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Home Again

November 10th 2011 7:07 pm
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Mom came to get me at 5 and I was very happy to see her. I said "Get me out of this place! I don't like it here." But I guess I will be going back again tomorrow because they left the IV port in my front leg. They want to check me again tomorrow and see if I still need more fluids. They didn't do the x-ray today, so they will do that tomorrow too. The bandage is annoying me although I am not trying to remove it. I am being a pretty good girl. Mom is disappointed because I am still not eating. She tried Fancy Feast and cooked chicken (sorry Tabbies, but it is one of my favorites, please don't stop purring for me cuz I like chicken!)
I did pee and poop since I am home, so we will take that as a good sign.

Thank you all so much for your comments and continued purrs. Keep 'em coming, I'm not out of the woods yet.


Hey! Where Are You Taking Me?

November 10th 2011 8:55 am
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The morning started out like any other. Mom's alarm went off, she stumbled down the hallway to the bathroom. On her way, she cracked open my door, stuck her head in, said Good Morning and asked if I would care to take a stroll around the deck. (That means, I go out and walk the hallway and get a drink from the water bowl by the bathroom. It has the same water in it that my bowl has, but you know...the grass is always green! )

Mom brought me breakfast, Fancy Feast, and I wanted nothing to do with it! I took my pill but would not eat or drink. Mom went for her shower, she came in and scooped my box, and then she left. Little did I know, but she would return yet again, this time with my carrier! And there we were..going for that car ride...AGAIN!

I didn't know this, but last night the doctor told Mom that she should drop me off in the morning and I would be staying with them for the day. They want to repeat my x-ray again, put me on an IV and figure out what is going on.

Please keep purring for me. Help me find my lost appetite. I will let you know tonight what the doctor has to say.


If I could only.......

November 8th 2011 7:00 pm
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I am usually very ladylike, so this might be difficult to tell you....but here goes.....If I could only fart I would feel so much better!

There I said it! I should take a lesson from that beast Ivan who lives here and leaves audible ones rip right out. What a savage!

The doctor took another x-ray and my gas pockets are moving along but they are not gone yet. She is giving me meds for my stomach and keeping me on the antibiotic because she believes I may have an infection that caused the gas.

Mom is making me get a little more exercise to help things move along. She has carried me downstairs several times today so that I would climb those steps back to my room. I really don't move around that much, so that could be part of the problem.

I thank you all for your purrs, they are helping me tremendously. Mom is less nervous too. Thank you my friends.... You are wonderful and I am blessed to have you in my life!


Mrs. Murphy


Can you spare some purrs for me?

November 7th 2011 7:54 pm
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I can use a few purrs if you could, please. I was sick all day yesterday throwing up and just not feeling well. I even had an accident, something I never do. If I miss the box, it is usually quite intentional! Mom was worried about me all night and hardly slept because she knew I was just not myself.

Up until Saturday afternoon I had been eating well, drinking my usual amount of water, and having a good solid BM every day.
This came on so suddenly. The only strange thing I had been doing was an odd random "meow" for no apparent reason. I would let out this big meow, Mom would come check in on me to see what was the matter and I would look at her like "what, why are you here?" It was very random times of the day and night and it was not continuous. Mom chocked it up to my age and bad eyesight.

Mom got me an appointment at the Vet tonight. They took my temperature, did blood work and an x-ray. They said I have two large gas pockets which are causing me discomfort, but they are not sure why I have them. I am going back for another x-ray tomorrow for a comparison and may need to have further tests. They are not sure if there is some sort of infection, if I have a blockage, or if perhaps I have developed a tumor.

They gave me a shot for pain and started me on an antibiotic because my temp was a bit low. They also gave me anti-nausea medicine and the Dr hopes I will start eating again, maybe even tonight. They also gave me Sub-Q fluids.

I was a very brave girl and Mom was very proud of me. I only cried out once when the doctor was feeling my belly. I was good for all the needles, did notlet out a single hiss or show my fangs!

If you can spare a few purrs, please send some my way. I'll keep you posted when I get the results from tomorrows appointment.

Hugs and Love,

Mrs. Murphy


This getting older thing is getting old!

September 14th 2011 8:27 pm
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Skittles and I had our turn at the vet today for our annual exam and shots. This is the first time I have met the new Doctor. He is nice and he pets us and talks to us before he starts poking and prodding. And I think someone stole his thermometer; cause neither of us had to see it, or not see it, as the case may be!

Anyway, I am getting older and he took a good hard look at the teeth I have left and was a little concerned. They are starting to get alot of plaque. He doesn't want to pull teeth, because I don't have many left, plus the risk of being older and going under anesthesia. He told Mom to keep an eye on me and my mouth. (Don't have to tell her; she can be as bad as the doctor, looking in my mouth, my ears, my nose, my litter box!)

Mom, in fact, asked him about my eyes. It seems my pupils are always very dialated. I seem to see okay; but I don't really go very far and anywhere unfamiliar either. I am not a jumper so she has never seen me miss a leap to furniture. He got out his lights and took a look. He seems to think that I am developing cataracts. (Huh, me and grandma are starting to have more and more in common!) He let Mom take a look and see the cloudy film. He said just to keep an eye on me and watch for tearing or discharge and stuff like that.

Other than that, I feel fine. I eat, soft and crunchy food, drink as much water as I always have, use my box and make my daily deposits, I purr, I snarl at the little bouncy ones, I get my brushes, mooch treats, have nip as a senior isn't too bad except for all the trips to the doctor (again, kind of like grandma!)

Purrs to all,

Mrs. Murphy


When will they ever learn?

March 19th 2011 6:43 pm
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As the Queen and Matriarch of this furry family, I have a complaint, or a comment, or a question or, or. oh I don't know! My question is this..."When will they ever learn their names?" The littlest ones, Roni and Maedia, still fo not know there names!

All of us, with the exception of those two little balls of fluff, know and will answer to our names. Even if we don't always come when called, we will at least turn and look at a human when our name is said. Oh boy, not these two!

Maybe they are hearing they can hear the refrigerator open from the other end of the house. That's not it!

Maybe they don't like their names. Roni (like Macaroni) was named after her Daddy, a neighborhood Tom named Ron. And Maedia (May-di-a)was named from the Spanish "media" meaning middle, because she was in the middle of the litter and always in the middle of things in the house. I kinda think their names are cute!

Maybe they are called too many nicknames. "Cutie pie", "Sweeties", "Boo". Oh please Mom, get a grip!

In fact, Mom has made an effort to use their real names all the time, no nicknames, for ther last month. Every time she sees them, she will call them by their names. We had a treat party and we all took turns, by name, in taking treats from Mom. And still they are cluless?

They are almost a year old...when will they ever learn?


Today is my birthday!

February 5th 2011 6:22 am
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Today is my 14th birthday and I am very excited! Birthdays in our house are usually pretty fun.
Birthdays mean... extra treats (and I love treats!),
extra attention, hugs, pets, and kisses (I like that too),
a birthday dinner (I have requested chicken, one of my favorites), a catnip party (oooh nip!),
presents (I'm not into toys, maybe more treats?)
the birthday song (I could take it or leave it),
and the traditional ear tug (oh no! 14 + 1 to grow on!) {Mom's note: it is very gentle touch, more of a pet than a pull}
It's nice having such a big furry family, it seems we are having parties almost every other month. So for now, I think I will rest up, catch a cat nap, and be ready to party tonight!
Purrs, Mrs. Murphy


New Tag Game...What Does Your Human Say to You Most Often?

February 2nd 2011 6:39 pm
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Well, unlike my brother Skylar; I tend not to get yelled at for anything. Mom says I'm too old to get in trouble!
The thing that Mom most often says to me is " Hi Sweetheart, do you want some treats?" I love cat treats! I am the best cat treat moocher in the house. All I have to do is head nudge Mom and purr and she is reaching for the bag. She even taught me tricks so that I at least earn my treats. I can sit, beg, take nice-nice and give left paw and right paw. Yes, I know my left from my right. Pretty cool, huh?
So how about you...what does your human say to you most often? Purrs, Murphy


Twelve by Twelve or My Sleepover

January 8th 2011 12:35 pm
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I haven't had a chance to do a book review lately; I am sorry if I left you hanging on the edges of your litterboxes waiting. LOL!
Anyway, my latest find is a book called "Twelve by Twelve" and it is about living in a 12x12 cabin in rural North Carolina without running water and electricity. It is also about reducing our carbon footprint (I have tiny feet), race relations, finding peace within ourselves, materialism and more.
I can relate to the 12x12 concept, because I live in a room about that size (with occasional supervised outings too). I do require water and I do use electricity (Mom leaves a nightlight on for me). I am not materialistic. I love organic things .... especailly organic catnip! I have found peace. I love my room!
On a related note, Mom let me have a sleepover the other night. Skittles came to visit me and didn't want to leave. So she stayed all night! We stayed up late, talking lots of girl talk. We had a midnight snack. We talked beauty tips and I did Skittles hair. We fell asleep around 4AM and pretty soon it was time to get up for breakfast. I was kinda tired the next day; but it was worth it! Thanks Skittles, I felt like a young kitty again!
Purrs, Mrs. Murphy


Nip Party!

October 29th 2010 7:21 am
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Mommy still feels a little guilty that I stay in the bedroom all by myself; although I really am loving the peace and quiet. So last night she brought the nip party to my room. Ivan, Skittles and Skylar were invited to attend. It wasn't the fresh catnip like we had in the summer, but it was wonderful all the same. Skylar had a little mousie that had been marinating in the jar of nip. He was rolling on the floor with it in his mouth and when he was done chewing it was soaking wet from his slobber. Mom thought it felt really gross but she was laughing. Skittles had the grey puffy and was rubbing her face all over it and Ivan and I were eating the nip pellets. There's nothing like a nip party to brighten the evening.

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