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Happy Dance - I'm a DDP

March 8th 2011 5:27 pm
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Whoo Hoo. I did a little happy dance when Mom finally turned the puter on for us. I'm a DDP today and Mom didn't tell me! That woman! I'll need to run an advertisment for a new secretary. This one is slacking off on the job.

Big Harry from the Friends of Blind Cat Rescue Group made a really cool picture for me. Do you see it? I love it. Thank you Big Harry.

Thanks to Eddy and family for the rosette. It looks fabulous on my fur.
Also thank you to Adam Dylan and family for the green hat. What a neat present.
Thank you to Hazel Lucy and Buddy who stopped by to concatulate.
Also thank yous to
my good friend Molly (yes Molly, some friends and I are still working on the poopie gas idea. It's coming together nicely I think),
Kaci Sunshine - you're my Sunshine on this rainy day,
and last but not least **drum roll** the original Newmie - Mr. Newman himself.

It's been a rainy day here in Iowa. I slept most of the day. Mom bought a new bag of bonbons yesterday. They were on sale because petsmart isn't gonna sell this kind any more. by Nature organic or something like that. They're delicious. I LOVE bonbons but I'm only allowed to have a few or that Crystal chick will come and visit me. I'll go now and beg for some bonbons. You all have a good night.


Paw Script: thank you Diary Girl for picking me. You're pawsome. Love you. Kisses, Timo

Purred by: Laura W

March 9th 2011 at 9:34 am

conga ratz two ewe buddy on yur dia ree oh de day a cheese mint !! hope yur day iz grate N ya get two do all kindz of cool N fun stuff...may bee ewe will even get sum CASH !!!! peace out N rock on TK....long live trout :)


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