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New Fetching News!

January 13th 2009 5:05 pm
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I discovered milk rings work well for fetch to. Mommy plans on trying to get a video of me fetching. I'm also developing two darker grey stripes right down my back. Love, Nikolai


I'm a Very Fetching Young Man!

January 11th 2009 3:27 pm
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I have always enjoyed wads of paper, but today mommy and daddy discovered I like to retrieve them. I don't know how this will affect my intelligence rating, as one could make a good argument that asking someone to throw a thing away then running off to bring it back is pretty silly. Mommy thinks almost everything I do is pure genius, however.
Daddy was laying on the couch, and I brought my paper wad over and was playing on the back of the couch with it. Then it would fall off and I'd pick it up and jump back on the couch. Then I started dropping it on daddy. Get a clue, bub! Finally, mommy suggested I may want him to throw the ball, so he did. Zoom! I rushed off to get the ball, and brought it back to him. He'd throw it far! Sometimes I'd cheat and bring back another wad. Where was I finding them? We played fetch for quite some time. Mommy tried to get me to play it with her from her computer chair. She was jealous because I wouldn't play it with her. But later she went to lay down and I brought the paper wad to her! She threw it and I fetched it back several times. Then she teased me with the wad, holding it in front of me. I'd purr really loud in anticipation until she threw it. Then she played a game where she hid the ball in her fist, then opened her hand to let me see, then closed it up again. Then she asked me where it was when her fist was closed, and I touched her fist. She can't fool me!
I like wadded up tea bag packages or instant cider wrappers best, but will use receipts or tissues or cellophane. Mommy may need to get a lidded trash can, she thinks this is where I get my "wads," then I stash them various places for later use. -Nikolai


Cliff Hanger!

January 10th 2009 1:24 pm
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Yesterday I had another first! I went into the loft all by myself! There are a lot of boxes and things up there. I saw mommy cooking in the kitchenette below. I never saw her from above before. Mommy has almost as much grey hair as I do! MOL! I decided to get down to her. I climbed on a cabinet, and grabbed the edge with my claw to lower myself down. Oops, nothing else to grab! I flailed a bit, knocking a plastic thingy down. Then mommy noticed me, hanging from one claw over her head! She cupped my butt in her hand and I let go of the cabinet when I knew she had me. I wasn't scared, though!


Danger, Falling Intelligence Rating!

January 6th 2009 8:01 pm
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I've had a couple partial falls into the tub, but today I fell all the way in the tub while dad was bathing. He dried me a little with a towel and made me stay locked in the bathroom with the heater on until I was dryer. A few hours later, Mommy was filling the tub, and splash! I jumped in. I'd hopped out by the time she ran in, it didn't take me long! Mommy ran cold water over me in the sink, because the tub was hot. My skin was not red and I didn't yowl, so mommy doesn't think I got burned. It was hot, though, and no fun. Mommy hopes that is the last bath I will take!
Love, Nikolai


Oh, What Fun!

January 4th 2009 1:10 pm
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What fun it was being a DDP. I got some new friends, and Romeo and Kujo sent me snowie gifts.
Last night was a gas! I found a new toy called a "milk ring." You can wear it as a bracelet, bat it around, or carry it in your teeth. Last night I also discovered you can bat it against a shoe box and make a drum. Mum came out to see what that noise was.
At about 4, Vincent made an importaint discovery. There was a new, unopened bag of cat food. He tried hard to open it, but the package was really stiff. Mommy came out, and suddenly all 3 of us swarmed her, even though the food bowl was full, we wanted the NEW stuff! So she gave in and put some in the bowl. Not bad. We found about a hundred other ways to keep mommy up. She wanted to get up at 9, but when the alarm went off she'd only had about 3 hours sleep, so she slept in until 11 or so! Mommy says it isn't all our fault, she had a touch of insomnia to. I must say, the service is pretty good in a tiny house like this, because if you make a peep anywhere in it, you are sure to be heard!
Ming chased me this morning! I'm told she used to have a bunny and played chase and wrestling games with her. Maybe I'll get to be her new "bunny." That would be so fun!
Two of my siblings got adopted. Yeah! Two others have a cold still and had to go back to foster care. I still sneeze a bit to. It takes a while for that to stop.
Better go. Love, Nikolai


DDP again!

January 3rd 2009 8:48 pm
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I was DDP again today with some pawsome cats.
Jillia, Mighty Moe, Romeo, and Kujo. It was from Kujo's diary I learned I was a DDP! Thanks, diary girl.
And Buddy and Kujo concatulated me. Thanks, guys!

Well, at about two this morning Vincent and I started playing with our little Christmas tree, so mommy decided to take it down today. She also made a big mess cleaning out the file cabinet and throwing away all the old papers. I liked playing in those papers on the floor!
I got to eat some bits of chicken with Vincent. It was good!
Mommy tells me she went by Petsmart in Cedar Hills to see how my siblings were doing last night. She thought she recognised one little face, but most of the other kitties were big kitties she didn't know. There was a big, long haired dilute calico who was so pretty, and a lovely long haired grey kitty, and some sleek black kitties,orange tigers and some grey kitties with white bibs who all matched. So many lovely kitties! I hope they all get homes. I also hope my siblings got good homes and nice new siblings like I did. I love living with Vincent and Ming.
Have a good weekend every kitty! -Nikolai



January 2nd 2009 3:38 pm
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Mommy has moved my litter box from the bathroom to the catio, just like the big cats! Now I'll just have to remember not to use the bathroom floor where it sat. Mommy is going to try to keep that door closed so I don't forget.
I'm getting bigger! Mommy tries to take lots of pictures, but she says none capture how truly cute I am.
I hear some of my littermates are out of foster care and up for adoption. I hope they will be as happy as I am. I hear they were scared to be moved to the adoption center.
I've developed a fondness for licking mommy's nose. She doesn't seem to enjoy it. She says my breath smells and my tounge hurts her skin. Mommy, frankly you NEED exfoliating. I'm just helping you with that.
I like to get in the bathroom sink. I lick the drain. Maybe that's where my bad breath comes from. Sometimes mommy turns the water on a bit so I can drink.
I like to lay on the keyboard;'67. I typed that last word myself! Maybe I won't need a typist soon. I'm not supposed to lay on the keyboard, however.
Well, that's all for now.
Love, Nikolai



December 29th 2008 10:23 pm
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I have hiccups! Mommy doesn't know why. She's never heard of a kitty having them before. Oh no, now mommy just hiccoughed! We are having them together! Look out, they are contagious. -Nikolai



December 29th 2008 11:02 am
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Thanks, Samoa for the concats on my daily diary pick, and Baby G for the snowman!
Mommy and daddy drove about 100 miles yesterday, and do you know what? They say there is more snow here than anyplace they drove! It is fairly safe to drive here now though, just big piles of snow all over. Let's hope it is done snowing for this winter, I want to see some of that sun everyone talks about. Have a great day! -Nikolai


A Daily Diary Pick!

December 28th 2008 11:16 am
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I think this is my first time being a daily diary pick! I wouldn't have known if Samoa hadn't told me. Thanks, Diary gal!
I'm allowed to sleep on the big bed with the humans and big kitties now! Only last night, Ming wasn't feeling well (she seems to have my cold, oops) so the humans thought I should sleep in my "studio apartment" again so she wouldn't be disturbed. I was okay with it at first, but whenever I heard someone moving around I'd meow to be let out. Mommy finally let me join them again early in the morning. Hopefully Ming will feel better tonight so I won't be locked up in the bathroom again, I like sleeping in a little cave under the covers up near mommy's face. I purr and purr.
And I don't cause too much troubble at night, I mostly knock over food bowls and wrestle loudly with Vincent. If that wakes Ming or anyone else, it isn't intentional.
Mommy is actually impressed by how Ming and Vincent have accepted me. She doesn't know if it the feliway diffuser or if I'm just a perfect fit or a little of both. She has never had a kitten her other cats liked so much so quickly. I'm just such a good boy, I'm irresistible!
I like to run in and out the cat door to the catio and back, zoom, zoom, zoom! And the plastic flap on the door swings like mad! Smack, smack, smack!
Mommy decided I'm big enough for a collar, so she gave me one she made. It is purple with swirlies and flowers and butterflies and a little pink glitter heart. I know it sounds kinda girlie, but it looks good, so who cares. I'm not a picky boy, I enjoy everything anyone gives me for the most part, I'm an easy going boy.
Our snow is melting! I was just starting to think that's what the world always looks like. What a relief.

XXXOOO- Nikolai

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