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Champion Pill Launcher

July 14th 2012 8:45 pm
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Mom said that if "pill spitting" was an Olympic sport, then I would be going to the Summer Games. I told Mom not to call it "spitting". I am to refined and ladylike to spit. I launch the pills! Last night I was up in the hallway getting my pill and on the second attempt, launched one downstairs that landed on the piano. How 'bout that? It had distance and precision! Any competition from you other pill takers (and non-takers...mol!) ?

I'm doing okay otherwise. I am eating and drinking okay and liking fresh catnip. I demanded attention this evening. I needed my beautician to give me a good brushing and massage. I now look and feel wonderful. Percy even came over later and gave me a "tail hug", wrapping his tail over my back. He is goofy, yet lovable.

Gotta go warm is almost time for my event!


Mom says I Used Up Another One

April 11th 2012 6:39 am
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Hello Everyone! Mom says I used up another of my 9 lives. I eventually caught the URI that everyone in the house had. She tried so hard for me not to get it. She washed her hands every time she came in my room. She washed my bowls, my fork, the litter box scoop. You name it, everything was sanitized. But, the germs were in the air and I managed to catch myself a cold. (See Mom, I still can catch things, mol!)

I was all stuffy and didn't want to eat. The nice doctor told mom to stop my steroid medicine for a few days, but that helps me eat. (A nasty side effect of steroids is that it weakens your immune system and leaves the door open for infections to set in) So Mom gave me an appetite stimulant and that got me eating again. It didn't hurt that she was also making me "fish soup" (tuna from a can with extra water in it) and "chicken soup" (sorry Tabbies, but I had a cold). By Saturday night I was ready to have some Ham. We all love our ham in this house!

I still sound a little like Darth Vader, so I still get my steam bath in the morning when Mom gets a shower. Mom checked with the doctor, and it is okay to start me back on my meds. I may have used up another of my nine lives, but that's okay. I have a few more in storage and I'll use them as needed.

PS I want to thank all of you for the Eggs and the wonderful Spring and Easter wishes. Mom said her inbox was eggsploding this weekend MOL! We just have the most awesome friends here!
Special thanks to my best friend Spooky for the rabbit (I love to stalk him) and the beautiful daffodils. Your encouragement and energy truly keep me going.

Mrs M


Dream Girl 22

March 20th 2012 7:11 pm
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Hi Everyone and Happy Spring! We have been having the most beautiful weather, so unlike any March that Mom can ever remember. Mom even cooked out on the grill on Saturday night and we all got to eat some grilled salmon. It was yummy.

Today was made even brighter and sunnier, because I was named a Dream Girl # 22. I am so honored. We had a treat party to celebrate, and I shared with everybody, even little Daisy. We had a good time.

It also made the day a little brighter, because we have been sad lately. So many kitties that are not feeling well or have gone to the bridge. It takes its toll on you. I guess Mom is even more sensitive to it lately because I have been sick. My health has been stable. Mom has been giving me my Cerenia every other day and that is working out just fine. I hate the taste of it....yuck!

Well it is almost time for my early midnight snack. Mom finds that if she gives me a little snack at night, I tend to not wake her as early in the morning. Win-Win situation!

Purrs and Love,
Mrs M


I'm Having A Super Birthday!

February 5th 2012 1:14 pm
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Today is my Birthday and it is going to be Super! I hear that there will be plenty of food. There is Chili in the crockpot already, so I know that means there will be Cheese (I like cheese!)

I also hear that there will be entertainment...Madonna is going to sing! I hope she does my favorite song (softly singing.....What you need is a big strong hand To lift you to your higher ground, Make you feel like a queen on a throne. Make him love you till you can't come down [You'll never come down])

I see that there is cake and cuppycakes. Thank you Alfie (that cake is huge!) and Mac, Ivy and Legolas (the frosting on those cupcakes is so delightful and delicious). Please help yourselves everybody and enjoy the party!

I hear that there will be some drinks and niptinis throughout the evening!

I'll be back tomorrow to say more about my Super Birthday!

Love, hugs and purrs,

The Super Mrs M.


My Blood is Boiling!

January 25th 2012 7:07 am
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I have been feeling pretty good lately. Good enough, in fact, to catch up on a little reading. The latest thing I found was a book called "The Cat Selector: How to Choose the Right Cat for You".

Mom always says "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" So I promised Mom I would say something nice.

The book has really nice photos! (There I said it!)

Now for my list of complaints.....Good thing I don't have high blood pressure along with my other problems because this book made my blood boil!

First of all.... Right in the title "How to Choose the Right Cat for You". Does this author know nothing about cats? Doesn't he know, we select our humans! How many humans have gone to a shelter and had a cat pick them out with a paw through a cage, a headbonk, wrapping around your legs, the look, the purr. You know the way we do it! Or how many humans have gone outside to see a random cat appear, either in the yard, on the porch. Doesn't this man get it.....we chose to find that human!

Secondly....and my biggest problem of all. The book takes each breed and tells you about it's personality, health issues, grooming needs, etc. Well, there were several breeds, like Maine Coon, where the book actually advised that these cats should be kept outdoors due to their activity level.

Okay....I know that people have indoor/outdoor cats. Some where it is safe to do so and some who do it where it is a little more risky. I respect that. But to discount a whole breed because they are active! Hellooo.... I know plenty of Maine Coons from here that are indoor cats and are just fine and well adjusted.

How about including a chapter on Active Breeds and giving advice on play and provide stimulation. Talk about cat trees and tunnels and toys and games. Mom calls are house "kitten kindergarten" because there are always so many toys laying round. We almost always get playtime at night before bed. The laser comes out, Roni plays ball with Mom, the mice get tossed around, the feather toys fly, the hallway becomes the racetrack.
How about some human accountability. If you choose these breeds, prepare to be actively engaged with them. How about warning folks to cat proof their house. We know plenty of smart cats that can open doors, toaster ovens (Toki!), our Skylar can almost flush the toilet! (with a little more strength he would have it)

Wow...I didn't mean to rant this long. And really, I know I am preaching to the choir. You're here, you already know what to do!


Oh My!

December 6th 2011 8:03 am
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Oh My! I can't believe I am Cat of the Day! I am so honored. I am speechless. Mom has to go to work soon, but we did start our celebration already with an extra helping of treats. We'll be back later tonight to party and post the pictures that you have sent. Thank you all for your comments, presents, pawmails, and beautiful pictures plus your friendship and support. You guys mean so much to me! Love and grateful purrs, Mrs M.


Oops! I have been very lazy!

December 4th 2011 7:47 pm
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I just realized that I had not written a diary entry in quite some time. I certainly have been a bit remiss in my duties lately. Truth is, I have been busy imparting all my knowledge to the younger members of this household. They are no longer kittens, even though they sometimes still act like it. I have been sharing stories with them and giving them bits of grandmotherly advice.

My health has been holding steady since I last wrote. I enjoyed Thanksgiving and got my paws on some of the delicious Turkey. I am eating and drinking and mooching treats. I'll also let you in on a little secret, but you have to promise not to tell the Skylar and the others. Mom bought them some catnip toys from River and Simone for Christmas. They catnip is so powerful that Mom has to hide the package from them so that they don't open it till Christmas. She is hiding it in my room and I was very interested! Mom let me have the Christmas mouse to play with. I love it! They can have whatever else is in that package, but that mouse is mine! I even played with the papers that came in the package.

One more thing to tell you. Last night Angel Buddie stopped by for a visit. He brought Heavenly Healing Ice Cream and read me a bedtime story. Between the nip, the ice cream and the story, I had the best night's sleep in ages. I had such sweet dreams and woke up today feeling very refreshed. Thank you Angel Buddy for such a heavenly treat. And thank you to all my friends for your purrs, paws, prayers and well wishes. They have helped me tremendously.

Purrs and love, Mrs M


Quick update

November 15th 2011 7:41 pm
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Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to stop in quick and thank you all for your purrs and support. It has helped me tremendously!

I also wanted to let you know that, for now, I'm doing ok. Mom talked to my doctor on Monday night and she changed one of my medications. The doctor didn't want me to have an appetite stimulant till she was sure that I could keep things down. I am now eating and drinking in small amounts, several small meals a day. I am still going for my strolls down the hallway, a few times a day. The doctor wants Mom to stay in touch and call every 2-3 days to let her know how I am doing. Even though that doctor made me hiss, she is alright in my book!
Get it? My Book? Library joke! From the Library Cat!

Mom's note: Mrs. Murphy seems to be holding her own. We aren't quite sure what to expect. But for now, we are thankful for each day that we have together. She seems content, not agitated, she has a bit of an appetite. Her eyes are bright, she still talks to me. She is up and around strolling her hallway. She made a decent size poop tonight.

Your purrs, prayers, and kind words mean so much to us. Thank you for being such great friends


An update

November 12th 2011 7:43 pm
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It is with a heavy heart that I will share this news with you. I had another x-ray and an ultrasound when I was at the Vet yesterday. The ultrasound confirmed what the vet suspected, but hoped was not true. There is a mass around my stomach/upper intestinal area which is causing all my symptoms. It is rather larger and complicated looking. It seems rather aggressive because I was not showing any symptoms when I had my exam and shots in September. The vet said that surgery could be an option but she does not believe my chances would be very good. Mom trusts her judgement.

Their plan for now is to keep me comfortable. Mom and the doctor both promised I would not have pain or suffering. I am taking a pill for nausea and a pain medication. I am still drinking water, getting up to stroll around a bit and enjoying time with Mom. I had about three licks of soft food for supper tonight.

I continue to be moved by your caring, compassion, and purrs. Please keep your purrs coming that my remaining time is peaceful.


Mrs. Murphy


Thank You

November 11th 2011 8:01 pm
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Just a quick note to say a big thank you to all of you for making this day so special. This was really the bright spot of my week. You have made me feel so loved, I am deeply touched by your support and encouragement.

I am home and resting in my favorite bed. I had more tests today at the Vet and am glad it is the weekend and I hopefully can stay home for a few days.

Mom will write a longer entry at some point tomorrow, letting you know what is going on. But for today, I am warm, comfortable, resting easy and feel surrounded by love.

Thanks for a very special day. This meant so much to me...and to Mom too!

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