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Only If I was a Pure Breed, Papa Wouldn't Make Me Eat Puppy Chow

New House

April 7th 2005 12:42 pm
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I had begun to wonder what was going on mama and papa were acting weird boxing everything up and making our little kitchen look like a storage unit. I knew something smelt fishy, but wait that was Lea, my sister .. Anyways things grew more and more crowded and the rooms were getting smaller and smaller. I must admit now that I was scared.. Yes Makani Pahile was scared. (Dont tell anyone, especially lea, or u die,just kidding) So the day finally came Mama and Papa put me and my sister lea in this time warp capsule with a cage with no frequent flyer mile upgrades, in other words my carrier, and we were gone. I thought to myself oh shit were going to the vet and he is going to have to take my temperature. And I HATE having my temperature checked. I was thinking I'm not sick, mama and papa are sick. Then I realized that we were going the wrong way, new vet maybe I hope not. Then we get out of the truck and papa carries me and lea into this strange weird place with all my furniture. Once in this strange place I became the biggest Scardy Cat u would have ever seen. I'm fat and I fit under our little sofa. Yes amazing what fright will do to u. I slept under the blankets that night afraid that the boogey man would come and snatch me away in the night. I kept telling Lea that she was crazy because she was roaming around like she owned the place. Well the next day was even crazier because Papa and Mama kept dragging me out from underneath the sofa and I meowed "I dont need my temperature checked I'm ok Check ur own temperature." Then like that they were gone. Back and forth all day. Then Uncle D came over with dad and br0ught my fishy friends and their tank, I knew then that everyone was here that was supposed to be here. And I know I wasnt at the Vet because when was the last time u saw a vet shove a thermometer up a fishes u know anyways, I put 2 and 2 togther and realized this was home. That is what my mama and papa were up to. Now I am not afraid and I run everywhere and I put Lea in check to remind her that i am the King of this Castle, even though lea was the first person to claiim this ground I wont let her know that we can share. It s all mine I'm still the king. Hale King Kani!!!!


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