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9 Best Cat Subscription Boxes in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on January 24, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team


9 Best Cat Subscription Boxes in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

RescueBox Buying a subscription box for your cat can be a real win-win: Your kitty gets all sorts of awesome treats and toys every month, and you’re saved from making multiple trips to the pet store. What’s there not to like?

The downside, of course, is that you could get stuck with a subscription that sends you a box full of useless junk each month (which isn’t a total loss as far as your cat’s concerned, because hey, free box).

In these reviews, we look at the top subscription services out there to see which ones are actually worth the money, so you can sign up for one that will make both you and your cat happy.

divider-catclaw1 A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
RescueBox RescueBox
  • Proceeds help rescue animals
  • Good mix of toys and treats
  • Pieces are all high quality
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Pet Treater Pet Treater
  • Good value for the price
  • Multi-cat packs available
  • Everything made in either U.S. or Canada
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    VetPet Box VetPet Box
  • All items are vet-approved
  • Focus is on healthy treats and rewarding toys
  • Items are targeted toward your specific cat
  • Best for Kittens
    KitnipBox KitnipBox
  • Multi-cat pack available
  • Quite affordable
  • Also includes healthy treats
  • meowbox meowbox
  • At least one item is locally sourced
  • Many toys and treats are unique to Meowbox
  • Donates can of food to rescue cats for each box sold
  • The 9 Best Cat Subscription Boxes

    1. RescueBox — Overall Best Cat Subscription Box

    RescueBox monthly subscription for cats
    Photo Credit: Courtesy of TheAnimalRescueSite

    If you care about more than cats than just your own, RescueBox offers a great way to help cats in need while providing your own kitties with plenty of entertainment.

    The proceeds from each box go toward feeding shelter animals — 142 per box, in fact. There are both cat- and dog-themed boxes, each of which contains five products for your little furry friend. The cat boxes include toys, treats, and catnip.

    The items are all high-quality, although the boxes are a bit on the pricey side, so you may not save as much money as you would with some other options.

    You’ll find a good variety of items each month, but there’s no way to customize what you get. The toys do a good job of appealing to both younger and more mature cats, though.

    RescueBox manages to provide plenty of fun for your cats while saving the lives of others, which is why we consider it the best cat subscription box overall.

    • Proceeds help rescue animals
    • Good mix of toys and treats
    • Pieces are all high quality
    • Toys suitable for cats of all ages
    • Also offers boxes geared toward dogs
    • On the pricey side
    • Can’t customize what you get

    2. Pet Treater — Best Value

    Pet Treater cat pack subscription
    Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pet Treater

    You can spoil your cat without wrecking your budget in the process, thanks to Pet Treater. In fact, we feel that it’s the best cat subscription box for the money.

    There are only three to four items in each box, which is less than most of the competition offers, but these boxes cost around half as much. The toys and treats are all well-made as well, and they only come from the U.S. or Canada.

    If that’s not enough for you, the brand also offers a multi-cat pack that’s a bit more expensive but comes with five to eight items instead. The multi-cat pack costs roughly what you’d pay for a single cat box at other sites.

    You can’t customize your orders, but they do allow you to list certain requirements, such as allergies and other preferences. They do as much as they can to accommodate your pet’s needs, which is a nice touch.

    The items in this cat monthly box include a good range of fun and practical, so there’s something in each box for both you and your cat. However, if you’re mostly looking for entertainment for your kitty, you might want to look elsewhere.

    Pet Treater manages to pack a surprising amount of value into an affordable box, making it a no-brainer selection for this list.

    • Good value for the price
    • Boxes include mix of practical and fun items
    • Multi-cat packs available
    • Company tries to accommodate allergies and preferences
    • Everything made in either U.S. or Canada
    • Fewer items than other boxes
    • Not as heavy on toys and treats as competition

    3. VetPet Box — Premium Choice

    cat VetPet box
    Photo Credit: Courtesy of VetPet Box

    Cat subscription boxes are fun for your pet, but most of them are a bit lacking in the health and nutrition departments. Let’s face it: They’re like having McDonald’s delivered to your cat every month (complete with Happy Meal toys).

    That’s not the case with VetPet Box, though. Every item in each shipment has to be approved by at least two veterinarians before they’ll send it to your cat, so you know that the things that they send are high-quality.

    The introductory quiz is a bit more involved for this box, as they ask for all the normal demographic information (type, size, and age of your pet, etc.) and more detailed info, like allergies and play styles. The result is a box that’s closely targeted to your cat’s needs.

    Inside each box, you’ll find nutritious treats, fulfilling toys, and a healthcare product (such as a shampoo or toothpaste). They also provide health and wellness information for owners, so you can give your cat the best care possible.

    All of this isn’t cheap, of course, and it is one of the most expensive boxes out there. Also, the treats are healthy, which means they may not be as tasty as the junk food sent by some other boxes. Your cat may turn up their nose at a few of the bags.

    If you want to keep your cat healthy as well as entertained, though, it’s hard to beat the VetPet Box.

    • All items are vet-approved
    • Focus is on healthy treats and rewarding toys
    • Includes a health and wellness product each month
    • Items are targeted toward your specific cat
    • Expensive
    • Treats may not be as tasty as less-healthy options

    4. KitNipBox — Best for Kittens

    KitNipBox cat subscription
    Image credit: Courtesy of KitNipBox

    While just about any of the boxes on this list can be equally suitable for young cats as they are for older kitties, KitNipBox is toy-heavy, which means your kitten should absolutely flip for it.

    That’s not to say that it’s all fun and games, though. There are healthy treats inside (often grain-free), as well as catnip accessories. Still, the toys are the star of the show.

    There are at least five items in each box, and it’s not unusual for three to four of them to be toys. Your little kitty won’t run out of entertainment anytime soon.

    It’s affordable as well, and they have a multi-cat box option if you’re outnumbered in your home. There isn’t much in the way of customization available, and they can’t accommodate allergies or anything like that (although you can tell them to not include food products at all).

    Don’t expect the toys to be high-end, though. They’re not cheap per se, but you can definitely see how the company makes a profit despite having a low price point. Also, there are usually at least two of the same type of toy in each box, which is a bit disappointing.

    Your cat likely won’t mind, though, so if you want to keep that new kitten busy, an order from KitNipBox should do the trick.

    • Toy-heavy
    • Quite affordable
    • Also includes healthy treats
    • Multi-cat pack available
    • Little in the way of customization options
    • Toys aren’t the highest quality
    • Often includes similar-type toys in same box

    5. meowbox

    Meowbox subscription what's in the box
    Image credit: Courtesy of meowbox

    meowbox is one of the biggest names in cat subscription boxes, and they’ve earned that spot by offering high-quality treats and toys every month.

    They’re also notable for supporting small businesses, as each box contains at least one item that’s artisanal-made. For each box sold, they donate a can of food to a cat in need as well.

    Unlike some other boxes which simply aggregate toys and treats from other sources, many of meowbox’s items are made specifically for the company, so you won’t be able to buy them elsewhere.

    Each box has a theme, and inside, you’ll find a variety of healthy treats and toys. However, sometimes the theme is a classic box, which means they’re just recycling old items.

    While the food items are made in the U.S. or Canada, the toys are mostly from China, so don’t expect them to last forever. They rely heavily on catnip as well, so if your cat doesn’t like to party, they may not enjoy what’s inside.

    You can’t go too far wrong with meowbox, but if you look harder, you’ll probably be able to find a less-famous brand that does a better job.

    • At least one item is locally sourced
    • Many toys and treats are unique to meowbox
    • Donates can of food to rescue cats for each box sold
    • Occasionally recycles box contents
    • Relies heavily on catnip toys
    • Toys mostly made in China

    6. Smalls

    Smalls human grade cat food subscription
    Image credit: Courtesy of Smalls

    Smalls is a bit different from some other boxes, as it’s purely a food subscription service. If you care deeply about what your cat eats — and can afford to buy them the very best — Smalls deserves your attention.

    There are two basic types of food offerings: human-grade fresh and freeze-dried raw. Both options are loaded with protein, and neither includes cheap carbs, grains, or other unsavory ingredients. As you might expect, this is all incredibly expensive.

    The signup survey asks questions about your cat’s preferences, including what food textures they like, so it’s unlikely that your kitty will turn their nose up at what’s inside. If you have an especially picky eater on your hands, though, they’ll refund your initial order if it doesn’t get consumed.

    While their foods are based around a cat’s natural diet, they’re not necessarily suitable for all animals. They can be high in phosphorous, which isn’t ideal for cats with kidney disease and other health issues.

    They’ve also endured a few (voluntary) recalls, and their model is a bit manipulative. They offer you a sample pack for a low price, but if you don’t cancel, they’ll automatically charge your card for a full month’s supply.

    Your cat will likely love the food that Smalls mails you each month — even if your wallet may not agree.

    • High-quality cat food loaded with protein
    • Can customize food based on cat’s preferred texture
    • Refunds first order if cat won’t eat it
    • Not suitable for all cats
    • Been subject to a few recalls
    • Signs you up for automatic shipments if you buy sample package
    • Incredibly expensive

    7. BoxCat

    BoxCat subscription sisal blanket
    Image credit: Courtesy of BoxCat

    Each month, you can get a BoxCat shipment loaded with items that you won’t find in other subscription boxes, like scratchers, tunnels, hammocks, and more. If you don’t want to deal with a monthly box, though, you can also get four giant seasonal boxes instead.

    Not only that, but you’ll find handmade treats, skincare treatments, and other high-end options. This box has better variety than just about any other subscription service out there. Many of their items are designed for larger breeds, so your Maine Coon won’t have to settle for rinky-dink toys.

    The quality of the toys isn’t uniform, though, and there will be occasional stinkers. The treats are a little unusual too, so your cat may not be too keen on expanding their palate. They can be quite hard as well, so older cats may have difficulty eating them.

    The skincare items are a nice touch, but they’re a little bit unnecessary as well. You’re better off just buying something that your cat actually needs than taking a shot in the dark with a random skincare product.

    BoxCat offers products that you won’t find in any other subscription boxes, but they may need to spend a little more time nailing down the basics first.

    • Can get seasonal boxes
    • Includes large items like mats and hammocks
    • Many items designed for larger breeds
    • Toys aren’t all high-quality
    • Treats may be too hard for older cats
    • Skincare items a bit unnecessary
    • Many cats don’t like treat flavors

    8. Nom Nom

    Nom Nom chicken cuisine subscription
    Image credit: Courtesy of Nom Nom

    A food-based subscription service, the artfully named Nom Nom sends your cat meals that have been designed by a veterinary nutritionist, ensuring that they get the healthiest food possible.

    The food includes ingredients like chicken thigh, breast, and organ meat and nutritious veggies, like carrots and spinach. It’s extremely high in moisture, but the protein levels are surprisingly low at just 18%.

    The meals do come pre-portioned, with strict calorie controls, so chubby cats should do well with the service. However, you might want to check the portion sizes, as their measurements aren’t always accurate.

    Like most subscription meal plans, Nom Nom will put a serious dent in your wallet. It’s not necessarily clear that the extra expense is worth it either, as there are plenty of high-end cat foods that can offer similar nutrition at better prices (although Nom Nom will save you a trip to the store, at least).

    We imagine that your cat will love you for buying them a Nom Nom subscription, but we can’t guarantee that your accountant will feel the same way.

    • Meals designed by veterinary nutritionist
    • Uses high-quality ingredients in pre-portioned sizes
    • Portion sizes aren’t always accurate
    • Expensive
    • Relatively low in protein
    • May not be better than a high-end cat food

    9. Cat Lady Box

    CatLadyBox cat subscription box
    Image credit: courtesy of CatLadyBox

    The Cat Lady Box isn’t really for your cat at all — it’s for you. Each box is full of gear and cat-themed items for pet parents, so don’t expect treats or toys inside.

    There isn’t a “typical” box, but most include some sort of apparel and a trinket or something similar that has a cat on it. You may also find dishware, jewelry, and more.

    You’d better really love cats, though, because each item is absolutely plastered with cats. You may not have any need for what they send either, as they don’t tailor the items to you in any way.

    They do try to tag you for as much additional money as they can. You’ll be offered “add-ons” periodically, which means they’re giving you the opportunity to spend more on something that seemingly ought to be included as part of the package.

    You can also buy much of the stuff a la carte, which kind of defeats the purpose of a subscription box.

    If you love cats and you want the world to know it, the Cat Lady Box will send out that signal loud and clear.

    • Wide variety of cat-based items
    • Extremely heavy-handed on cat imagery
    • Occasionally tries to get more money out of you through add-ons
    • Items aren’t tailored to you in any way
    • Some items won’t be useful
    • Many pieces sold separately

    yarn ball divider

    Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Best Cat Subscription Box

    Thousands of years ago, wild cats earned their way into our homes by ridding the world of mice, rats, snakes, and other dangerous creatures. These animals were fearless, and they undoubtedly earned both our trust and our keep.

    Today, their ancestors have to be delivered boxes full of joy so they don’t get bored from being waited on hand and foot all day.

    What we’re trying to say is that it’s unlikely you know how to select a cat subscription box, so this guide will fill you in on a few of the questions that you should ask and things to consider.

    chocolate point ragdoll cat lying on the floor
    Image Credit: atrix9, Pixabay

    Cat ball divider 1

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I Really Need a Subscription Box for My Cat?

    No, these boxes are not necessary. They’re pure luxuries, but if you find yourself spending a small fortune on toys and treats at the pet store every month, they may save you a vault of cash.

    At the very least, they’ll save you from having to run an errand, and there are certain days when that’s worth its weight in gold.

    Do All Subscription Boxes Have the Same Stuff?

    No, the items inside will vary from service to service. Broadly speaking, though, most services will send you toys, treats, and maybe some sort of accessory or healthcare product.

    There are exceptions, of course. Some subscription services are only devoted to a single thing, like food or litter.

    Also, you’ll get different toys and treats from different companies. Some, like meowbox, actually make the items that they send you themselves, so you can’t find them anywhere else. Others use cat experts to curate the gear that they include, ensuring that your cat gets the cream of the crop every month.

    Do I Have to Pay for Shipping?

    That depends on where you live. Most U.S.-based companies ship for free to most American customers (except those in Alaska and Hawaii), but you’ll have to pay for international shipping.

    There are also companies that are based in other countries that may ship for free to customers in those locations, but you’ll have to check with the service that you’re interested in to be sure.

    Can I Customize What Goes in the Box?

    To a certain extent. Most companies won’t let you decide what goes in each box, but you may be able to give them a few broad guidelines. These could include allergies that your cat has, the types of toys that  they enjoy, etc.

    You may also be able to tell the company not to send you certain items, like food.

    Are Cat Subscription Boxes a Good Value?

    For the most part, yes, they are. You may be able to put together a box yourself for less than what the service charges, but that involves quite a bit of work.

    Keep in mind that having one of these subscriptions will save you from having to go to the store all the time. That can also save you from spending unnecessary cash on impulse buys.

    Are These Boxes Good for All Cats?

    Not necessarily. If you have an extremely picky cat or one with health issues, you may not want a stranger sending them food in the mail. Also, if they only play with a certain type of toy, having a bunch of toys that they won’t enjoy will just create a mess in your house.

    cat face divider 2


    If you want to show your feline friend how much you love them, we recommend signing up for either RescueBox or Pet Treater. RescueBox is probably the better option (and donates to cat rescues), but Pet Treater offers quite a bit of bang for your buck.

    Regardless of which option you go with, we hope that these reviews have made it possible for you to find a subscription that service you can trust. Otherwise, you’re going to have to get in the car and drive to the pet store, because your cat simply isn’t going to let you leave them un-entertained.

    Featured Image Credit: OksanaSusoeva, Shutterstock

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