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June 13th 2009 1:56 pm
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Whenever mommy lets me out of the catio, the first thing I do is go to the little garden. I dig a big hole, and pee pee pee. Mommy says it is kinda gross, but she also told me she has planted pees and leaks there. I never saw her do that, but I figure if it is good enough for her pees and leaks, it is good enough for mine! -Niko


Old School!

June 4th 2009 8:50 am
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Mommy has noticed I love to roll around on cardboard. Back when she was little, there was a fad called "break dancing" where people would spin around on cardboard on their backs and such. Every once in a while the fad comes back for 5 minutes or so, but never as strong or for as long as it was popular back then.
Well, I enjoy it, I can spin and roll on that cardboard pretty good, although mommy hasn't seen me do a head spin yet. Now I need a beat box and I'll be set. Oh, and maybe a time machine, and a headband and parachute pants. -Nikolai


and mommy took it away!

May 30th 2009 2:09 pm
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I had a little mouse. I would bat him, and he'd run and hide under something. It was fun. I didn't hurt him. Mommy said he was scared, and she picked him up and put him outside of the catio. I think he likes me and he'll just come back in again. -Nikolai


My First Mouse

May 22nd 2009 12:17 am
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I got a mouse today! Yippee! Mom was grossed out. She doesn't mind kitties eating mice so much, but doesn't like it when we play with them. She thinks it is gross.
I has a good time playing under supervision in the yard today to.


Buzzy Busy Bees!

May 19th 2009 10:50 am
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Mommy has been so busy, in our garden and away at some place called the "community garden." She says there are kitties there to, and that is good because they will help keep starlings and gophers and wild bunnies from destroying the garden. At least mommy hopes so.
I've been busy to. It was 90 degrees yesterday, and mommy had the door open a lot. Some flies got in. I love to play with flies and catch them in my little paws and eat them. Mommy says eating them could give me worms, but I don't care.
I have gotten to go outside for many supervised outings. If I get out of mommy's sight she calls and looks for me until she finds me. She says I need to work on my "here kitty-kitties."
Last night it rained, and today it is cloudy. Maybe mommy will get some indoor work done for a change.

We are thinking of a Pearl Harbor vet (not the kind who takes your temp) who is very sick in the hospital right now. All the Pearl Harbor vets mommy knows are either gone or going soon, mommy hopes someone got their stories down right first. Mommy's gramp was there to, mommy wishes she'd written his stories down word per word, but he didn't like to talk about it much, it was a terrible memory for him. People need to document their histories, even if they are bad, so others will know and learn. Maybe some of your humans will record the stories of a vet for a Memorial day activity.


Dirty, Dirty, Unspeakably Dirty Deeds.

May 13th 2009 12:31 pm
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Mommy is enjoying her first week of unemployment. Today she decided to do the laundry dad piled up over the week. No, don't move that mommy! I said. Too late, the you-know-what had hit the fan, and the mommy. She found my new poo stash! She thought she smelt something as she picked up the clothes, and a poo fell on her leg. She screamed so loud! Apparently now ANY pile of clothing is my target. At least, any pile of DAD's clothing. Mommy found at least 3 poops in the pile. She almost threw up. I stood next to her as she tried to pick up the mess and "helped" by making digging motions in the carpet. She dumped the poo in the toilet, and washed away as much as she could, then she took the first load (snicker) of clothes away to be washed. Now she just has to wait until she can run it again, then she has 2 more loads to doubble wash. Guess she knows what she'll be doing all day.
I like the litter boxes and they are frequently emptied, although the grown-ups poo outside, so I pretty much have 2 boxes to myself. Mommy suspects the initial laundry pooping incident when dad plied clothes where my litter box had been set the association between a good place to poo and dad's clothes in my mind.
Mommy is disappointed, but at least the laundry place is within walking distance. So she can have a much needed drink and watch a bad movie between washes. She is watching "Cannonball Run." She's already seen "Kitty With Runs." MOL!
Sorry mommy, at least you don't have to go to work tonight and do laundry there to.


May 11th 2009 11:43 am
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Mommy has been letting me have some well supervised off leash outdoor time lately in the yard. It is fun. I like sniffing flowers and watching birds, but bugs are my favorite things, paws down. I play and play with them.
The following news may be upsetting to some kitties.

Mommy had to quit her job the other day, she said that the new resident in the home she worked at had killed a cat before! She just couldn't stand to serve such a person, and worries they may even do it again. Mommy thinks there are prisons and mental hospitals for good reason and such people should be kept in them until they die, but many humans think everything can be blamed on "illness" that can be "controlled" with pills and talking. Maybe because there is money in that for the drug companies. Mommy thinks that you can't "treat" those who have no empathy or conscience and thinking you can is dangerous. Anyway, she isn't supposed to talk about this stuff much, for some reason. Funny how criminals have more rights than anyone else, it seems. Mommy was really sad she had to quit for a while, but we cheered her up, and now she has gardening to keep her busy. She is glad to be out of there.
I don't understand why someone would hurt a cat.
I feel the world is very safe for me and all kitties, I'm not afraid of anything, but mommy tries to explain dangers to me. She says I must never leave the yard and must not expect strange cats, dogs or people to play nice with me. I must be wary and careful. But I just love everyone and everything, I don't think anyone would ever hurt me. Mommy says it is a tough world for my people, kitty kind, and she can't change that and can only try to protect the few cats she can and help spay and neuter all she can. Lots of other humans try to protect and help us to, but there are too many kitties to protect and way too many mean and irresponsible people. I don't understand all that. I think Ming does, she is the oldest and most wary of us. I'm a lover, though, and oblivious to danger. Vincent knows there is danger, but thinks himself able to take it all on.
I guess there is a lot that goes on in the world that I don't understand, and don't want to understand.



April 16th 2009 3:37 am
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I got to be outside with mommy today. Mommy put me in my harness while she re-potted tomato plants. I talked to bugs and tried to catch them with my paws. I'd catch them, alright, but when I moved my paw to look at them, they fly away! I am always filled with wonder and bliss and so happy to be outside.
I'm a good boy on my harness. I quietly entertain myself, but if my leash gets caught on something I call to mommy and she comes and fixes it.
It took a long time for mommy to re-pot all those plants and stick them in the greenhouse, which is good for me because it meant more time outside. I gave her a start, however. She was in the greenhouse watering, and I had a hairball attack. She couldn't hear me wheezing at first, then she ran out and took me out of my harness. I purr and purr when she takes that thing off! I'm alright but mommy freaks whenever any of us seems to be having a hairball fit. Mommy put me back in the house while she finished with the plants, and I ate.


Magic Mantle!

April 8th 2009 10:28 pm
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We noticed a funny scratching sound coming from the fireplace mantle last night, and tonight, it made squeaking sounds!
Boy, I wish I could get in there! The mantle is hollow and made of wood. Some part of the fireplace other than the chimney must have a hole that goes outside, because something is living in the mantle! And no one can get to it. Mommy says some years ago a big rat got in the mantle and decided to live there! He had a special tunnel from the mantle to the outside, and since the crawlspace under the house is too shallow for a human, no one could plug up his way in. Eventually, he made a hole in the mantle itself so he could get in the house! Mommy saw him, and the kitties saw him to. No one was fast enough to get him. Mommy tried to trap him with a glue pad and a mean snap trap to, but although she blocked off the bookshelf near the mantle with cardboard so kitties wouldn't get up there near the hole and where she put the traps, Moppet jumped up there! She didn't get hurt, but she got the glue pad stuck to her foot and was really scared, and mommy decided the snap trap was simply too dangerous to ever use, even in a place where she thought kitties couldn't get it. You know us kitties, no matter what pains a human goes through to keep us out of something, we find a way. Mommy didn't really want to kill the rat, either. She just wanted him to stay out. So mommy thought about what to do, and she decided to plug up the hole with expanding insulation foam and bits of broken glass. That way the rat decides it isn't worth cutting his hands to dig through. It worked! The rat gave up getting in the house, and eventually left the mantle to.
But now there is a new one. If it really wants to, it can chew through the wooden mantle in a new spot and come into the house! I so hope it does, I want to play with it. Mommy, needless to say, doesn't. I wonder why the rat doesn't use the cat door. Maybe because it smells like cats. Anyway, maybe mommy will tear out the mantle and find the hole to the outside and plug it up with expanding foam insulation and broken glass some day so the rats don't come again. She isn't looking forward to that chore, however, because there must be old rat's nests in there. Then, there is the matter of putting the mantle together again, which could be easy or hard, depending on what she finds inside. She isn't exactly sure how it goes together. She says she hopes the rat decided to leave the mantle on its own. I think maybe it isn't a rat, but the Easter bunny. -Nikolai


Fun Outside!

April 7th 2009 9:20 am
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Mommy has been letting me outside on a harness lately when it is nice. She has these funny pet plants that live in the house, when it is nice she takes them out to. She says she needs to harden them off. I decided to help her make them tough and hard, and rolled on them. "Eeee!" She yelled. That scared me. She decided I was done being out for the day. But the next day was even more fun. I figured out how to unwrap my leash by backtracking when I go around something. Mommy was impressed. She says in psychology they tell people only monkeys and humans can do that. Maybe it depends on how wrapped up the leash is around something. Mommy always watches me on the leash, she doesn't leave me alone on it ever. A small, smelly dog came to say "hi." I was really brave, I've seen him from the catio. I swatted him like the other cats do, but I wasn't afraid. He didn't want to play and went away. The other kitties played with me, though, and I found bugs to talk to.
I have a slide show of my day yesterday up now. Yippee! But it made my background go away. Boo! Mommy will figure it out. She got a couple good ones, although her camera is terrible and slow and doesn't like to focus. That thing made in China, Mom? It isn't supposed to be, but probably is.
Mommy's favorite picture of me is the new #1 on my page. It isn't the best picture, she just thinks it shows my purrsonality and is most representative of my usual behavior of being a snugly little baby, and she likes my smile in it to. I was smiling because she took that harness off to hold me! The humans need to get back to work on cat-proofing the yard so I don't have to wear it. Isn't dad a carpenter or something? What is the hold up? Spring is here! -Niko

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