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Dalton's Diary

Playing Tag

November 13th 2008 1:24 pm
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I decided to start a diary because I got tagged by Rosie the Cat, to play a Diary Tag game. Thanks Rosie!

But, since I don't have an official name yet, I decided that my diary won't either! When I get one, I will re-name it too. So there!
Okay, 7 Interesting facts about me:

1) I learned to get up on the big bed all by myself now.

2) But, I prefer to sleep in the living room on a box daddy brought home.

3) I can run faster than Griffin. He gives up too easily.

4) Larke and I eat special kitten food together in a separate room, and she and I keep switching bowls, back and forth throughout our meal. (Hers tastes better, even if it is the same thing as mine)

5) My eyes are still changing color, first almost blue, then blue/green, now green/gray.

6) Daddy's beard is still better than a scratching post. (Mom trimmed my nails)

7) My favorite toy so far is a Beanie Baby rhinoceros that I can wrestle with and rabbit kick!

Now I am tagging :
Newman, One of my very first friends on Catster.
Zaynie, a really cool dude and good pal.
Mathis der Meowler, a wonderful family friend who I hope I grow up to look just like.
Velvet Rose , a very pretty girl and sweet friend....and....
Dexter Duff Goldman, my newest pal, and a great guy.

If any of you have been tagged already, then you don't have to do it again!
If you do want to play, just list seven interesting things about yourself, then pick five friends and send a pmail or a rosette to let them know to read your diary for instructions. Thank you!

Purrrzzz, Little Gray Guy


I'm Official!

November 15th 2008 6:07 pm
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This is a special day!
I have been named, finally!

I wanted to thank all my friends in the Shades of Gray group, and at the Samoa's Detective Agency group, for helping with name suggestions! Ultimately they chose one that was not on the list. Go figure.
Mom said she would know it when she heard it, and she did. She says I am her little man in a gray flannel suit. Does that mean I have to carry a briefcase too? Maybe I can put my toys in it?

Now I have another problem that I need help with.
I need a new name for my diary. Mathis suggested I call it "Dalton's Diary With No Name", until I figure out one...sooo...if you have any suggestions for a diary title, will you write me?

Many thanks!
Big purrzz from a little guy,



February 15th 2009 9:32 pm
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Tomorrow morning I am going to the vet to have my "big boy" surgery.
I don't know much about this stuff, but my brothers say it's no big deal.
Should I believe them? Tell me the truth now!
I can always hide in the morning. :)
And how come I had to go to bed with no supper? Well, I did get canned food early, but my midnight snacks of kibble are all gone. I'm a growing boy, don't they know that?
Anyway, I am going to bed now.
Will you purr for everything to go well? My sister Larke is going with me. She would like some purrs too because she is a little scared. I told her I'll hold her paw. I might be little, but I am brave.
Goodnight my pals.

Purrzz, Dalton


Home At Last

February 19th 2009 8:06 pm
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Oh man, am I ever glad to be back home, and on the big bed again!
Okay, it was only a couple days, but it seemed longer...

Let me tell you...those people at the vet's office are nice, but they sure poke around, and do all kinds of things that I would rather not talk about! One of them told mom that she wanted to smuggle me away. I think she thinks I'm cute. :)

Anyway...I guess you heard, I got my pockets picked! That seems to be the right of passage, so now I will grow up to be a nice healthy big cat. I also got some shots, and some ear medicine. I have a little infection in one ear, but no big deal. I have a new kind of pain medicine too. It goes on my ear. It's called "trans-dermal". No pills, yay!
I ended up staying an extra day because mom and dad worked out of town, and couldn't get home in time to bail me out. I apologize to my pals that might have worried because I did not write. I was going to have Griffin write for me, but he had other things to do. He's a busy guy.

Larke was with me the whole time, and had a "room" next to me. She is going to start a diary, so she will tell her own story. We are both doing great, no worries. :)

I would like to thank the nice friends who wrote while I was "indisposed".
Thank you Mathis and family, Loki and family, Moozer and family, Casey and family, Oliver and family, Thomas, and Twix!
I really appreciated the notes and the rosettes.
I will be sending you thank you notes as soon as I get my computer turn again.

I'm going to go pick a nice spot on the blanket now.
Goodnight everypaw!

Purrzz, Dalton


I'm ONE!

August 27th 2009 10:53 pm
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It's after midnight here, so I am officially one year old! YAY!

I want to thank my Uncle Wally. for making my birthday picture and my wallpaper! I love it, I really do.
And thank you daddy, for helping mom figure out how to turn the text white so we could read it!
Also, thanks to lovely Icebox for publishing those cool font codes. My mom is a little bit less computer illiterate now! :)

I have BIG plans for my first birthday! The first thing I am going to do in the morning is play with the Da Bird! Then a Fancy Feast breakfast in bed...well maybe not in bed.
Next, a nap on the tile of the shower. That's the coolest place in the house. It got to 100 degrees today, and is supposed to be the same tomorrow. We all can't wait for Fall to get here.
When daddy and mom get home from work, daddy promised to get out the laser light. I could chase that red dot all day!

I have already gotten some birthday greetings!
My Angel twin, Edward. sent a cone. Thanks for the ice cream, my friend!
Alfie, Teddy Bearz, and Wally sent a birthday hat and ice cream too! I will eat the hat and wear the cone! :) Thank you!
My other three brother friends, Mr.Fez, Mickey, and Linus sent a yummy cupcake! Mmmmm! Purrrrz.
My Catster big brother, Mathis der Meowler, and his family, Belle, Antoine, Entrechat Cat, Clara, Figaro, and Dusty sent me the Earth rosette and the nicest note.
Thanks to all who have made my first birthday so nice already!

I hope I will get to party with some of my other friends too, later today.

I guess I better get to sleep, or the Birthday Santa might not leave my presents!

Purring happily,


Cat Of The Day!

September 14th 2009 9:07 am
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OMC!!! OMC!!! OMC!!!


I have to come back later to say thank you to everycat for all the great notes and gifts because mom has to go to work out of town today, but she says she will be smiling every mile! She is very proud of me. :)
Thank you, HQ, for your pawsome honor. I will puff my chest out, and be a very happy CAT OF THE DAY!!! I still can't believe it's happening! I wish Zack was here to see this. He would be so proud too.

Many, many thanks!!!! See ya later!

Love and excited purrz, Dalton


What A Day!!!

September 14th 2009 8:50 pm
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Meows everyone!
I'm sorry it is so late, almost 11pm, mom just got home from out of town, and looked at my page! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!
I had an amazing day, and I can't wait to write all about it, but if it's okay, I am going to do that tomorrow, and thank everyone tomorrow too.
Mom says she is super-duper-poopered tonight.

Just one last thanks to the Catster Team, for my honor, and lots of purrz to my friends, both old and new! I'm not sure I will be able to sleep tonight! BIG PURRZ!

Lotz of Luv, Dalton


Trip To The Vet

April 5th 2010 4:07 pm
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Did everyone have a nice Easter? I did, but this afternoon I was doing the "Bunny Hop". Mom said, "Dalton, what's wrong with your paw? I squeaked a little when she touched it, so she called the vet.
In the carrier I went. I was quiet as a mouse on the ride over.
When my vet checked me over, he found a tiny cut on my paw. He said it might be a bite, but there was only one place, so mom thinks it was a cut. Plus, my siblings don't normally bite, except for Pete, who likes to bite the back of our necks. He must have watched too many vampire movies when he was a kitten. Anyway, I am gonna be fine, I just have to take some antibiotic pills for ten days. The vet said I should be feeling lots better in about two to three days. I'm already feeling better to be home.

Also, while I was there, there was a lady with a beautiful Seal Point Siamese wrapped in a towel. His name was Cherokee, and he was going to the Bridge.
His mom let mom love on him while they waited. Cherokee was 18 1/2 years old. He was blind and deaf, but they said he still purred nonstop, and even with hardly any teeth, he ate the dogs food. Mom said cats are so remarkable. They adapt to whatever life throws their way.
I was hoping our friends will say a prayer for Cherokee and his family.

Uh oh, here comes dad with the "piller".
*looks for a place to hide*
*ssshh, don't tell him that I'm under the bed*

Extra quiet purrz, Dalton


My First Angel Days

March 9th 2015 1:54 pm
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*Dalton folds his new wings back and tears across the meadow*

Wow, these add lots of aerodynamics! They won't let me use them to fly yet, I have to finish flight training at the Bridge Angel Flight School first. Then Enzo and I will have races!

I've got loads to study so I just wanted to give some special thanks to all the wonderful families that sent such comforting messages and gifts to me and mom. She cried as she read every one today and I tried to send her some love and tell her I'm gonna be fine here. I know she still wants me back home. Wish I could go there too.

Well, I have a tree to climb, a pond to enjoy watching the fish, and many angel friends to catch up with...oh and study my flight manual.

I'll also be writing some purrsonal thanks to everyone soon too.

Luv & Purrz,


Beautiful Memorial Picture

March 12th 2015 5:05 am
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I've just got a moment, they keep you real busy here at the Bridge at first. Zack says that's so you won't miss home so much, kinda like Boot Camp.
But I had to let everyone know to come see my beautiful new picture that Big Harry and his big family made for me! Isn't it nice? Kate got one too but mom hasn't put it on yet because she can only use the computer a little at a time until her arm heals.

Thanks Big Harry and your pawsome momma!


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