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6 Months Old!

March 30th 2009 4:34 pm
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I'm half a year old now! Mommy says that's a BIG boy! I'm still a cuddly love bug, I still love "fetch" and wrestling with my brother. Mommy hopes I never change.
Yesterday it was nice out, so mommy put my in my harness and took me out. Then Vincent and Ming wanted out to. Vincent kept playing with my harness. He is funny. I talk to bugs when I see them, but they never have anything interesting to say.
I hope mommy finishes securing the yard soon so I can go out without the harness, but she says she really likes that she has one cat who is willing to walk on a leash. I'm a pretty laid back guy, though, it takes a lot to get me mad. XXXOOO-Nikolai



March 26th 2009 5:59 pm
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Ming, Vincent and mommy were all in the yard playing. Mommy was especially playing with Ming, it looked fun! I climbed up the walls of the catio, asking to be let out. Mommy said she would if she could find my harness, but she misplaced it. Waaaah! No fair! I cried very sadly. Mommy needs to find that harness. : ( -Nikolai


Spelling it Out

March 23rd 2009 6:45 pm
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I had a funny spell on Friday. Not a magical spell, but a fainting spell. Here is what happened. Mommy was going through dusty old boxes from the loft. She says she wants to clean the storage loft out so it can be a nice kitty play area instead of people junk storage. While she was sorting, she played rubber band fetch with me. Then she found a laser pointer, and I really liked that! Mommy found some old pictures of Moppet and many other kitties and of the land she wants to buy for a kitty sanctuary in the boxes. She's keeping those. She got rid of lots of junk, though! 2 big boxes.
Later, I was just relaxing in front of the heater. Suddenly I stuck out my little tongue and panted, then I flopped on my side. Ming and mommy were very alarmed. Mommy put her ear to my side, she tells me my heart was racing and my breath was rapid and shallow. She didn't know what to do, so she just sat with me until I recovered. The whole thing lasted maybe 2 minutes, but it was scary. Afterwards, I seemed fine and it was all mommy could do to keep me from racing around the house. Mommy made some phone calls and had a nervous weekend.
Today mommy came in, and I didn't even have time to say hello before she scooped me up and stuck me in the carrying box. She took me to the vet, and there was a lot of waiting. Then I was examined. The vet said my heart and lungs sound fine. It will be hard for him to tell if I have kitty asthma, but he gave mommy and Rx for a bronchiodialator to try next time if it ever happens again. Mommy took me home, and we all got chicken! Yeah!
Mommy wonders if the dusty old boxes caused my attack. Another good reason to get them out of our play loft, if so. XXXOOO-Nikolai


I Went Out!

March 18th 2009 2:50 pm
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It is all pretty and sunny out, so mommy put a harness on me and we went out! I've escaped and been out before a couple times, but mommy says that's bad because I'm too little and the yard isn't totally cat proof yet. Too little? I'm bigger than Ming and SHE gets to go out, though she seldom does. Anyway, something about being too impulsive. I put on a great show of pretending everything was new to me. I "talked" to some gnats, and tried to catch a sleepy honey bee. Then I played with Ming and Vince a bit. Vincent led me places where my leash would get wrapped up, but mommy wouldn't take it off. Nice try, Vince. The camera got all full pretty quick. I was quite good on my leash, until Vince and Ming started to run. I wanted to run to! I almost yanked mommy's shoulder out! MOL!
Mommy didn't sleep enough before her shift last night, so she is so tired she can hardly keep her eyes open. Otherwise I would have gotten to be out longer. If she didn't have to work tonight, she'd take me out longer anyway. She wants to be in the sun to. Darn! Maybe we'll all go have a nice nap together at least.
Get well and feel better wishes to Hooch and Sammy and Zack and all the other sick kitties out there. Love, Nikolai


Doorway to Oblivion

March 15th 2009 1:35 pm
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I tried to get mommy up for fetch, I dropped a pony tail holder on her face at about 3 in the morning and she took it away. Later this morning I had zoomies. I ran out through my cat door, then in again, over and over again. The door was slapping and slamming loudly, then, guess what? The whole cat door in its frame popped out, and was stuck around my middle! It has been observed that I have become a bit plump, but hardly plump enough to justify that! I was scared! I ran across the room, and smashed into the food and water dishes. Water was all over, but the crash freed me of the door. Then mommy got up, I guess all this was very loud. I was outside, and the other kitties had gotten up to go outside through our new door hole to. Mommy made sure I was alright, then went back to bed, because it was early. Maybe the door game is bad! What else was there to do?


A Tired Mommy

March 11th 2009 7:00 pm
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Hi, I've been a busy boy, but not writing much.
Mommy got a cold at her night job, and together, the night job and cold wiped her out. It didn't help that last night she had allergies to! How does she know she had allergies to? She was around a doggy and her eyes got red and the cold symptoms got worse and cold meds stopped helping. I'm glad I'm not allergic to anything. She took allergy pills when she got home at 7am, then she went to sleep until 6pm. She was fun to lay on all day. For a while, Ming meowed for pettings from her right hand and I meowed for them from her left. She is very obedient to us, even when she is asleep! She gave us clumsy sleep pets.
After she finally got up, she played fetch with me. She threw the ponytail holder poorly, but I played with her for a while anyway. Then, I jumped on the counter and intentionally knocked down the jar of treats.Normally she wouldn't reward this behavior, but she is so sleepy she opened the jar and gave Ming and I some treats.
Mommy has to work one more grave shift this week. I will miss her, but look forward to her sleeping all day again. -Vince


Vet Visit!

March 3rd 2009 12:28 pm
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Mommy took me to the vet today for shots. I weigh 9 pounds now! That is 2 lbs more than my big sister, Ming! Funny thing is, mummy didn't know this so she put me in the little carrier and Ming in the big one. Ming has lots of fluff, so she looks bigger. Plus, she hates to be picked up, so mommy seldom gets to "weigh" her in that way. I still have at least 6 lbs to gain to be as big as Vincent. Mommy says I'll probably be growing for another 6 months or so.
I got a rabies shot and a feline leukemia shot. Ouch! I was a very good boy, however!

Hooch is still feeling very bad and has barfies a lot. I wonder if they can give him medicine for his barfies. In Oregon they let some humans use controversial plants to control their barfies, but a doc has to say it is okay. Mommy says sick people and kitties need all the options possible, because it is not fun to feel terrible all the time. I would hope there is something kitties can take for barfies as well, but maybe the kitties barf that back up to! Maybe it would need to be a liquid or an inject-able so that wouldn't happen. We are so concerned about him, feeling barfie is miserable. Mommy says she prefers being in pain to feeling barfie, it is so miserable to feel barfie. I hope he can find something to eat he can keep down, and that they get to the root of his troubble quickly. From his diary he seems to feel barfiest in the morning.
I'm told Sammy is still not well either. I don't know if or when his meds will start keeping the fluid in his chest down, but I hope they work soon.
It is terrible so many kitties are feeling poorly. Our get well wishes go out to them. -Nikolai


Rainy day fun!

February 25th 2009 9:33 pm
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I had fun today. Mommy came home early in the morning. I poked my head out the cat door to say "Hi." She took a bath then slept and slept. We slept on her. Then she got up and played with us. Then she slept again and we slept on her more. Then she got up to hold and play with us more! I like it, she is like a big, bald kitty; sleep and play, sleep and play. Nice of her to rearrange her sleeping habits just for us.
She wanted to go to the gym before work, but Vincent sat on her lap. He does that so seldom now, mommy can't stand to miss a moment of holding him when he does, so she stayed. Yippee! If she ends up dying of a heart attack from her cat-like lifestyle, at least she'll be remembered as a #1 kitty mommy! -Nikolai


Real Monster

February 17th 2009 3:38 pm
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Mommy says a little kitten about my age just died of FIP. I don't understand. Kittens are strong and active, how can they die? Mommy says it is a very bad disease that likes to kill you even more if you are a kitten. What? That is messed up! I've never heard anything so terrible. And this kitten had a brother, just like I do, who loved to play with him and who is all alone now and who hopefully won't develop FIP to. Cripes, this is awful, mommy is scarring the poo out of me. Mommy says she is scared to, and she'll never stop being scared of FIP. She says the vaccine is no good and dangerous, so don't get it. Being an indoor kitty won't eliminate the risk. Not much you can do about this monster. Poor Charlie, poor Merlin. All we can do is send them our love, and let their human know there was nothing they could have done. I go cry now. -Nikolai



February 12th 2009 5:25 pm
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Karma kitty who was a pick with me sent me a big, sloppy, human kiss! My favorite kind! Mercy sent me a Purrty red ribbon, and
The Family of Reno (Angel) PAWS, Paisan ^PAWS^, Buddy ^PAWS^, Chase ^PAWS^, Sasha ^PAWS^, Dylan ^PAWS^, Emma ^PAWS^, Eva ^PAWS^, Missy ^PAWS^, Olivia ^PAWS^, Whiskers ^PAWS^, Molly ^PAWS^, Heidi ^PAWS^ and Raven ^PAWS^ sent me a blue one.

I got a big heart from my fellow rescued/foster kitties, The Family of Freddie (Adopted!!!), Eddie (Adopted!!!), Nala (Aka Stephanie Adopted), Max (Aka Elton Adopted!), Calli (aka Abby Adopted!), Sake (aka Charli Adopted!), Domo (aka JR Adopted!), Sala (aka Pepper Adopted!), Tabitha (Adopted!), Oliver (aka Nibbles Adopted!!), Dillon (Adopted!!), Tibbs (aka Tidbit Adopted!!!), Chili (Adopted!!!), Daisy (Adopted!!!), Kismet (aka Zippy Adopted!!!), Keiko (aka Spunky Adopted!!!), Charlie (aka Dinky Adopted!!!), Pixie (Adopted!!!), Milo (aka Noah Adopted!), Twinkle (Adopted!!!), Dottie (aka Spirit Adopted!!!), Muffin (Angel Baby) *PAWS*, Milisin (aka Mindy Adopted!!!), Buster (aka Hunter Adopted!!!) and Tyler (Adopted!!!)

I got another big human kiss from The Family of Samoa, Calvin, Violet, Gleek, Spunky, Sugar and Newman and Hooch gave me a gold star!
Thanks, everyone! I had fun, even though mommy slept through half my day! MOL! -Nikolai

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