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Diary of the Day! It is True about Poo!

February 12th 2009 2:13 pm
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Newman was right, I talked about my poopie accident and got Diary of the Day! I guess poo is a hot topic! Thanks for publicising my shame, I think! MOL!
Opus wrote me, and my friend, Nikolai, wrote me to.
Mommy didn't turn on the computer until now. She sleeps all day like a kitty when she works at night. When she got home at 7 am we all came out of the bedroom to greet her. It was really cold and icy and frosty this morning, so Ming didn't wait on the catio for her. We are all so glad when she gets home, especially me, because she has been home with me most of the time since I arrived and I'm used to that.
Mommy says I should remind people who are wondering what to get the cats or the cat lovers in their lives for Valentine's Day that donations to no kill cat shelters and to spay and neuter assistance organizations make great gifts, much better than stuffed animals or toys made in China. What better way to show your love than by saving a precious kitty life? Who needs more "stuff?"
Ok, I've done what she asked. Now I'm going to wrestle with MY Valentine, Vincent. XXXOOO-Nikolai


Poo Pile!

February 11th 2009 4:13 pm
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Dad made a big pile of soft fabric right in the spot in the bathroom where my litter box used to be. How nice! An extra soft place for me to potty! I wasn't sure how to bury it, so I just pulled more of the fabric over it. Mommy went to wash my laundry pile so I could poo in it again. "Ahhhh!" She yelled when she smelt my poopie. Well, what did you expect it to smell like, mommy? She scrape off the poopie best she could, but she still need to wash it all about 400 times. She has to wait, there is clothes in the washer already! Eeeew! Mommy's not happy, she needs to take a nap so she can work tonight, not clean up daddy's messes. She does blame daddy, not me. She says it pretty stupid to leave something like that where a kitty box used to be. Hmmm...I wonder why daddy doesn't have to clean the poopie clothes instead since it is his fault. Funny how mommy is always the one to deal with poopies, pukies, pee-pees, hairballs, plus all the human messes. She gotta go clean all night at work, then come clean up after daddy and us. That isn't right, is it? Humans are funny, if you are a girl human, you've gotta be a house servant AND have a job. Mommy think if that's how it has to be, everybody best pick up after themselves and help her out. I discussed this with Vincent and Ming. We will try to help not make messes. I already pick up after myself if it is a pony tail holder we are talking about, MOL! I try not to poop in clothes pile again, but let's hope daddy doesn't do something stupid like leave one right where my box went! It is confusing! -Niko
P.S. Mommy decided she is going to leave the poopie clothes outside and tell daddy to wash them. Maybe that way he'll remember not to tempt me with piles of laundry where I used to poop. You go, mommy, gotta housebreak him.


Growin' Up!

February 8th 2009 1:25 pm
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Mommy noticed my baby teeth seem to be gone! She wanted to keep them, but she thinks I ate 'em.
This morning mommy was so lazy. She says on her days off she needs to stay up until at least 2 a.m. so she can deal with her grave shifts better. But this means she sleeps in really late! Vincent and I tried to wake her up. Vincent ran back and forth across her, and I jumped up beside her with a pony tail holder for her to throw for me. She pulled the blankets over her head. So we wrestled on top of her, and raced back and forth over and over and raced across the house. She swung the bedroom door shut while we were doing that! Locked out! Then she was in bed until like noon. -Nikolai


Dirty Day!

February 7th 2009 5:59 pm
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I've been a filthy little boy today!
This morning I rolled in the litter box, and although I didn't look dirty (mommy keeps the poopies cleaned out pretty well) I stunk so much dad almost threw up when I jumped on him.
Mommy gave me a sponge bath.
Later dad insisted I be let out for supervised play in the yard, mommy was working in the garden, and she said dad would have to watch me. I hung out with Vincent and Ming for a while, but then I went behind the house and jumped in the slimy koi pond. Mommy decided dad wasn't supervising me too well at that point, and put me in the house to dry off. Luckily the pond is drained so there is only a little water in there.
Later, dad accidentally let me out somehow, much to mommy's dismay. I ran under the house. I wouldn't come out when dad called, so mommy took a board off the other side of the house, and I crawled out to her.
Mommy isn't too happy with dad's "watching" of me. He may "watch," but he doesn't keep me out of troubble. -Nikolai


A Special Visit

January 29th 2009 5:06 pm
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Last night I played rubber band fetch for a long time. It was fun, only a rubber band is a little harder for me to see than a paper ball, so sometimes I'd have troubble finding the darn thing! My favorite things to fetch with are milk rings, rubber bands, pony tail holders, paper balls, and I even tried with a canning jar ring once. It was heavy! Mommy thought it was very funny, as was the noise it made when I drug it on the floor.
Today I had a visitor. The lady who fostered my siblings and I. She played fetch with me and I let her pet me. She gave me a shot to, but from what Vincent says and what I recall about the scary vet, I was lucky to get my vaccination at home and not to have to go there. Vincent decided to be brave and come into the room while she was there, and we demonstrated our wrestling for her. Then she had to go, because some kitties were waiting in her car. I went out to the catio and waved "goodbye" to her. She is helping a bunch of feral kitties from the coast now. Some are orange and have extra toes. They need a lot of patience, because they are afraid of people still.
Mommy tells me to remind everyone to spay and neuter, over 2754 kitties were euthanized at the pound just in our county last year, and every one was as unique and precious a little character, as worthy of a home and love and a long life as you and I. So spread the word about spay and neuter and make adoption the only option, because that just shouldn't happen to kitties, we all should have a home. I'm sure glad Ido! -Nikolai


Snow Again!

January 27th 2009 3:38 pm
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It was snowing again today! Mommy let Vincent out, and I snuck out to and we ran in the snow! Mommy quickly caught me and I struggled mightily. "Brother, help, she's got me!" I yelled, but Vincent was off in the snow enjoying himself. Drat, back in the catio. Mommy says I'm too little for the yard. Vincent would have looked out for me, though. Mommy's a drag sometimes.
In other news, I really like shoulder perching now, and robe-nests.


Gritty Kitty's Keyboard Capers

January 23rd 2009 3:17 pm
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It has been driving mommy nuts. Short drive, she should have walked. Anyway, the "L" kept refusing to be typed. Mommy took the key off, and what did she find lodged under it? Kitty litter! She shook that grain out, but more fell out, and some moved. Now the space bar is acting up some. She says we should wash our paws before we Catster, but gee, mommy, we don't like that! I guess she'll have to vacuum the keyboard! MOL! -Nikolai


Brought to you by the letter "K"

January 19th 2009 3:18 pm
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Today mommy has been in and out, running dishwasher, running vacuum monster, carrying big baskets and boxes. She says it is messy in here and time to clean up. But we like it messy!
She was playing radio on the computer to help drown out the neighbor dogs. The computer radio is called "Pandora" or something like that. It is supposed to be able to pick songs you like according to your tastes, but it started playing something I didn't like. Mom was away, so I jumped on the computer and shut "Pandora" up! Then I decided to google something. I googed the letter "K" then opened the Wikipedia page on "K" and read it. Fascinating! I Wonder if all letters are this interesting. Some of my favorite words start with "K." Kitty, Kitten, Kuddle, Klaw, Kute. What's that, mommy? They do to start with "K," sound them out!


Tardy to the DDP Party

January 18th 2009 9:50 am
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Mommy was gone until like 10 last night, so I didn't know I won DDP until then! Thanks, everyone! Diary gal, The family of ~Romeo~, ~Calamity~, ~Calia~, Henry for the beanie, Hooch, for the ribbon, and The family of Lexi ^PAWS^, Duke ^PAWS^, Reno (Angel) PAWS, Paisan ^PAWS^ and more for the shrimp, and Buddy, Always Loved for the note.
I've been trying to make friends with sister, Ming, more. Mommy says I'm not doing it right. I'm supposed to enchant and intrigue her by playing in front of her until she wants to join in. I just don't have the patience, so I chase her. I am not mean and don't bite and scratch her like Vincent does, however.
Mommy is raising my intelligence rating again, because I haven't done anything bone head like falling in the bath lately. Knock on wood.
Better go, I'm hungry! Love, Niko


New Video Up!

January 13th 2009 8:56 pm
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Mommy got a movie up, and I am the star! I'm on there paying fetch! Not sure what Vincent thinks of it, though. Enjoy! -Nikolai

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