has another eye infection which is in her left eye (purrry painful).

On behalf of my family and me, we would like to take this moment in silence to remember all of those innocent people who who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks on September 11, 2001. This will always be a purrry sad day fur all of us and will keep the family of those victims in our thoughts and purrayers.

I would like to thank auntie Hazel Lucy & Buddie "ILM" fur their p-mails and a special thanks to the following kitties who helped me to celebrate my special day with their beautiful rosettes... As soon as I get a chance, I will thank each of you purrsonally but fur now, I would like to do so in my Diary.

Rosettes: Hondo & Fam (watermelon), Tate & Fam (steak), Karisma & Fam (blue ribbon), Angel Sam & Fam (steak), Muppet & Fam (pirate flag) and Mikey & Fam (steak) and Mercy & Fam (catnip drink).



Fall Is Now Approaching!

September 8th 2009 6:03 pm
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Before we know it, Fall will be here and that means that the windows will be open a lot more... We just love the fresh air coming in and that also means a lot more strolls to look forward to...

Mom was off the past few days and just spent her time relaxing and decorating our Fall Catster pages. She and daddy did go to the Borgata Casino on Monday fur dinner but only stayed fur a few hours, as it was soooo busy. Mom's next day off is this coming Thursday so she and her sister "auntie Lill" will be going out to dinner. In a few weeks, meowmy and daddy will starting their vacations which they can't wait.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful summer this year and now we have the beautiful Autumn season just around the corner. By the way, this is my first Fall and guess what... on September 13th, I'll be 6 months old *chases fluffy tail* I'm a purry lucky little boy to have such a great family who loves me so much!



Holy kittens... It's Already September!

September 2nd 2009 8:58 am
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Can you believe that it's already September? The weather has been cooler these past few days and mom has been keeping the windows open. Wow, there's nothing like sitting in a window looking out at the other side, including chirping birdies MOL! I do know that my Ragdolls will be going fur long strolls this week as well as you know who, ME ME ME! As fur Cocoa, I think he'll pass as he's NOT a fan of that pawsome contraption called a "stroller"! Actually, I find it to be really cool it check out the outdoor sights.

Mom is now off until Sunday and hopefully, for Labor Day. Before we know it the summer will be gone and the fall will be arriving. Doesn't sound bad at all huh! Of course our meowmy loves the summer but at least in the Fall she will have the windows open and fur us to enjoy as well. Did I mention how purrty it looks when the trees are changing colors? Mom likes to make homemade apple & pumpkin pies (from scratch) in the fall and it smells super yummy baking in the oven.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and look forward to a beautiful fall. It won't be too long before we have to change our Catster pages again but we still have a little time left before doing that.

So far, my chin has been healing slowly but that's expected from what the doc said. Unfortunately, I did scratch it a few times after my Vet appointment but my pawrents have been keeping a close eye and making sure that I continue to keep the special cream on without trying to lick it off. Looking better with each passing day. By the way, I will be turning 6 months old in less than 2 weeks and boy I'm growing like a wild flower, not that I have ever seen those before.


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