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falling down

April 3rd 2012 10:35 am
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Well I have had a few accidents, I fell 2 times always landing on my feet. I fell out of the window when I was on patrol and looking for peepers. I always fell when I was jumping on the bed. Luckily I did not get hurt. It is my eyes, I am crossed eyes and have bad eyes like my momm human had. My eyes make me fall when I am jumping. I think they need to make glasses for cats! I saw 2 squirells peeping into my window yesterday. They are brazen little guys. The birds are coming back I saw a robin. Lucy tried to sit in my basket but was to big, I hope that she did not break it. My show Dancing with he stars was on- I like that show. I think that hey need Dancing with the cats which would be better and I am sure people would turn in to watch it. I do have to say that I am quite happy I am seeing more commercials with cats in them. I think It is because I complained about more dogs than cats being on TV. well I guess I should go and find more Mischief to get in to. I found quite alot all ready this morning. I was digging in the closthes that need to me washed.some were flying off the little pile. Today is Laundry day I like sleeping in the laundry Basket- I just found it a few days ago and back to it. well I got to go on Cat patrol and make sure no peepers are around.



April 2nd 2012 8:03 am
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My back seems to be better, I think it was bruised and my tummy is ok, it was those nasty treats my human sister got me. She thought we liked them and they were on sale. Well She was WRONG!!! I am back to sleeping on my basket by the back door. It is a nice little basket just right for a kitty my size. It is by the back door so that I can keep an eye on the yard and make sure No Birds, squirrels, cats, dogs, skunks or possums peep in. There was a Robin inour back yard yesterday so I guess it means Spring is officially here. Not an exciting April Fools day, I am to smart as I did not get fooled!Nothing really going on, though last night I did get to watch my favorite show GCB= It is a good Chuckle show, Today I am upset Because Katie Couric is on Good Morning America. I really do not like her. well I am going back to my basket to watch TV and look for Peepers. My sister has to look for jobs., I might help her.


Not feeling the best

April 1st 2012 8:02 am
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Today I am not feeling that great. Yesterday I threw up several times, but my human sister thinks I am allergic to one of my treats so for awhile I was treatless. I was going crazy with worry that I would not have any treats. Actually, I was very sad as I need to have a treat every now and again. However, she went to pet store and got me some new treats that seem to be working as I have not thrown up for awhile. I hope I am not allergic to these treats. I am a little weak from not having any treats for part of yesterday.

My back is still sore, but fortunately I seem to be able to jump, run, and even roll into a small ball without any pain. It just hurts to be touched. However, I am sure it is getting better, but I am going to take it easy as I do not want to go to vet.

Hope everyone has a great day


Sore back

March 31st 2012 8:43 am
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Well with all my jumping around on and off things I might have hurt my back. It hurts when my human sister pets it. I hope it is just bruised as I donot want to go to the vet. Atleast I have 2 days to wait and see. It has not stopped me from jumping around like I usually do or do my daily runs. I have bad eyes- Crossed eyes so sometimes I miss my jumps and fall. Well we are waiting for the big storm it is suppose to hit after 9 am. I am tired of rain even though we need it, but we should have gotten it the winter Nov- Feb Not now. I guess we can not be pickey.
Today is pet store day which is good because we are almost out of treats. I have picked a bad habbit- well atleast my human sister thinks it is bad and thatis drinking out of the toitet. She does not like us to do that she thinks it is nasty and gross. Well Isay tell Lucy Not to spill all the water and I will will not drink from the toiltet, Lucy likes to spill the water and watch it run. She used to do as a baby kitty and our momma human thought it was so cute that she kept it up, well it is not so cute if you are thirsty and go to the water bowl and there is no water to drink.
I can not believe Sunday is April Fools day or us Cats in the area call National dogs day because dogs are fools. they are really fools by the way they make a big fuss over humans instead of having the humans make a big fuss over us like cats do. Us cats know how we should be treat like Royality. Well Ia m going to watch for the storm to come see ya later.


Friday- Sneeky Kitty

March 30th 2012 7:47 am
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Well Rain has come back again and it is early it was not suppose to come until sat. I can not believe it is April is right around the corner, it came fast even though March was a long month. The Felix Frog gang was back last night I heard them, boy are they sure Noisy!
Well I got myself soem extra breakfast I found out that my human sister left the open can on the counter to go do something- well i saw it jumped up there and ate some of it. It was very good especailly since I snuck and ate it. Yesterday my human sister made some Easter cookies and left them on the counter to cool before putting them in a canister, well Lucy , Abbey and I figured if we push a cookie down to the floor to Abbey to eat and our bag of treats, Abbey could open our treat bag for us and it would be a win win situation for all, That was until we were figuredout and stopped. Humans have to ruin everything!!!!!!! I got my run in around 1 am some cars were racing up and down the street- it is spring time and the ritual of teens I guess, I hope that they are careful and do not hit any cats or dogs out running around. We still miss our momma human so much nothing turns out good with out her. It will peaceful for a while as Abbey is at the dog park



March 29th 2012 7:49 am
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This computer is messing up big time. I do not know what is wrong with it.I m very happy I got chosen DDP. I am very Lucky Kitty. The rain has finally stopped, but I guess more rain is on its way. I did not hear the frogs last night. I wonder where they hopped to? I have not seen any squirels peeping in or birds. It is a cloudy day. Last Night I got Lucky and got feed 2 times . Both my sisters feed me and they did not know each other feed us. We are quite happy that we had 2 dinners and hope that we it happens tonight. I guess it is good to live with 2 air heads.
I am very sweet kitty I slept with my human sister on her pillow last night after I got done with my running I did 8 laps last night. Then this morning I sat on her lap for 45 minutes and purred. I have become facinated with the human toiltet I like to sit on it and drink the water which makes the humans mad. I have a water bowl but the toilet is more fun. I did not get to watch my chuckle shows- my one human sister who likes Criminal Minds was homes so we had to watch her shows, we also watched CSI Las VEGAS that is a creapy show. Tonight I will be able to weatch my chuckle shows.
I hope my humans get a lottery Mega Millions ticket and we win big- just think of all the treats , toys and stuff a cat could get. Maybe Mine and Lucys Luck should rub off on them. Lord knows my humans need luck. Well I am going to go and see if anyone is peeping in on me.
catcha later


My mischief

March 28th 2012 8:12 am
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Hi Kids
Well it sure is stormy weather. The rain came Tuesday and it sure brought alot with it. We might get 3 inches of rain, which is good because we need it. Congratulations to Lucy for being Catsters DDP again It is very nice that she got choosen.
Well it seems with all this rain I am getting bored and finding myself into mischief. I do not think it is bad stuff my human sister does. I think I am having fun. What have I done do you ask that I get told not to do.
1. Play Hide and seek. I like to hide and have my humans look for me. I think they are jelous that I find such good places to hide and that they can not find me.
2. sitting on the stove. They say I will burn my paws and make me get off all the time. But hey it is very close to the treat cubbord and I can climb up on the shelf and open and help my self to treats, Maybe if they were not so stingy with th treats I would not have to help myself. They are afraid if I sit there I will hurt myself ewither by getting burned or fall from the shelf.
3. I drink from the nice clean toilet bowl. ey I saw Lucy, Abbey and Scrappy do this so i though it would be ok and it is fun. If Lucy did not spill the water bowl all the TIME!! I would not have top look for other water sources.
I do not see anything wrong with my activities at all I think My humans just are freaked out and ar over protective of me.
I saw the birds in the back yard and a squirel was pepping into my room from the bush yesterday before the storms- How rude!! The frogs who Lucy and I call the Felix singing group were out last night croaking around and keeping me a wake. RThe wind Monsters were back so I had to go and hide from them. they are very scarry and they scratch at the window to come in. I did get my run today, it was late around 5 am because of those wind monsters I wanted my humans to be awake to chase them off.
Today it will have been 7 months since My momma Human Died I miss her so much! Things were so much better whan she was here. We miss her so much. Life is not fair.
well I got to go and check out things and do my yoga.
Ps. One of my human sisters think that I am getting chunky. I do not think I am I think I look FABULOUS! after all I do have strange cats peeping in my window to look at me because I am so cute!


Hiding in Plain Sight

March 27th 2012 8:43 am
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well we are waiting again for the big storm to come- these storms never produce as much rain as they are suppose to. I finally saw birds and Squirels in my yard. I certainly hear the frogs.
Yesterday I was board so I decided to play Hide and seek. It is such a wonderful game to play. I hid behind a curtain and my human sister looked for me for 30 minutes. She called my name and looked in all my favorite hiding places and even outside. I finally came out when I saw that I might miss dinner. I can not help it that she is not to bright and could not find me I was right under her nose.
I got my run intoday at 1 am. Then I decided to sleep with my human sister right up on the pillow by her head. I am susch a sweet kitty. Well I got to go and help look for jobs.


Monday Morning Blues

March 26th 2012 6:59 am
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Well it is the monday morning blues because it will be a boring morning. I do not have anything planned today. I got to watch my favorite show well one of them GCB. I love that show. I did my running a little late, I got it around 4 am. I ran accross my humans sisters face 4 times today. well she was in the way, she should move her sleeping spot because it is on my running course.Nothing new with me. Talk to you later.


Rainy Day

March 25th 2012 9:43 am
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The Rain finally came at 2 am. It was slow getting here. Nothing to do today. Last night I did my laps around the house then settled down and slept with my human sister on her nice fluffy pillow. Now I try and get some ZZ"S and she comes by and wakes me up and moves me to another spot- How RUDE! Well i guess I will go and look out the winmdow and see what is going on in the neighborhood. See around soon.

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