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Hi Everyone

August 10th 2012 8:02 am
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We haven't been around much lately but we sat momcat down last night and told her to 'get with the program' *giggles* we miss our furiends, hope all is well with everyone...oh we are keeping Tony in our purrayers too, we lubs him and his furmily, don't tell his girlfuriend Faithe I said this but he is sooooooooooooooooooooo handsome...oh don't tell Ashe either, I lubs all of yous!!

Love Presley ♥


Keep us in your prayers

July 24th 2012 9:01 am
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We are having really bad storms, we lost power for a little while, if I'm not on here for awhile you will no we have no power, keep us in your prayers,

Hugs Presley ♥


So Funny!

May 30th 2012 5:31 pm
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Don't tell momcat I told you this but the funniest thing happened this morning, it was so funny I had to go hide so I could goes
momcat locked herself in one of our bedrooms and couldn't get out, she was screaming for dadcat but he was in the garage...finally she opened the window and yelled for him he finally heard her, came into the house and said is something wrong???? Duh momcat is locked in the bedroom!!!!!
Momcat finally got out but I didn't come out because I was laffing too remember don't tell her I told you, she's so funny! She said some nasty words, Paris just looked at me, I said oh Paris you say the same thing only momcat doesn't know it, *rolls eyes*

Her Phatt Bottom Girl
Presley ~


Happy Memorial Day

May 26th 2012 7:14 am
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OMG, I cannot wait to have my handsome Ashe see my new bikini, he is gonna flip!! We are SMOKIN HOT!!!! Even our Angel brofur Sonny will be at the pawty, now you know it will be ROCKIN! That's the only kind of pawties he knows how to attend.

Guess I had better get ready Ashe will be here anytime and I don't want to keep my handsome boyfuriend waiting,....... hey Paris don't forget to pack the 'Hello Kitty' wine, have a safe and happy holiday!

Love Presley ~


Thank You So Much!

May 17th 2012 11:44 am
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I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone for all the comments, rosies,pmails and for all the gifts we recieved in the mail! Our birthday was simply pawsome even though I had a little too much 'Hello Kitty' wine *giggles* and Willy da Wabbit showed up, but at least he came with the pawty hat and balloons so he was welcome.
Catster is such a furtastic place, we have the bestest furiends on earth here and in Heaven, can you believe it our Angel brofur Sonny came to the pawty too, I really think he is the one who sent would that surprize you?? He is so silly but we love him with all our ♥. again thank all of you, I must say when we have a pawty it's a 'Rockin' pawty!!

Thank ya Thank ya
Very Much, Presley ♥


Big Birthday Pawty!!!

May 15th 2012 3:08 pm
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Tomorrow is our 4th birthday, we cannot wait to have this pawty, momcat is going to take pictures of all the things we gots and recieved from our Catster furiends, we love Catster and all our furiends...also tomorrow our good furiend
Blade is having his birthday pawty too, we will pawty all day and all night then on the 17th the very next day is our good furiend Bugsy will be 4 years old too so please go by and join the pawty ....I have a feeling this is going to be a really looonnnnnggggg pawty, but that's what Catster is all about getting with our good furiends and celebrating, we cannot wait.
Hope everyone can come and celebrate with us...

Big Hugs
Presley ♥


A Big Surprize Yesterday!

May 3rd 2012 1:03 pm
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The mailman came to our house with a nice big package, it was from Bugsy and family for our birthday, OMG all the things they sent us but momcat said we can't have the things until our birthday which is the 16th of this month, that is just mean, just you wait she is gonna take pictures of all the stuff we get then she will put them on our pages.
Bugsy is such a pawsome furiend .....handsome too *giggles* now don't go tellin Ashe and Tate we said that, Sonny will probably tell them anyway..*sighs* boyz!!! Momcat made us pawsome birthday pages that she will put on this weekend...go away Paris I am gonna tell him anyway ....I LOVE YOU BUGSY......there I said it, now deal with it boyz!...Can't wait until the big day!

Love Presley ♥


'Rolls Eyes'

April 18th 2012 5:48 pm
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It wasn't just me baking that cake Sonny, Miss Paris had a paw in it too, did you see all the 'Hello Kitty Wine' she put away??? Oh and I can't bake????
Just you wait until YOUR birthday, I will really use the wine... but then you will like that.
Paris and I thought you were around last night, we saw headlights in the sky and Paris said that is Sonny he is watching us..sure enough she was right, even though you think I can't bake I still love you, thank you for watching over us. Gotta run that Paris is in my make-up again!! She has a hot date with Tate.
Thank you everyone for sharing my boyfuriend's birthday....HE ROCKS!!!

Thank Ya, Thank Ya Very Much
Love Presley ♥


Birhtday Mews..Read All About It!!!

April 18th 2012 3:18 am
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Hey everyone today is my boyfuriend Ashe's, birthday!! Yay, I am so happy for him that means we get to pawty all night long.
Oh I love him so much, he is the bestest boyfuriend in the whole world, (well that Paris would argue with me over that) *giggles*, please come and join in the pawty today we are gonna have so much fun, *waves* to all her furiends, picks up her cell calls the maid, the cook, and of course the bartender ...which we know will be my Angel brofur Sonny...come on Sonny send all the Catweiser you can, let's get this pawty started!!

Hugs, Presley ♥


Just recieved the best news!!!

March 27th 2012 5:24 pm
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Well you will never guess what it is...ok I will tell you I am about to burst I have to tell somebody, here goes... I have just been named 'Dreamette #27a'
isn't that the koolest news? Now Paris is having a hissy fit wanting to tell HER good news too, thank you so much...

Big Hugs Presley ♥

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