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Nikolai's Notes

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Team Take Down!

December 24th 2008 5:32 pm
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Ming and I were on the bed. Mommy came in and laid down to pet us. I climbed on her neck, and Ming got on her stomach. She won't dare get up now! We kept her down until she fell asleep for a few minutes.
It isn't all that pleasant for mommy, however, I take lots of miscalculated leaps trying to get onto her lap, then try to arrest my fall and climb back up with my claws. Mommy is hoping I'll learn not to do that soon, her legs are all clawed up. I'm just having depth perception and paw-eye coordination problems!


We are Two Wild and Crazy Guys!

December 23rd 2008 12:05 pm
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The big boy cat likes me! When we combine forces, we become Vinolai. We wrestle and he licks me and we nap snuggled up...mommy thinks it is super cute. The black girl cat likes to sit close by and watch. Did you buy a ticket, honey? She used to be nervous around me, but now she'll go to sleep within a few feet of me.
I got yelled at today! Mommy was eating a sandwich. She said it was jam and almond butter, and I wouldn't like it. But I took a flying leap at it anyway, what does she know 'bout what I like? Oops, I miscalculated the leap and had to scratch wildly to gain hold of something. Mommy screamed! I Scratched her leg and hand all up trying to catch myself. She said, "this has got to stop." Well, maybe you have got to share so I don't have to jump on you!
I got in troubble again later. There is a special tiny door the big cats use, I went out it. There is a catio, and during the day, its door is open. I went out that. White everywhere, hard and cold, but bright and pretty with lots of new smells. The white stuff was hard to walk in, so I followed the edge of the house. Mommy was yelling my name in the house, not aware I was out. Suddenly, she popped her head around the corner and yelled "Nikolai!" She sounded scared. She got a string to lure me, but I'd had enough already, so I came back to her on my own. I was shivering when she brought me in the house. She turned up the heater in the bathroom and shut me in there to warm up. I don't know why big brother Vincent likes to go out there so much, it is interesting, but so cold and bleak. Is it always that way? It is a good thing there are houses, or we'd all freeze.
Love, Nikolai


Sexy Santa?

December 19th 2008 7:34 pm
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Here is what had to say about my likely new name. New mommy...I guess I'll just start calling her mommy, thought it was funny.

Russian, "Victorious people"

Nikolai is a sexier version of Nicholas -- perfect for a handsome Russian ballet dancer or a hunky ice-hockey player.

So St. Nicholas should have gone with St. Nikolai, all the ladies would have been after him.
I'm not sure I'm allowed to be sexy, but I'd probably like ice hockey. I batted a wad of tape I found (tore from the cat door) all over the slippery floor near the fridge. I also skidded across mommy's plate today, she was having duck jambalaya and I just had to try it. She said it was too salty for me. I put my foot right in the butter on her bread.
I saw the pretty black cat today. Mommy tried to grab me, but I got close to her. She hissed at me before mommy scooped me up and put me in the bathroom. She says we gotta stay in different rooms for a while. I'm so bored in here! I want some kitty to play with! When will I be victorious?


Calling Me Names!

December 19th 2008 12:12 pm
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What a difference a day makes! I must have been a little groggy from my vaccines yesterday, today I'm climbing the walls!
Today new mommy and dad were in the big room with me. The other kitties weren't around, and new mommy spent like an hour calling me names. Names from Greek mythology, old time actors, lots of catsterer suggestions, characters from Shakespeare, Star Trek, you name it! Some names new mommy liked a lot, but when she said them to me, I did nothing. Favorite authors, new mommy kind of liked "Huxley," but I didn't respond to it. Then they came to Russian literature. New mommy liked many of those names, but when she said a certain one, I finally looked right at her. "Nikolai." She said a bunch more names, some of which she didn't like just to see if it was a fluke, then called "Nikolai" again. I looked at her again. So maybe my name will be "Nikolai."
Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. New mommy says it was helpful having so many names to say to me so I could "pick" the right one.
I have a slide show up of me and my foster family now. If anyone in Northwestern Oregon is thinking about adopting, I believe all the others are still available, although you'll need to wait a bit for the younger ones, like Trevor.


New Home!

December 18th 2008 11:35 am
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A weird lady who would visit us in the kitten room took me away last night! She had some man with her. They played with us for like an hour, then put me in a carrier after I ate some tuna with foster brother, Trevor. I was in the carrier in a noisy machine for a long, long time. Then I was released into a little room. It is much smaller than the kitten room, but I have it all to myself. My own littler box, a fun scratching post, a box with toys, a little "bedroom" under the sink, my own food and water bowls, my own bed with new mom's shirt in it, or I can stretch out on the bathmat if I like.
New mom visited me several times during the night and morning. I purr and purr when she comes in. Sometimes we play, sometimes she holds me. Sometimes she makes a flashy thing go off in my face.
Sometimes when I'm alone I cry. It is odd being alone for the first time in my life. But I never cry long.
I wonder what my name will be? It was "Boo-boo," but new mom says she calls her other cats that sometimes and also had a foster parrot she'd called Boo Radley. She says I need a unique name, and she's hoping one will come as she gets to know me.
Better go, the man has entered my chamber, time for love. -?

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