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Hello Everyone

February 29th 2012 10:25 am
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I am having such a beautiful day, me couldn't be happier, momcat and dadcat have been talking about our birthday and what they are adding to what we already have, they are going shopping so I am gonna make my list before they go.
Momcat has been busy this week cleaning like crazy,she keeps telling us to pick up our toyz but no way lady we are "DIVA'S", dadcat told momcat she might as well forget it so he helped her, he is such a good dadcat.

I want to congratulate MALLEE on being the "DIVINE DIVA" of the week! Enjoy! Gotta run so much to do, love all of you and especially my mankat Tate he is so HOT!!!

Love Paris ♥


DIvine Diva #5

February 22nd 2012 4:50 am
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Today is the day for another DIVINE DIVA, we have selected ....
Miss Mittens,congrats pretty girl we hope you have fun this week, we are wondering who #6 will be?? ......We already know *giggles*

Hugs Paris ♥


Another Divine Diva!

February 15th 2012 5:08 am
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That would be Dai$y!! Please go by and congratulate her, have a great day,

Hugs Paris ♥


Thank You

February 13th 2012 8:46 am
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I had such a pawsome day yesterday being a DDP!, first my sisfur then me, I kinda think the diary gal is a diary guy, I think he loves us, *giggles* I know we are certainly loved at home.

I got alot of gifts, pmails and comments yesterday and had a blast, it's so nice when you have so many nice furiends to share all our awards with, again thank you.

Gotta run Presley and I are still trying to get the closet open to find out what is in there for our birthday, I know we are such silly girls but that's ok,

Love Paris ♥


Another DDP!

February 12th 2012 5:28 am
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This is really furtastic, I'm a DDP today, my sisfur was a DDP a few days ago, now she doesn't have anything on me *giggles*.

We finally recieved one of our pawsome birthday gifts, yes the Cat-X man delivered it yesterday but ....we can't get it open, that Presley wanted to jump on it and I said what are you thinking what if you break it..silly girl, then dadcat put it away so I guess we will have to wait until May...oh the suspense is killing us not knowing what is in that big box, if ya have any ideas let us know..I bet Sonny knows exactly what it is, come on bubby tell us pawlease!!!

Anyway I'm off to have a fun day with my furiends, celebrating being a DDP!! Yayyyyyyyy!

Love Paris ♥


So Exciting

February 8th 2012 3:59 am
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Not only is another DEVINE DIVA crowned today but my sisfur Presley is a DDP!,how very special is that! She is so excited she is jumping up and down...*silly girl* oh now she is doing the Bono Boogie that is such a kool dance, I am going to join her as soon as I'm finished we are going to have a good day.

Congrats to all the DDP's, have a pawsome furtastic day.

Love Paris ♥


Who Me A DDP !

February 4th 2012 5:46 am
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Oh thank you diary gal, this is such a special honor,of course my sisfur is not a very happy camper but that's ok she will get over it
*giggles*, I am gonna have so much fun on Catster today, first of all I would like to say how thankful I am, my super handsome mankat Tate made it through his ordeal with the needle ladies, I will be paying them a visit today they were kissing and pawing all over my mankat, back off,
actually I do understand he is so handsome you just can't keep your paws off him, I could squeeze him to pieces. He is taking me out tonight on the town, I am one lucky lady, well gotta run I'm going shopping for a new dress, shoes and handbag, gotta get my nails done, then I will be back to take a bubble bath in the fragrance Paris Amour, oh that smells sooooo good, see you tonight my lovebug Tate,

Hugs Paris ♥


Devine Diva #2

February 1st 2012 4:27 am
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Presley and I have just announced the "Devine Diva #2" it is....
Jezebel, she is such a sweet and pawsome furiend, have fun this week sweet Jezebel,

Hugs Paris & Presley ♥


Devine Diva's

January 31st 2012 7:49 am
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Tomorrow is the big day for another "Devine Diva" she is really pretty, so keep watching!

Love Paris ♥


We Are So Happy!

January 30th 2012 3:23 am
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Our very special furiend is DOTD her name is Megan-Ba-Bez, she is such a very special and kind furiend , she has named Presley and I Catster's very First Official Queens, such a pawsome honor, we were already Devine Diva's now we are Queens, this Rocks! Her brofurs are naming Catster Kings and of course our Angel brofur got the honor of being Catster's very First Official King, we are so happy we are doing the Bono Boogie and I know Sonny and the Angels are too, have a furtastic day everyone, just another great day in Catsterlnad!! Love you Megan,

Love Paris ♥

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