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Gifties From Chloe (Picasso's girl) & Family!

January 22nd 2010 10:17 pm
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Today when mom opened the front door, there was a pawkage addressed to my son, Angel Picasso as well as to meowmy. The envelope was so adorable with teddy bears all over it and it was from Angel Picasso's girl *CHLOE & FAMILY* I know that Picasso was watching from Heaven as mom helped us open it. Now let me tell you all about what was enclosed:

There was a really pawsome penguin glove with pom poms on the fingertips and he's even wearing a Santa hat. We got such a kick out of this one. There were also several gifties wrapped in tissue and we couldn't wait to see what they were. First mom opened a beautiful card which had a lovely message written by Chloe's meowmy. There was a pawkage of delicious Whisker Lickin's (tuna) treats, a blue catnip 9-Lives fuzzy snowflake, Go Cat Go suction cup ball toy and 7 mousies (purple, 2-beige, gray, green, pink & blue). There were also lovely pressies fur my meowmy which touched her deeply. She received 2 cute Catmas Tree ornaments (2 orange kitty cats popping out of a red mitten and it reads "I Love My Cat." The other ornament is a Petsmart exclusive and it's of a pretty kitty that looks just like me with pink ribbon and an acrylic hanging teardrop.

Thanks so much Chloe & family fur making our day brighter and fur being so kind and thoughtful... Please know that we're keeping you in our purrrs & purrayers and that Angel Picasso is watching over you everyday.



We Will Soon Be Celebrating The New Year 2010!

December 31st 2009 2:13 pm
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First of all, we would like to wish all of our wonderful furiends and their families a purrry happy New Year's Eve and upcoming New New Year! This is my first New year and wow, how exciting that is... It has been a joyful 2009 as well as a sad one. My family lost their beloved Kashmere on April 21st, 09 due to a clot which traveled to her brain. This was a devastating time fur our family and always will be. I didn;t know Kashmere but I do not that she was a special girl who was loved by everyone and always will be. We also lost several special furiends here on Catserland and our thoughts go out to their families *wipes eyes* This has also a joyous year as I was adopted from the same Shelter that Angel Kashmere was adopted from a little over 8 years ago. Actually, I was adopted In Loving Memory of Kashmere and that's such an honor fur me. There will always be some sadness throughout a New Year but there will also be joyous moments. The important thing is that we keep wonderful memories in our hearts throughout the year as well as keep the faith and the strength that God has given us...

Meowmy and daddy will be going out to dinner this evening to the Casino's elegant Steakhouse which should be lots of fun fur them. They won't be home in time fur 12:00 am but they will certainly give us a call, wishing us a Happy New Year. Daddy arrived home about 2 hours ago and we are all so happy to see him. Unfortunately, he will be returning back to Virginia on Sunday (work) but at least we have some time to spend with him.

We would also like to welcome Snowflake back home to his family (mom's sister's kitty). He was purrrry ill and was staying at the University Of Penn fur about a week. His biopsy came back negative fur cancer and he's resting comfortably with his meowmy and siblings. It will take time before he feels 100% better but with lots of love and purrrs, he will get there. Thanks again fur all of you who have been purraying fur our cousin, Snowflake.

Sending a warm thanks to Ashlye Delicious & Family fur the cute New Year snowman & hot cocoa and fur sending all of us a purrty New Year's e-card *blows kisses*



Merry Catmas To All!

December 26th 2009 6:46 pm
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First of all, we would like to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season... Yesterday was a busy day fur meowmy so she didn't get a chance to jump onto Catster as she was cooking a Turkey dinner. We had a pawsome holiday and received some fun things from Santa Paws. We got a crinkle bag toy (same one as the ones sent to the girlfriends), Boogie Mat, 2 containers of Kitty Kaviar, large bag of dry food (Indoor Formula) and of course, several toys. Mom is also getting us a scratching post. By the way, this was also my first Catmas with my family... Actually, it was my purrry Catmas!

Several days ago, we also received a wonderful pawkage of goodies from our furiends, *HOOCH & FAMILY* Inside of the pawkage were 2 more pawkages wrapped in gift wrap so that meant that mom had to help us open it. Since mom had such a busy week, we didn't get a chance to do the diaries until now. OK, let me tell you about the wonderful things we received: Active Cat yarn balls (tan & green), Flicker Ball light toy, 2 catnip mousies (yellow/black & orange/yellow) and 2 pawsome Kirby sticks (orange/pink & brown/yellow). That wasn't all... mom also received a beautiful handmade steering wheel cover with kitty cat designs. This will be great fur the hot summer months, especially having leather interior. She also got a really purrty jar charm fur her Yankee Candles. This was so thoughtful of Hooch, auntie Jo Ann and family and thanks fur making our Catmas extra special. So sorry that we didn't post sooner but we did call auntie to thank her fur everything. I think every human is behind with doing things when the Holidays arrive. At least that's what mom says.

Daddy will be home on New Year's Eve and had previously asked mom what she wanted fur Catmas. She decided on either an IS Zoom Lens 18-200 fur her Canon DSLR or a Canon HF-S10 High Def Memory Flash Camcorder. As soon as he gets home, they'll take a look this weekend. She's still undecided but has several more days to make her decision. Unfortunately, daddy has to go back to Va on Sunday which we're not happy but understand that;s part of the job. Dad will also be helping mom take down that Catmas decoration this weekend *wipes eyes* We LOVE to lay under the tree but oh, there's always next year *starts counting the days*

Wishing you a purry Happy & Blessed New Year!



Snow, Snow And More Snow!

December 19th 2009 3:45 pm
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Purrry early in the weee morning, it began snowing. Mom had gotten up just to take a peak when it began. When she woke up at 7:30 am, the snow was coming down steadily and quite deep. She decided to call work to let them that she would not be in as it's not worth driving in this bad weather. As fur my siblings and me, we were just sitting by the window, checking out the purrty flakes fall and I was quite intrigued as I've never seen snow before *giggles* They're calling fur continuous snow up until sometime tomorrow. Thankfully, meowmy is off and will be spending the day with us. now that's what I call "quality time!"

So far, we have received so many beautiful Catmas cards from my pawrents friends/family as well as our wonderful Catster furiends... Sending a warm thanks to the following Catster families fur thinking of us during this Christmas Holiday:

Bitta & Fam, Samoa & Fam, Boogers & Fam, Hooch & Fam (photo card), Pampered Pets, Margo & Fam (photo enclosed), Angel Sammie & Fam (photo enclosed), Angel Amelia & Fam, Chloe & Fam, Scaredy & Fam (photo card) & Murphy & Fam.

Now I think I'll jump back into the window and enjoy the snowfall and believe me, there's a lot to watch! If we do receive more cards, we'll add to the list of thanks...



We Received Catmas Pressies From Boogers & Family!

December 11th 2009 6:47 pm
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Today, meowmy had to work and just got home not too long ago. She checked the mailbox and then after coming in, checked the front door which is a habit, just in case... Well, we received some mail as well as a pawkage from *BOOGERS & FAMILY. Since mom is off on Sunday, she'll take pictures and the lighting will be better fur photo taking. Unfortunately, she does have to work tomorrow and by the time she gets home, it will be dark so she'll be taking photos on her next day off which will be on Sunday. The weather fur Sunday is going to be a winter mix of snow & sleet so that means she'll be staying indoors. Thankfully, mom has already shopped fur Catmas pressies a few weeks ago fur my sibling's girlfriends...

Now let me tell you all about our pressies... After mom got home, she fed us and started water fur her spaghetti dinner. In the meantime, she helped us to open our pawkage which was in a red envelope. Holy kittens, there were so many cool things enclosed and here is what we received: Everything was inside of a cute white and burgundy stocking with 2 kitty cats on the front. First we opened an adorable Catmas card decorated in white glitter with little kitty popping out of a chimney. Mom got a beautiful Catmas Tree ornament from Auntie Sam with a photo of a cute kitten (bicolor) on the front with purrty pink ribbon going around the ornament with a hanging tear drop shaped acrylic crystal. Purchasing this pawticular ornament helps the homeless animals. Mom can't wait to hang it on her tree as she loves beautiful ornaments. We also got a pawkage of Party Mix treats, 3 catnip sticks (yellow, pink and white), catnip Santa knitted mousie with long legs, 2 mousies (white and green) and Smiths Rosebud Salve which is great fur mom's dry skin in the winter months. Her hands are always so chapped when it's cold so this will be such a nice treat.

Thanks again Boogers & Family fur making our Catmas so special and fur being our pawsome furiends throughout the year. We will be enclosing Boogers' Birthday pressies along with their Catmas pressies all in one large box. This way, everyone will receive everything at the same time. Mom will prepare fur shipping on Sunday. Actually, Santa and mom started our Catmas shopping before the humans *giggles*

We would also like to send a warm thanks to our dear furiends, Scaredy & Fam (The Franklin Bunch) fur their adorable Catmas card which has a photo of Scaredy on the front. Soooo cute!



Remembering Our Beloved Brother, Picassso

December 8th 2009 6:17 pm
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It has been one year today since Picasso crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. My family misses him dearly and we could still see mom crying when she kisses his urn, visits his Catser pages or just holds his photo in her arms. I was told that Picasso was such a good brother and it's not fair that he had to be taken from us at such a young age of 2. We will never understand why these things happen... only God knows but we do believe that one day, we'll get to be with our beloved brother, Picasso and beloved sister, Kashmere. I didn't know either one but I do know that they were purrry special! We are happy that we have Picasso's daddy, Monte Carlo which I was also told that Cassi sent him to us. Monte came home to live with my family on December 10, 2008 and has been such a joy and true blessing ever since. We also know that Picasso is watching over each of us as well as having a wonderful time meeting so many new furiends in Heaven. We love you Cassi and one day, we'll be together *wipes eyes* Not too long ago, meowmy lit a beautiful votive candle In Loving Memory Of Picasso...

Thanks again to all of you who were such an important part of Picasso's life and fur always being there fur my family... Your love and support mean the world to us and we're blessed to have such wonderful furiends like you in our lives.

We would like to send a warm thanks to Samoa & Family fur the adorable Catmas card which we received today. We also received a lovely photo card of Angel Calvin written with a beautiful message of thanks. It brought tears to mom's eyes. Last week we got a purrty Catmas card from our dear furiend, Margo & meowmy and there was even a cute photo of Margo "RKN" wearing her Catmas dress! Thanks Margo & auntie Laura Lynne!



Getting Ready To Celebrate Catmas!

December 1st 2009 4:33 pm
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Today is December 1st and this means that Santa Paws will be coming to visit with us in just 24 more days *chases tail* Mom spent most of the day a few days ago, dressing us, taking pictures and then getting those ready fur our pages. We finally uploaded the music today so now our pages are complete thanks to mom!

This Catmas, our daddy will be away on business but we'll get to chat with him on the phone when he calls on Catmas morning. He will also be coming home on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day and we can't wait. Miss you daddy *wipes eyes* This will also be a sad Catmas fur meowmy because she will not have our siblings, Angel Picasso & Angel Kashmere to celebrate with us. I didn't know them but I was told that they were and always will be purrry special! Picasso got his wings on December 8th, 2008 and Kashmere got her wings on April 21st, 2009 which was also Cocoa's 14th Birthday. Mom will be lighting a candle throughout the day on Catmas which will be placed by the Urns of Picasso and Kashmere. It is still very painful for mom when she goes to their pages and we could see her crying just moments ago while she was checking to make sure that their Catmas music was working as well as adding their past Santa photos. Mom is planning on making a nice Catmas dinner this year and we know that will be good fur her. This will also be a purrry special Holiday because we have a baby brother, Truffles who was adopted on May 13th, 2009 and this is his first Catmas as well... I was adopted by my family "in Loving Memory" of Kashmere.

Mom is making a Pot Roast in the crock pot fur dinner tonight and yummmmy, does that smell good. She also has the home decorated as well as the Catmas tree up which she did on November 27th (Black Friday). Daddy was home fur Thanksgiving so he got all of the decorations down from the attic. He even hung the purrty lights outside fur meowmy, but unfortunately, he had to head back to Norfolk Va that evening but don't you worry because meowmy and daddy talk many times a day. They do miss each other but there's nothing dad could do since it's part of his work.

Happy December to all and I hope you're getting ready Santa Paws and his Reindeer! We would also like to send a purrry warm thank you to our dear furiend, Margo and her Family fur the beautiful Catmas card and purrrty photo of her enclosed. That was so sweet and purrry thoughtful.

We would like to send a warm thanks to Samoa & Family fur the adorable Catmas card which we received today. We also received a lovely photo card of Angel Calvin written with a beautiful message of thanks. It brought tears to mom's eyes. Last week we got a purrty Catmas card from our dear furiend, Margo & meowmy and there was even a cute photo of Margo "RKN" wearing her Catmas dress! Thanks Margo & auntie Laura Lynne!



Wishing Everyone A Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving!

November 26th 2009 10:26 am
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Today is Thanksgiving and I would like to wish all of my beautiful furiends and their families a lovely Thanksgiving... Last night, daddy came home from Norfolk Va to take mom's decorations and tree out from the attic as well as hang the Catmas lights outside. He's leaving tonight to return back to Va for his job (tomorrow morning early) *wipes eyes* Unfortunately it doesn't look like daddy will be home fur Catmas but he does call mom several times daily to make sure that everything is ok. Looks like this job will be lasting until April but dad will be returning back home for New Year's Eve & New Year's Day since he won;t be home fur Catmas. There was nobody to replace him during that time so that;s why he has to work. Meowmy & daddy will be going to dad's sister's fur Thanksgiving dinner and then back home to spend tome together before dad leaves again. Mom will be looking forward to spending New Year's Eve with dad as they will be having a nice dinner at the Steakhouse at the Casino. She really wants him home fur Catmas but sometimes our pawrents can't control certain situations such as work.

We have so much to be thankful fur this Thanksgiving... We have wonderful pawrents who love us and take such great care of us. I wouldn't want to be with any other family and I love my pawrents and siblings purrry much. Thank you meowmy and daddy fur always being there fur us, giving us good food, vet care, Rotisserie chicken on Fridays, special furiends and most of all, a happy and loving home. This is what Thanksgiving is all about... to be Thankful fur what we have! By the way, this is my first Thanksgiving and I'm blessed to have found such a pawsome home...

We would also like to take this moment to let our beloved siblings, Angel Picasso and Angel Kashmere know that we're thinking of them while they're celebrating Thanksgiving in Heaven. I didn't know Cassi or Kashy but I do know that they were super special and are missed greatly *wipes eyes*

Happy Gobble Gobble Day To All!



Yaaaa... I'm A Catster DDP Today!

November 19th 2009 10:33 am
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First of all, I just want daddy to know how much we miss him while he's in Norfolk Va on business. Dad will be back home fur Thanksgiving and then returning back to Virginia late that evening since has he to be in work the following day, which he'll be away fur yet another month *wipes eyes*

Not too long ago, meowmy and I signed onto the computer and there it was telling us that I was one of today's DDP. I'm not sure if you have read my chosen diary (previous entry) but I was telling everyone all about my new Interior Decorating ideas. You see, I love to pull the toilet tissue off from the rolls of each bathroom and drag it into the other rooms. This is my little way of decorating the home fur my pawrents. I can't wait until Mr Catmas Tree is up with the purrty decorations because I may want to investigate those as well. Nevertheless, mom loves Catmas time and to have a beautiful tree up so she'll just have to deal with it if I choose to play with those hangie thingies. I do know that I have to be good, or at least try since Santa Paws will be visiting next month *chases tail*

I would like to thank Catster fur picking me today and to every kitty fur their thoughtful p-mails & comments. Sending a warm thank you to the following kitties fur their lovely giftie & rosettes: Tate & Fam (pumpkin pie giftie), N'bikay & Fam (drumstick), Pixie & Fam (truffle pie), Bubby & Fam (pilgrim hat), Angel Sammie & Fam (turkey), Karisma & Fam (pie).

PS... Check out the cute catgrats photo that Kibbles and Family sent to me. Taht is wayyyy to funny *giggles*



I'm An Interior Decorator!

November 11th 2009 8:22 pm
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Well, I found a new habit and it's something that I absolutely love love love which may even classify me as an Interior Decorator! Can you guess what it is? If not, here goes... I like to tear the toilet tissue off of the rolls and drag it into the other rooms. Fur example, mom and dad each have their own bathroom so what I do is play with the toilet tissue and then drag it into the Loft area to make purrty decorations. Dad's bathroom is in the Master bedroom while mom's in in the Loft area. I then proceed to travel downstairs into the powder room and begin playing with that toilet tissue which I then drag into the foyer area. It doesn't take long before I have decorated the home. Mom has now removed the toilet tissue from the holders and places it on top of the vanity. Now when you think about it, that's not much fun fur me but who says that I can't get it anyway *giggles* All I'm trying to do is decorate the home but fur some reason, I don't think mom wants me fur hire???

I hope that every kitty is having a pawsome November and before we know it, Gobble Gobble Day will be here and you know what that means? Yup, yummies in our tummies.


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