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Timo's Tall Tales

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May 2nd 2011 5:53 pm
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ding dong dinga linga aling dong
ding dong ding ding dong dinga ling dong

Mom, do you hear that? It's the ICE CREAM truck. Quick, give me a quarter, no a dollar, hurryyyyy.

Meow Meow Meow Mau Mau let me into the laundry room. Hurry Mom. Why laundry room? I bet there is a dollar in your jeans in the laundry basket. Open this door NOW.

ding dong dinga linga aling dong
ding dong ding ding dong dinga ling dong

Wait. WAIT FOR ME. I want some bunny tracks ice cream. Mietzi says she tried it once and there are no actual bunny parts in it. I wanna try. Wait Mr. Ice Cream Man. WAIT.

Awwww, the ice cream truck didn't stop for me *sniff*


May Tree and May Beetle

May 1st 2011 12:25 pm
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Today is May Day. That means putting up the May Tree and dancing around it with all the eligible young Maidens. Many villages in Germany have a May Tree. Mom is from Germany but she's from the northern part and they didn't have May Trees there. A May Tree is a very tall trunk of a tree that gets decorated with ribbons and a crown of evergreens. Then people dance around it. It also involves eating bratwurst and drinking beer. It is mostly meant to be a celebration for the young people. So that they can meet and dance and eat Bratwurst together.

In some villages the young men put a decorated May Tree in every young woman's yard. And in some places the man puts the tree only in the yard of the young woman he is interested in. There are a lot of different traditions aound the May Tree.

May 1st is also Laborday in Germany. It's where we commemorate what the Worker's Rights movement and the Unions have accomplished for the workers.

Last but not least, they have a May Beetle in Germany. See picture on my page. I don't think you guys have that beetle here in the USA, correct me if I'm wrong. Mom says the kids in Germany were always excited when they found one, because they are rare.

Happy May Day everypurr. Next year I want my own May Tree with lots of ribbons. Then you can all come over and we Doods will dance with all the young Maidens. We'll eat Bratwurst and grilled shrimp and drink nip lemonade.

Sing with me:
Schöne Maid, hast Du heut' für mich Zeit
Oh ja ho ja ho
Sag' bitte ja, dann bin ich nur für Dich da, oh bitte
Oh ja ho ja ho

Pretty Maiden, do you have time for me today,
Oh ja ho ja ho
Please say yes, then I will be here for you only, oh please
Oh ja ho ja ho


Zorro - a very special Horse

April 24th 2011 12:39 pm
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Are you all having a pawtastic Easter weekend? I got a catnip mouse from the Bunny and Mietzi got Peeps that don't peep.
I just realized that the title of my diary is “Timo’s Tall Tales”. So I better tell you some tales. Grandma and Grandpa live in Germany and here is a tale about a horse from a newspaper clipping that they sent over. (yes, I will also tell you cat and dog tales in the future)

Zorro is a very special horse. Zorro will celebrate his 25th annifursary on the job in July. He is probably the oldest horse in the city of Bremen. He is at least 36 years old and maybe as old as 40 years. For a horse that is very, very old. If a horse is in his 20s he is considered stone old.

Where does Zorro work? He works at a special project. A nonprofit farm on the outskirts of Bremen, which is dedicated to city kids. Kids from different nationalities learn how to play with each other, they learn about responsibilities and how to take care of animals and also how to ride a horse. There are also three donkeys, two goats and a cat on the farm.

Zorro was the very first horse at the project and over the last 25 years he taught several hundred kids how to ride a horse. He still goes on short rides now but he can’t carry a rider anymore on account of his age. Time did leave his mark on Zorro. He has arthritis, he has no teeth left and he gets heart medication. But otherwise he is doing so great that he is kept in an open stable all year round (winters in that part of Germany are not as cold as in Iowa). He does get a nice blanket in the winter. Zorro is on a special diet, including oil and malt beer (mmmh yum). Zorro has always been a very special horse. He has an even temperament, is very patient with the new riders and even the vet visiting doesn’t make him loose his cool.

His 25th annifursary will be on July 11th and every worker on the farm will come and shake his hoof in appreciation of his work for the project. Zorro hopes that many former workers and also kids that he taught to ride will show up for his special day. Congratulations Zorro. Job well done. Thank you for teaching kids about treating animals kindly.

Purrscript: many workers in Germany get a Golden Watch for their 25th anniversary. I wonder if Zorro will get one too.

copycatrights: freely retold after a story in the Weser-Kurier from April 6, 2011. Author of original story: Ilja Mertens


Purrsday Thank Yous and more Eagle stuff

April 7th 2011 4:58 am
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Dear friends,
I had a wonderpurr birthday yesterday. Mom came home with some special food for me. It's Chicken Liver Pate with Quail Eggs. Mmmh yumm. I had to share one container with Mietzi. Then Mietzei and I got to go outside. The sun was shining and it was 65. Mietzi was in her harness because she is a bad girl and she runs away. So I was showing off in front of her and ran really fast by her. Mietzi can't run in her harness, MOL. I am still waiting for a "real" present. I think I'll look thru some cat catalogues and then whisper to Mom what I want when she sleeps.

Back inside we went for some more eagle watching. Mietzi kept asking Mom: Where exactly is Decorah, Iowa. Because there is a half-eaten fish in the eagle's nest and Mietzi was gonna go and ask Momma Eagle: "Are you gonna eat that?" Good thinking Mietzi. That fish is gonna spoil soon.

I don't know if it's always the Momma Eagle sitting on the nest or if Mom and Dad take turns. It's hard to tell them apart and I haven't seen any change-offs. If he just hunts that is an easy job because they live next to a fish hatchery. And Momma got the tough job taking care of the kids all day long, MOL. You can even see them at night because there is a light shining on them. I hope it's not too bright. I think Momma needs a light switch to turn the light off for nighty time. Can you tell, I love my eagles. They are quite fascinating. I love it when Momma settles into the nest and she does something that looks almost like kneading. Wiggling around until she got the chicks situated just right.

Oh ya, I was gonna say thank you. I almost forgot. Thank you to all my wonderfurr friends for my birthday gifts, well wished and pmails:

MOLLY was here very early in the morning bringing me a party hat.
Miss CHAI LATTE - a lady bug
HOBO, MOOSE - a huuuuge cake (yes, I shared with everybody here and we still have leftovers)
Family of ADAM DYLAN - yummy shrimp and his whole family sang "Happy Meowday to you" to me. Very talented furrs.
Family of ZEEKE - another yummy shrimpie
SAMOA - a lady bug
NERMAL - yumm more shrimp
TROUT TOWNE TABBIS- Shrimp of course, te he
Family of BIG HARRY - a lady bug
SIMONE AND RIVER - a lady bug and an original River Dance
ALEX, FINNEY and LACEY and also GIDGIT couldn't make it over but they sent birthday wishes via pawmail.

Thank you so furry much. Love you all.

Momma Eagle just ate most of the fish and fed some to the babies too. But there are two more fishes and something that might be a bunny laying in the nest. Papa was there to replenish the pantry and to say Good Morning but then he left again. I guess that answers my question. Must be the Momma who is doing all the child rearing.

You all have a pawsome day.
Your Eagle enthusiast Timo

link to the eagles again: then click on eagle cam


I'm watching Eagles and it's my purrsday

April 6th 2011 10:33 am
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Hi everyfur. Thanks for bringing over so many gifts for my purrsday. Molly was the first one this morning. She gave me a party hat. I had it on this morning when Mom got up and good thing too. Mom almost forgot about my purrsday. But then she saw me with the party hat. I don't know what Mom will do for my purrsday - since she almost forgot. Waiting for her to come home. I hope it involves food!!

In the meantime I'm watching the Eagles in Decorah Iowa on their web cam. It's really neat. They have two little babies and another egg is about ready to hatch. The old eagles are very big. I don't want to run into them ever, so it's nice to watch from the safe distance over the net.

If you want to watch too here is the website. Sorry, I have no time for links right now because it's Mom's lunch break

then click on nest cam
Or you can just google Decorah Eagles.

Meow to you later,
birthday boy TK

7:40 p.m.
There is a big old fish laying in the nest right now (supper). I hope it's a trout. The eagles live next to a fish hatchery. Good place to live.

I have the sound turned up on the eagle website and you can hear birds chirping, cars driving by and water running. When Mom watches at work, she has no sound. She never needs sound on her work computer. So she was surprised to find out that there is sound. Good thing that I turned our speakers up.

I lost track a little bit. I don't know if eagle baby number three has hatched yet. I thought I saw an empty shell in the nest. Momma Eagle needs to get up so that I can get a better look. Must be boring to be sitting on that nest all day long. I'll come around in a little while and thank you all personally for the gifts and greetings. Thank you so much. Love you all. Gotta check on my eagles.


CatSnip for Humans too !

April 2nd 2011 11:39 am
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Last week I told you about the new CatSnip Program from our Animal Rescue League. Mom says it's only for low income kitties and it's free. So I thought I'd sign up because I have no income and it sounded like it is a crafts class. Because I didn't stop bugging Mom about it, she finally explained it to me.

It's not a crafts class at all! It's like them humans steal part of our manly parts. It usually happens when you're really young and I had it done already but I don't remember. The humans don't do this to be mean. It's for our own good. Because man cats who don't have this done live a dangerous life. They will go roaming around looking for the most beautiful girl cat to marry and they will stray far from home. And after a little while the girl cat will have kittens. Then she'll sue you for kitten support and Alley-Money too because she wouldn't be able to work for a while on account of the kittens. Boy, am I happy that I don't have to worry about that.

But the best is, did you know that CatSnip is available also for humans? Yep, humans can have this done too. Well, it's about time that they have to suffer too. It's not fair that it's always us cats who have to go to the vet and have all this stuff done to us.

So now CatSnip for humans is available too. Not at the ARL of course but I saw some human vets advertise it, and they say humans should have it done right now if they are thinking about it. Because the Final Four are on and it's the purrfect excuse to just sit on the couch and do nothing. Humans are not as tough as we cats are. When they have this done, they are supposed to sit on the couch for three days and not move much. And there is also a strategically placed bag of frozen peas involved somehow.

Glad that I can enjoy the Final Four without frozen peas,



March 26th 2011 4:28 pm
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Mom says this is very good. It’s new. It’s from our local Animal Rescue League and it’s called the CatSnip Program. I have been thinking about what exactly the CatSnip Program could be. The flyer has a happy smiling cat on it. It says that cats who live in certain Zip Codes are invited to participate. You have to make an appointment and it’s free. FREE is good. They only have room for 1,920 cats during the next two years.

CatSnip sounds kind of crafty. I’m wondering if this is like a crafts class and we cats would be making something? Maybe we’d be using them kid-scissors with the rounded edges and glue? I asked Mom if she could sign me up for the class but Mom doesn’t want me to go. She says I don’t need to go, it’s already taken care of. This is not fair! Just because I’m a man cat doesn’t mean that I can’t be crafty and creative. I can go to a crafts class if I want to. I’d love to make a nice toy out of colored paper and feathers and fabric. Maybe I’d even use glitter.

Mietzi said she doesn’t want to go. No way. Well, Mietzi has always been more of a Tomboy cat and she’d probably rather go to a shop class.

I hope Mom will change her mind and lets me go. CatSnip sounds like so much fun.
Your crafty Timo


Thank you so furry much

March 20th 2011 4:13 pm
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Here are the long overdue thank you notes from my Cat of the Day event on March 16th. It was a lovely day in the lower 70s and I got to go outside for a few minutes after Mom got home from work.

I am honored that so many friends stopped by. Thank you to everyfur who brought gifts and treats, made comments in my diary, sent pawmails, sent friend requests. Most of all I value just being your friend. It doesn't always have to be an expensive gift. Big hugs to all of you. Here are all the furrs who brought gifts:

Monida – Adopt a Pet ribbon

Family of Samoa – Leprechaun Hat and a Heart

Grace – Shrimp

Da Tabbies O Trout Towne – Four-leaf clover

Family of King Simba, Tidge, Jet (Angel), Zachariah Herbert – a yellow Star

Family of Oly, Mercy, Noah, Petrie, Oliver, Shamus (Angel), Rico, Petals, Calvin, Ginger Lee, Alexis (Angel), Sadie Mae, Sam - a Pot of Gold and a dancing kitty

Family of Zeeke, Romeo, Cleopatra, Trooper, Kahless, Harley, Davidson, Miyoko, Tomiko, Francis & Kibbles, PJ, Poocat (Angel), Tigger (Angel), Fozzy Bear, Zelda, Mishka, Onyx (Angel), D.C., Toes – a yellow Star

Family of Luke, Tully, Sammy, Natasha - Leprechaun Hat

Family of Kaci Sunshine, Miss Mittens (Angel), Abby (Angel), Pete (Angel), Jennifer (Angel), Callie (Angel) - Four-leaf clover

Family of Humphrey Lee Haunted, Roger Bleu, Greta (Angel) – Trophy and some neat balloons

Special thank you to Big Harry, The Bush Furrs, and Samoa for making me Cat of the Day pictures.

Hope I didn't forget anyfurr. If I did please forgive me. It was not on purrpose.

Love you all,

Paw Script: another gift just arrived. Opening it now. It's from ..... Xena Princess Warrior, Queen Tallulah (Angel), Zeke, Kandi, Princess Tu Two, Mia, Milo. It's a .... Adopt a Pet Ribbon. Thank you.
Kitty kisses,


Cat of the Day and a nightmare (updated)

March 16th 2011 4:05 pm
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I'M CAT OF THE DAY! I just found out now at 6:04 central daylight savings time. Wow, I'm speechless. Thank you for all the gifties and emails and comments. I LOVE MY FRIENDS.

I'll write more later and tell you what the nightmare was.


*** U P D A T E ***
When Mom got home from work she found out that I'm COD. I was so excited. I've never been COD before. What I didn't know at that time yet, was that a very dear friend had made her journey to the Bridge today. Miss Hazel Lucy is the sweetest Angel ever at the Bridge. We are so sad. Mom can't stop crying. We love Hazel Lucy so much. We'll love her until we see her again.

I wrote my original diary title when Mom came home: Cat of the Day and a nightmare. I didn't know about HL when I wrote that title. That is a nightmare indeed. It seems unreal that sweet Hazel is not here any more.

I was going to tell you about a different nightmare. Mom had one last night. She dreamt that she gave me away to the Shelter! In her dream she just couldn't deal with having us cats any more. Then a day later she realized what she had done and was afraid the shelter might send me to the Bridge. And she desperately wanted me back. She couldn't believe that she had given me away because she loves, loves, loves me and missed me terribly. So she was gonna go, no RUN, to the shelter to get me back. And that's when she woke up. She was SO glad to see me and I got kisses and hugs and cuddles. Mom would NEVER give me away. Don't know where that silly dream came from.

Mom is still crying, so I better stop now. Enjoy each day with your family. Love each other. Forgive each other.

We will say a prayer for Hazel Lucy and her Mom tonight.


More musings on iPad2s

March 12th 2011 8:06 am
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My furriends are so smart. As I said yesterday, I was interested in getting new pads for my paws because the new iPad2 came out. The Trout Towne Tabbies pointed out that the pads might be like shoes and once I wear shoes I might have to wear a suit too. If they are like shoes I can't wear them because I never wear socks. And am not going to wear a suit either! I have this old, striped sweater that I wear all the time and I just love it. It fits well and it’s so comfurrtable. You know us men. When we find a sweater that we love, we’ll wear it until it falls apart. So no suits for me.

Kaci Sunshine pointed out that the pads that I came equipped with have been well tested over thousands of years and proven to be very durable and effective. She’s right. These same pads that I’m wearing have been worn by cats in old Egypt who were adored as godlike creatures. And they are worn by cats in icy Siberia and in the hot desert. Who knows how good the new iPad2s would hold up to Iowa snow or scorching sun. And what if I have to walk thru water? Would that ruin the new iPad2s?

Kaci Sunshine also warned me that purrty soon my new iPad2s would be obsolete and there would be iPad3s. And then I’d want to upgrade to them and then to the iPad4s and so on.

Well, I admit, I got carried away by the hype. You know how it is when you see a new toy that you think you absolutely HAVE to HAVE. And then the advertising purromises if you get it, you’ll be happier and all the girl kitties will find you irresistible with your new toy. So I’m gonna keep these old, well-worn pads that I have right now. This same design has been worn by Royal cats in Egypt. If it was good enough for them it’s good enough for me.

Going for a walk now enjoying my old paw pads,

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