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Appologies for anything we missed.

May 27th 2010 9:53 am
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Vincent is still missing and presumed dead. Mommy is pretty deeply depressed. We are not on Catster much anymore as a result. So sorry for any birthdays or other news we may have missed. We hope everyone is well.


No Foolin' Here!

April 1st 2010 6:15 pm
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No one want to guess who our guest is. Maybe everyone is afraid. I will post his picture as the next one down from my main picture. He is leaving tomorrow morning. Yippee!


Time for the Rubber Room Guessing Game

March 31st 2010 7:42 pm
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There is a monster in the house! He cries and cries until mommy pays attention to him. He wears a diaper, apparently he is too good for the litter box. He eats funny things and smells weird. He gets into everything. He unnerves me, though everyone else already ignores him. Mommy sings goofy cute songs to him and calls him silly cute names and takes lots of pictures of him. Mommy promises he will only be staying for a few days.
Who is this strange, young visitor? Anyone know?


furr Nephew Visit, and a Health Message

March 30th 2010 11:26 am
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Hi, all,
Mommy went to Passover at a friend's house last night, and she got to have a nice, long visit with her fur nephew, Henry. She used to hold him when she was roommates with his mom, and he was just a tiny little guy. The place they lived was so terrible she wasn't sure it was fit for a cat, but Henry made it, and so did mommy and her roommate. Now Henry is almost 10. How time flies!
Mommy has a health warning for you kitties. She just heard that a kitty she met and was concerned about had to be put down because of a throat tumor. This is the second kitty she has known who was put down because the tumor wasn't found until it was too big, and the other kitty, she is ashamed to say, was a childhood cat of her own. Please ask the vet to check your throat for growths as well as they can when you get your yearly exam. And if your voice or purr changes or you start getting any strange discharge from your head-holes, what seems like a URI that won't go away, see the vet, make him look in your throat, sinuses, etc.
Mommy's cat was well up in her teens when the tumor got her, but it was a terrible way to go. This kitty who just passed was only 13 1/2. Tumors are not a rare thing anymore, the vets pretty much need to be looking for them, and so have our owners.
What is that, mommy? Oh no, it is about time for my yearly exam! Boooooo!


Shortest Entry Ever

March 26th 2010 3:01 pm
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I caught a fly today and nomed it down. -Niko


That Mousie

March 12th 2010 2:34 pm
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The mousie is now living somewhere in the region of the fridge. It is a really tight area, and the fridge was a nightmare to put in, so mommy isn't about to move it. Last night I decided to deal with the matter myself. I started to climb on the shelves near the fridge. They have all mommy's canning jars, oversized pots, blender jars, and other things that make fun clanging and pinging noises when I make them knock together.
Mommy decided to get out of bed and help me. Oh, did I wake you, mommy? She took me off the shelf, oh no! She said that was a dumb and dangerous thing for me to do, and I could have brought boxes of canning jars down on myself. Well, you don't make a mouse omelet without breaking some eggs, mommy.
That mousie is still up there someplace. Mommy needs to find her little no kill traps and set them. Mommy also heard of a trap that involves a 5 gallon bucket and bait balanced on fishing line across the top. Mousie tries to get the bait and slips and falls in the bucket. Maybe your humans know some good live trap techniques and can share them. Mousie is becoming "an attractive nuisance."



March 9th 2010 10:37 pm
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I been tagged by Nikolai Dreamboat #24 to describe my average day.
In the early morning I get some food, then go out to play. I spend the day playing outside or lounging in the kitty loft. Whenever I see mommy, I rub against her legs and want pets. I want her to pick me up and kiss me. I do this all day long. If it has been raining on me, I meow for mommy to towel me off when I come in, or jump on her lap with muddy paws. She gets the message!
In the evening, I may snuggle, wrestle, or bathe with my special pal, Vincent, depending on the mood we are in. When mommy goes to bed, I periodically visit her.I jump right near her head. When I do this, she must lift the blankets to form a "kitty cave" for me to climb in. I like her to pet me while I'm curled up in there. After a while, I get too hot and come out. Every few hours I meow most pitifully at the back door to be let out, then a few minutes or hours later, I meow and scratch more pitifully for mommy to get up and let me in. I do this even when the catio door is open and I can go out on my own. There is no substitute for human service!


Good News!

February 23rd 2010 9:42 pm
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I just heard the foster home I used to live in was able to adopt out some kitties who'd been waiting a long time for new homes. Noodles and Red, 2 of the cats mommy cat sat this summer along with 48 others or so, both got new, loving forever homes! And two feral kittens from the kitten room did to.
Mommy will miss seeing Noodles in particular, but she just imagines how happy he must be in his new home with his new owners who love him so. His new name is Oliver! I'm so glad some kitties are still being adopted during this recession nightmare! -Nikolai


A Sad Story

January 31st 2010 10:41 pm
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Mommy just heard that a neighbor in a nearby town lost her house and her 2 cats in a fire last night. It just kills mommy to hear such things. Maybe with the thousands of cats dying for no good reason everyday mommy should not be so disturbed by such a story, at least these cats got to have good lives. But mommy still awful bothered when she hers about any kitty dying. She is sad for the lady and sad for the terror and suffering those poor kitties probably experienced. The lady tried to run in and save them, but was held back by people. Maybe it was too late already. It is so sad. Mommy wishes she could think of something that she could do to help this lady. Anyone got ideas? Beaverton-woman-in-home-inferno-83203287.html



Not Again!

January 31st 2010 9:52 am
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Mommy got poison oak again. She cut a bunch of brush for her goats, and she didn't even think about the poison oak because it is all dead now. But it left an invisible surprise, its oils were all over the brush mommy cut. Plus, she kissed some of her goats after they had been eating the brush! She has rashes on her temple, neck, lip, leg, back, and all over her arms. They look terrible. And this affects us because she rolls around scratching while we try to sleep on her! Anyone know a good poison oak remedy, she is making us crazy!
This should break her goat kissing habit for sure. Those kisses rightfully belong to us, anyway, though I really don't want one right now, mommy's lip looks gross! Hope that heals up before your job interview Tuesday, Ma.

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